Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Final Season Episode #04

Well everyone, it’s the final episode of Magia Record where we start things off with Kyubey, telling Iroha Tamaki that Kuroe’s succumbing to despair has helped the longevity of the universe. Of course, Iroha won’t buy that explanation.

In fact, she would rather kill Kyubey and end its cycle, although it’s impossible for Iroha to kill Kyubey as the little critter will return in a new body.

Speaking of Iroha Tamaki, looks like her Doppel told her to give up on helping others as she doesn’t know anything at all despite pretending that she understands everyone.

But yes, it appears that Iroha’s Doppel blamed her for being ignorant and weak. Sooner or later, Iroha Tamaki might become a witch now that her psyche is in her lowest point.

However, Yachiyo Nanami and the rest pulled her out from certain despair as they want Iroha to share their hardships together rather than keeping it to herself.

Anyways, Iroha Tamaki is saved from being succumb to despair thanks to her companions. Now, they need to stop Embryo Eve from reaching Walpurgisnacht.

Fortunately, Embryo Eve was pinned down by various magical girls who are trying to stop both Touka Satomi and Nemu Hiiragi’s plans. I mean, they don’t want to die after all.

Of course, both magical girls won’t yield to them as they’ll finish what they started for Iroha’s sake. Of course, Iroha is responsible for everything that happened on this spin-off, all because she wanted to save Ui-chan from her illness.

Speaking of Iroha Tamaki, it appears that she’ll have to send her message directly by tackling them.

But yes, Iroha tries to convince both Touka and Nemu to stop their plan on merging Embryo Eve with Walpurgisnacht ’cause nobody will be happy nor saved from their fate as magical girls.

And to drive it home further, Embryo Eve or Ui’s body is crying blood as she doesn’t want to continue the ordeal. Let’s hope that both girls would reconsider their plans.

And thankfully, Iroha’s message is delivered to both Nemu and Touka as they’re feeling remorseful over their actions. Well then, it’s time to deal with Embryo Eve.

Unfortunately, someone attack everyone with green cubes. I have a bad feeling that one magical girl has some different agenda when dealing with Embryo Eve or even Walpurgisnacht.

Said magical girl happened to be Alina Gray where this wildcard has finally revealed her true motive, one that’s truly different from Touka Satomi and the rest.

And that’s turning every single human into magical girls, which they’ll become witches in the future.

Was Alina try to burn the entire world all because of her failed dream? Who knows… But regardless of her reason, Alina Gray is indirectly helping Kyubey in establishing the status quo even though it’ll claim more lives.

And speaking of Alina Gray, she fused with Embryo Eve and continue her pursuit towards Walpurgisnacht. All I can say is that the entire world is screwed thanks to Alina Gray!

However, it appears that both Nemu Hiiragi and Touka Satomi will try to atone their sins as they transform into their Doppel forms and try to stop Alina Gray from achieving her goals.

Unfortunately for both Nemu and Touka, they failed to stop Embryo Eve as their collision has created a giant explosion. I have a feeling that nobody would survive the onslaught.

Anyways, here’s Yachiyo Nanami where she thought that she died in a giant explosion, thus Nanami is about to meet her fellow magical girls in the afterlife.

And here’s one of Yachiyo’s friends where both Mel Anna and Kanae Yukino told her to carry their hopes as her power isn’t about sacrificing her friends to survive. But yes, it appears that Yachiyo Nanami is not dead.

In fact, Yachiyo is surrounded by the likes of Felicia Mitsuki, Tsuruno Yui, and Sana Futaba as they’re gonna tackle the Embryo Eve.

And speaking of the Embryo Eve, the artificial witch is still under Alina Gray’s control where she’s about to resume her plan to forcefully turn everyone into magical girls, aside from looking even more hideous when Alina’s face is slightly visible.

So while Yachiyo Nanami and the rest are about to have their second wind, what about Iroha Tamaki?

Well, it appears that she saw Ui again, but this time Ui-chan told Iroha to keep searching for her no matter what.

Of course, Ui Tamaki will have to leave again but not before giving something important to Iroha. What could it be? We’ll find out soon enough…

Anyways, here’s Iroha Tamaki where she finally returned after a brief detour to see her sister for one last time.

Oh yeah, it appears that she made peace with her Doppel self. Could it be that this is Ui’s gift for Iroha?

Turns out that Iroha gained an ability to connect most of the magical girls within the vicinity.

This is what’s known as Ui’s collection ability where it might rival the goddess’ powers. Wait, could it be that Iroha will become like Goddess Madoka?!

Anyways, Iroha Tamaki created a giant crossbow thanks to her sister’s ability. This should finish Embryo Eve off and end the disaster.

However, Iroha Tamaki won’t just destroy the artificial witch, but also save Alina Gray’s soul where it’s full of hatred. Still, I really wish Alina’s story is explored rather than being the wildcard in this spin-off.

But anyways, the Embryo Eve is finally destroyed. However, Walpurgisnacht’s presence remained unknown.

Even if Iroha Tamaki destroyed Walpurgisnacht along with Embryo Eve, some lives have lost when trying to stop the ultimate witch.

Furthermore, even though the Walpurgisnacht threat is gone for now, the system of entropy remains where Ui-chan, Nemu, and Touka’s plans failed to change it.

Perhaps someone possessing a powerful will can change the system, but that depends on whether that person can sacrifice her personal desires for the greater good.

And that concludes Magia Record where it’s an interesting spin-off to Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Sure that the cast of Madoka Magica are side-lined in favor of the spin-off characters like Iroha Tamaki and Yachiyo Nanami, it’s unfortunate that I never get to see more of Kuroe as she could be fleshed-out. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about Alina Gray where I feel that there should be an OVA for this particular character.

One more thing, I really love various concepts presented of this spin-off such as the Uwasas, as well as the Doppel and Connect systems that changed the game a bit. Of course, it still has the same atmosphere of the main series where various magical girls succumb to despair and die, although some of them like Felicia Mitsuki and even Tsuruno Yui got better by overcoming their inner demons. If only Kuroe did the same thing.

But that’s my thoughts on Magia Record where it’s an interesting but decent spin-off for sure. Of course, the system still remains.

Then again, it appears that Goddess Madoka and Devil Homura saw everything that happened in Kamihama City, so there’s a chance that someone might change the system for the better.

Speaking of Devil Homura, I wonder if she’ll prevent someone from changing the system given how she did nasty things during the Rebellion movie?

Anyways, that’s the end of Magia Record and while everyone else won’t know what happened in Kamihama City, only a few of the characters will keep those memories alive regardless on what they went through.

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