Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season Episodes #11 & #12

Well everyone, looks like Eri Nakamura kissed Kouki Amanogawa as it’s revealed that she’s really in love with the designated hero, although Eri wanted to kill everyone who gets in her way.

This includes Shizuku Yaegashi where Nakamura sees her as a threat that needs to be removed. Oh, and Kaori Shirasaki too which is why Eri assisted Daisuke Hiyama in her plans.

Oh yeah, this involves poisoning her fellow classmates and kill them. Here’s Reiichi Kondo as an example where he got stabbed by one of Heleigh’s knights.

By the way, they’re under Eri’s control as it’s revealed that she revive everyone into zombies. Really nasty there coming from Nakamura!

One last thing, she’s gonna do it towards her fellow classmates as Eri Nakamura revived Reiichi Kondo as one of her servants using Spirit Binding.

Looks like Nakamura needs to be stopped at once ’cause she’s gonna do to her classmates.

Fortunately, help is on the way where Kaori Shirasaki and Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh have arrived to save everyone from Eri’s machinations. Um girls, I think you should bring Tio Klarus or even Shea Haulia for protection.

Sadly for these two, they didn’t bring any bodyguards as Daisuke Hiyama punched Princess Liliana in the gut, while he stabbed Kaori in the back.

That’s it Daisuke Hiyama, you’ve really signed your death wish now that you’ve killed Shirasaki!

In fact, a certain Hajime Nagumo punched Daisuke so hard that he’s sent flying towards the wall. Still, Hiyama is still alive but Nagumo will take care of that pathetic bully later.

For now, Hajime Nagumo took Kaori Shirasaki’s lifeless body to Tio Klarus and Aiko Hatayama as they’ll try to save her soul.

And speaking of Nagumo, he’s in a state of tranquil fury as Hajime will obliterate everybody, including the main perpetrator Eri Nakamura.

As you can see, he’s basically ruthless when he kills Reiichi Kondo without a second though. There goes one of Hiyama’s friends though as he’ll surely be forgotten afterwards.

Also, here’s Captain Meld Loggins where he snap out of Eri’s control, telling Hajime to end his life as soon as possible. Man, it sucks that he became a zombie after Noint blinded him.

But there goes Meld Loggins where Hajime Nagumo killed the knight captain. As much as I want him to live, it’s better to die as a human rather than being Eri Nakamura’s puppet.

Now then, the rest of the scene plays like this where Hajime pulls his Gatling gun and shoot every single zombie. Honestly, I feel that Eri Nakamura’s plan didn’t work out in the end.

Sadly, it’s time for Nakamura to face the music as Nagumo is about to put a bullet to Eri’s head. She failed to kill all of her classmates and turn them to zombies, so Nakamura will be punished for her crimes.

But first, time to punish Daisuke Hiyama where his accidental murder from the first episode didn’t work on Hajime Nagumo in the end.

And since he saw Kaori Shirasaki being killed by Hiyama, Nagumo decides to give this bully a fitting punishment…

And that’s by sending poor Daisuke into a den full of monsters where he’ll be eaten alive. Would it be better if Hajime Nagumo took off Hiyama’s arms and legs before yeeting him outside the coliseum?

But that takes care of the asshole who bullied Hajime Nagumo and paid the prize for his misdeeds.

Now that Hiyama is dead, time for Nagumo to destroy all of the demons within the Kingdom of Heleigh by summoning one of his weapons.

Well, turns out that Hajime created a satellite laser that vaporizes all of the monsters outside the coliseum.

Oh yeah, and that includes Daisuke Hiyama too should he survived, yet he didn’t. Seriously, nothing like performing an overkill to both Hiyama and Freid Bagwa’s demon army.

And speaking of Freid, looks like the demon lord managed to escape along with Eri Nakamura. Goddammit Eri, come back here so that Hajime can torture you for your treachery!

With that said, the Kingdom of Heleigh is saved, but the cost of far greater where most of the soldiers have perished. Not only that, but the royal family sans Princess Liliana are already dead.

