Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road Episode #03

Oh boy, looks like this train is full of terrorists the moment this princess gets into the train. What a pain in the ass to deal with, but the princess ain’t gonna surrender to those goons!

Anyways, this is Princess Ashuna Grisarika where she’s just travelling to Garm after her foolish father was executed for summoning two Lost Ones.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that both Menou and Akari Tokito where they’re gonna take down those goons by themselves, although Akari should stay out of it.

That’s because Menou can handle those terrorists with ease. Looks like the passengers inside the train are safe thanks to Menou.

But as for the terrorists, they have some trick up its sleeve as their bodies are glowing red. Oh wait, are they gonna blow themselves up?

Turns out that they implode themselves up, or rather fuse together to summon a powerful familiar. Oh boy, it’s gonna be a tough fight for the executioner!

Meanwhile, here’s Momo where she’s fighting someone atop of a railcar. Could it be one of those terrorists who decided not to give their lives to summon an animated suit of red armor?

No, it’s actually Princess Ashuna Grisarika where she’s really interested in taking on Momo, although it appears that the princess is capable of dodging the executioner’s attacks.

Psyche, it’s actually a feint where Momo kicks the princess off the train. That takes care of Ashuna Grisarika, huh?

Oh wait, Ashuna has the last laugh where she grabs one of Momo’s legs and drag the executioner off the railcar. There goes both Princess Ashuna and Momo as they’ll fight again in another area.

Of course, let’s not forget about Momo’s boomerang where it went inside the engine room and hit the red suit or armor, but that doesn’t stop the familiar from destroying everything.

In fact, it wreck the magic condenser, meaning that the train can’t be stopped. Man, those terrorists are still a pain in the ass to deal with!

Meanwhile, it appears that time has suddenly stopped as Menou, Momo, and Princess Ashuna felt it. Hmm, I wonder if Akari subconsciously activated her Pure Concept of Time?

But thanks to Akari’s intervention, Menou decided to go for the kill against the red suit of armor by electrocute it until it self-destructs.

And as you can see, this familiar is already defeated. Now it’s time for Menou to take care of the train, but how will the executioner do it?

Well, she asks Akari Tokito for help as Menou borrowed Akari’s magic powers to stop the train.

Then again, I feel that it’s very lewd as Akari felt a tingling sensation when Menou hold her hand.

But anyways, the train has finally stopped thanks to both Menou and Akari Tokito. Sadly, we’ll never know what happened to both Momo and Princess Ashuna Grisarika so I’m hoping that they’re okay.

For now, their journey to Garm continues and I’m still scared on what’s gonna happen on the next episode, especially when Akari’s Lost Concept of Time is activated again without her knowledge.

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