Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season Episode #13

Oh look, a special episode where it’s basically a prequel to Arifureta Season 2. So before the tragedy that happened in the Kingdom of Heleigh or even reaching the Great Gruen Volcano, you have Yue where the vampire teaches them how to use magic… in the most vague way possible.

Honestly, it looks goofy the way Yue performs motions to cast magic spells, almost as if she learned it from Hajime Nagumo.

Even Tio Klarus or Shea Haulia couldn’t even understand a single thing. I have to say that Yue is a bad teacher and I thinking that Hajime should teach them how to cast magic instead.

But when it comes to Kaori Shirasaki, she does it differently from the rest since Kaori is a healer who knows how to cast magic spells. I mean, it’s a fundamental skill after all.

In any case, looks like Shirasaki created a large barrier that even Tio and Shea can’t believe that a vampire like Yue can teach someone on casting a barrier.

Oh yeah, here’s Nagumo-kun where he’s really surprised on how it turned out. But seriously, I think Hajime is a good teacher when it comes to magic.

Now then, it appears that Myu wants to buy some new clothes since she wants to be doted by Hajime-papa.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that Myu’s brethren prefer to run around in the nude, although it only applies in Erisen. But anyways, time for Nagumo to buy a dress for Myu.

And surprisingly, it seems that Myu wants to wear Yue’s clothes. Gotta say that she looks like a mini version of Yue, but what about the vampire?

Oh, looks like she’s wearing Tio’s kimono. Then again, it appears that it’s a bit loose for Yue since Tio has large boobies.

Meanwhile, here’s both Tio Klarus and Shea Haulia wearing both Myu and Kaori Shirasaki’s respective clothes. Looks a bit decent for both of then.

And as for Kaori? She’s wearing Shea’s bikini where. Damn, she’s way lewder than her healer getup!

But anyways, looks like they have to stop swapping clothes and buy a decent dress for Myu instead.

And now, I end this post where Myu is patting Yue in the head. I must say that Yue is becoming like a baby thanks to Myu, although the vampire wants to have a baby of her own with Hajime Nagumo.

With that said, that’s about it for this special episode of Arifureta Season 2 and while there’s no announcement for Season 3, there’s an OVA episode coming up in the near future!

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