Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road Episodes #05 & #06

Well everyone, it’s time for a short date where Menou decorated Akari Tokito’s headband.

For Akari, she’s really happy that Menou made her headband into something more special. Sadly, that would be their last date as Akari will go home.

Meanwhile, here’s Momo where she was supposed to investigate the missing girls by herself, but a certain princess named Ashuna Grisarika joined in where she’s really curious on how she operates.

Then again, Momo felt annoyed at Ashuna’s presence that she would rather spend her time with Menou than some random princess.

Anyways, looks like Princess Ashuna and Momo stumbled upon a teleporting chamber underneath the Faustian church. Hmm, something’s not right there…

Now let’s return to Menou where she took Akari Tokito to the ceremonial hall where Archbishop Orwell and the Faustian priestess will conduct a ceremony that sends Akari back to Japan.

Then again, the truth is that they’ll find another way to kill Akari without triggering her Pure Concept of Time. Sadly, seems that Menou was told by Momo that it’s a trap set-up by the archbishop.

And here’s the archbishop herself as Orwell decides to take down Menou ’cause the executioner knows too much. Man, I’m curious on what the church is hiding.

Still, Menou survived where she stumbled upon a secret room. Wait, did Menou found the teleporting chamber?

Oh snap, I think this is worse as Menou found some dead bodies. Don’t tell me that it has something to do about the girls’ disappearance in Garm?

With that said, here’s Archbishop Orwell where she revealed that she wanted to achieve eternal life, therefore the Faustian church kidnap some young girls to make her younger.

Then again, getting fresh blood of young girls didn’t work, so Archbishop decides to use Akari’s Pure Concept of Time to regress her age. Okay, I guess this archbishop is really an evil person after all.

Now that Menou learned the ugly truth, it appears that Archbishop Orwell will have to kill the executioner by summoning a monster.

Of course, I don’t think Menou will lose that easily ’cause the only thing that concerns me is Akari Tokito.

And speaking of Akari, she’s being held by various priestesses where they want to wipe her mind clean until Akari’s Pure Concept of Time remains.

Of course, the worst crime they commit is slapping Akari which they took out her headband. I won’t forgive those priestesses!

Suddenly, looks like Akari’s Pure Concept was subconsciously activated as everyone got frozen in time.

Eventually, all the priestesses inside the ceremonial hall disappeared as Akari Tokito managed to save herself thanks to her Pure Concept of Time.

But then, Akari shoots herself in the head. I hope that she’s still alive though ’cause I have more questions about her ability.

Moving onto Momo where she encountered a red dragon, although the pink-haired executioner in on the defensive as Momo couldn’t move away from the dragon’s fiery breath.

Well that’s until her hair ribbons are burned away which angered Momo a lot.

By the way, turns out that Akari Tokito made it flammable, yet Akari didn’t met Momo… unless she knows Menou’s companion in a previous timeline. Seriously, Akari and her powers are nothing but an enigma.

Anyways, Momo beat the shit out of the red dragon until its skull is bashed beyond recognition. Man, I can see the ferocity from Momo’s eyes whenever her precious things got destroyed.

But that takes care of the red dragon as Momo won’t forgive Faust for destroying her precious hair ribbons. Now then, what happened to Princess Ashuna Grisarika?

Well, the princess created a giant sword of light where she cut another monster outside the castle. Gotta give respect to the Obari sword pose.

Then again, it appears that Princess Ashuna got carried away and slice one of its buildings. But you know what, it doesn’t matter anyway since both the nobility and the Faustian church are scumbags anyway!

Now then, let’s return to Menou where she was greeted by Akari Tokito where she’s still alive and got her headband. Even Archbishop Orwell can’t believe that Akari wasn’t reduced to a mere Pure Concept of Time.

By the way, I forgot to mention that Orwell summoned a monster to kill Menou. What happened to it?

Oh, it appears that Momo took care of it as she’s really pissed regarding her precious hair ribbons. Well then, that leaves Menou taking care of that treacherous archbishop.

But first, she needs to gaze into Akari’s eyes as the executioner needs her power to defeat Orwell.

Then again, the only thing she saw was her own forgotten past or the ghosts of the Lost Ones that Menou killed as an executioner.

However, it appears that Akari Tokito is here to support Menou no matter what the cost, although I’m scared that Akari’s Pure Concept of Time might go out of control.

But thanks to Akari’s powers, Menou managed to beat Archbishop Orwell and I have to say that she really deserved to be punished for taking innocent lives in the pursuit of eternal youth.

Unfortunately for Akari Tokito, it appears that she passed out after briefly lending her powers to Menou. Let’s hope that she won’t lose her way.

Oh yeah, let’s look at Archbishop Orwell’s final moments where she deserve to live longer after helping so many people, yet her questionable actions like kidnapping girls to siphon their young blood is no longer pure and just.

But seriously though, I wish Akari should regress Orwell’s age further until she’s ceased to exist. That would be a fitting punishment for foolishly attaining eternal youth.

By the way, it appears that Momo received some new hair ribbons from Menou. Let’s hope that she’ll protect it at all costs ’cause Momo has some strong feelings for Menou.

But speaking of Menou, she’s being turned into a pile of salt as Akari is scared of losing her best friend. And you know who killed Menou? Why it’s none other than her mentor Flare.

Fortunately, it was all just a dream and while the possibility of Menou taking on her mentor will be inevitable, I’m really glad that Akari Tokito is still okay after lending her mana to Menou.

But that’s the end of Episodes 5 and 6. All I can say is that I almost got a heart attack when Akari lost her personality at the hands of Faust.

Oh yeah, as for Akari Tokito, I have a feeling that she didn’t transported to a fantasy world for the first time as Akari uses her Pure Concept to rewind time and correct mistakes. Of course, I’m still worried that she might overdo it and lose her personality.

With that said, I’ll see you next time where Menou and Akari Tokito will have to get out of Garm as soon as possible!

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