Black ★★ Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Episode #03

Well everyone, seems that Black Rock Shooter doesn’t want to abandon innocent humans as she’s here to confront the Educational Institute.

Then again, Empress decides to rescue this girl named Momiji and escape. C’mon, she doesn’t want to waste her energy on these thugs.

And so, Black Rock Shooter runs away together with Momiji, of course the girl asked Empress for help as she wanted to rescue her friends from the Educational Institute.

By the way, the Educational Institute is a cult organization where their main goal is to reeducate all human beings.

Oh, and here’s the leader of the Educational Institute named Smiley where this android’s biggest feature is his retractable penis which proved to be fatal towards young girls. Oh, and Smiley is an ally to Artemis where he wanted to reach her out by any means necessary.

But yes, the Educational Institute is the 2nd most dangerous group that threatens all human life. Still, Momiji wanted to see her friends again as she told Black Rock Shooter and the rest that there’s a train that carries the young girls to their destination.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Empress suddenly lost her right arm. I have a feeling that someone is watching over Black Rock Shooter from a long distance.

Not only that, but this person has her own bike equipped with a sniper rifle. We’ll get to meet her later…

For now, Black Rock Shooter Empress will have to regenerate her right arm, although Monica Kaburagi is really curious regarding the android’s capabilities such as self-healing and creating weapons out of thin air.

Anyways, it’s time for the Empress and her allies to catch a train as the Colonel will take care of the Educational Institute soldiers who are defending the cargo.

Of course, they’ll have to deal with a wildcard named Dead Master, an Hemiteos Unit who is really obsessive towards Black Rock Shooter. Hearing Saori Hayami’s yandere voice sent shivers down to my spine.

Sadly, Dead Master’s plan of defiling the Empress will be cut short as Black Rock Shooter retaliates. After all, her first priority will be rescuing Momiji’s friends.

Of course, Dead Master will return to hunt down the Empress again but for now, she’ll deal with those pesky soldiers from the Educational Institute.

Honestly, I feel that Dead Master is not affiliated to Artemis, although she’s still have those yandere tendencies towards Black Rock Shooter. Come to think of it, I wonder if Dead Master remembered something before her defeat at the hands of Artemis and her robot army?

And now we head back to the Colonel where he severs the railcar that contained the young maidens. Hope that it’s the right car ’cause it might be a trap.

Oh wait, they finally rescued the girls as Momiji is thrilled to see her friends again. However, something isn’t right…

In fact, Black Rock Shooter noticed a large baby doll over there.

While it looked harmless at first, it turned out that the doll is filled with explosives. Seems that Smiley is aware that someone disrupts the flow of fresh goods.

Anyways, looks the Empress will have to push the Colonel away from the railcar, yet I’m still worried that Black Rock Shooter might be too late to save the young girls.

And there goes the railcar where it exploded. While the Colonel is alright, I’m not sure if Momiji and the rest are saved by the Empress.

Oh, Black Rock Shooter failed to save the young girls where the only thing she salvaged is Momiji’s severed hand. Damn, what a cruel way to end this episode!

But as for Black Rock Shooter, she can only shed a tear as the Empress couldn’t save them in time. A rare emotion has shown on this episode.

While I have a feeling that the Empress will confront Smiley in the future, their first priority will be reaching the nearest Peacebuilding Corps base. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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