Of course, Hajime Nagumo and his party are trying to save Kaori Shirasaki’s life as they went to the Divine Mountain, hoping that they’ll find something to save her soul. Oh I hope they pull some miracle.

Meanwhile, here’s Hajime Nagumo where he told Aiko Hatayama to continue her role as the teacher to everybody. C’mon, Hatayama-sensei must act like a responsible adult who can help students in dire need.

Oh yeah, and Nagumo wanted his teacher to carry some strong emotions when confronting her students, as he can no longer feel it ever since his body is completely changed during his stay at the Orcus Labyrinth.

Well then, I’m hoping that Aiko Hatayama can become a better person now that Eri Nakamura became a traitor to her fellow classmates.

Moving onto the next scene where Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh where she’s doing fine as the princess is having a nice chat with Kouki Amanogawa.

Then again, Princess Liliana worked tirelessly to rebuild her kingdom after Eri’s betrayal, as well as Freid sending his demon army to finish the job. I really wish the princess will take a break once Liliana sort out her kingdom, otherwise she’ll lose her sanity.

Unfortunately, Princess Liliana’s convesation with Kouki was interrupted when someone fell from the sky. Oh boy, another demon attack?

Also, isn’t that Noint over there? Then again, she act differently than before.

Turns out that it’s actually Kaori Shirasaki where Hajime Nagumo and his allies saved her soul and place into Noint’s body. Thus, she retains her skills as a healer, but now has the strength of Ehit’s former valkyrie.

As for Kaori’s original body? It’s being stored somewhere for extensive recovery since Shirasaki still has that big gaping hole.

Regardless, everyone felt a sigh of relief as Shirasaki is still alive. Heck, even Shizuku Yaegashi is happy that her friend is okay.

Of course, Yaegashi and the rest must know the truth regarding the true nature of this world. Otherwise, they might bite them later one.

That’s right, time for Hajime Nagumo to tell the truth that the mad god Ehit is manipulating them for his enjoyment. Colored me shocked I would say as Hajime and his allies already learned the truth!

Also, Hajime told Kouki and the rest regarding the existence of ancient magic passed down by the Liberators. Sadly, they won’t get anything as Nagumo’s party already cleared 5 great labyrinths.

With that said, Amanogawa and the rest decided to join Nagumo’s party in order to find the remaining labyrinths. Um Kouki-kun, are you sure that you and your fellow classmates won’t be a burden to Hajime and his pals?

Speaking of Hajime’s party, seems that they’re getting infatuated at the dining table where everyone else is looking at Yue feeding Nagumo. This is so sweet that some people are getting mad over it!

On the other hand, here’s Tio Klarus where she wants Hajime Nagumo to feed her. Um Tio, don’t show your horniness to Nagumo in front of Amanogawa and his fellow classmates.

Of course, you have Hajime Nagumo losing his patience that he summoned a giant stake for Tio’s ass. Sure that he can penetrate it while in her dragon form, but that’s way too big for Tio Klarus.

And that my friends is the end of Arifureta Season 2 where Hajime Nagumo and his party are heading to their next destination which is the Hoeschle Empire, although it would be better if Kouki Amanogawa and the rest will stay at the castle ’cause they’re basically dead weight in his eyes.

As for my overall thoughts on Season 2? While it’s still terrible, especially when there are some dodgy CGI scenes, but the pacing has improved significantly where Asread and Studio Mother adopted 2 volumes this time rather than 4. Then again, I wish they should make a 24-episode anime series rather than sticking it to 12 episodes. Oh yeah, and I wish they would animate Daisuke Hiyama’s final moments where he’s being eaten alive by monsters. That would be sick if that happened!

With that said, I’m not expecting another season of Arifureta anytime soon even though the light novel series is already finished. But hey, Asread did a good job on the 2nd season for the time being ’cause I’m still skeptical on whether they’ll make a decent anime show in the near future. Anyway, see ya Hajime and friends!

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