RPG Fudousan Episode #08

Let’s begin this episode where the staff of RPG Real Estate are just having a little food trip as Kotone and Fa bought some limited-edition scones with popo fruit filling.

And while they’re enjoying themselves, let’s not forget that there’s still the dragon threat where I’m not sure if it’s related to Fa.

Speaking of Fa, Kotone Kazairo is planning to buy a new set of cute clothes for the dragon girl as she wants to see a different look of her colleague.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t handle the exorbitant price tag of 3,200 gold coins which is equivalent to 384,000 yen or roughly $3,000.

Looks like this pretty dress can only be bought by heroes who have lots of money on their pockets… unless they’re stealing things when exploring houses like any other Japanese role playing game.

Now then, let’s tackle this customer named Tasha where she’s just a normal student. Okay, how come she look so normal when Tasha is covered in bandages and a coat?

Anyways, Tasha is looking for a place where there are no windows. Basically, a dark place suitable for this “normal” student.

And it appears that they found one where this secret passage leads to a room. But there’s a catch though…

You see, Tasha needs to fight a horde of monsters and disable traps before reaching her destination.

For a normal student like her, that’s impossible since she can’t defend herself!

But let’s return to Tasha where Fa-chan accidentally pushed her. Oh boy, that dragon girl is gonna get sued for delivering some bodily harm to the customer.

Speaking of the customer, looks like Tasha is wearing some cute clothes- Wait, is she wearing that expensive clothes worth 3,200 gold coins?

Well, looks like the cat is out of the bag as Tasha is not a normal student, but an idol singer.

Oh and she’s not an ordinary idol singer as Tasha can fill an entire venue just by her performance and charm.

It’s no wonder why she can afford some expensive clothes is because Tasha is really famous. Of course, her fame comes at a price as Tasha is scared of being tailed by stalkers or rabid fans.

Fortunately, Kotone and the rest found a place that’s suitable for her job. Yes, this apartment is expensive but it has all the creature comforts like having security guards.

Anyways, looks like RPG Real Estate scored big time by finding a safe place to a famous idol singer.

Now then, let’s move onto something serious where the mysterious dragon destroyed another town.

And here’s Kotone Kazairo where she’s currently finding Fa, fearing that her friend is actually the dragon that’s terrorizing the Kingdom of Actus.

Fortunately, Kotone managed to find Fa but the mystery surrounding the rampaging dragon will remain.

But seriously, I want to know if the dragon and Fa are one and the same, or it’s just the former wants to retrieve its child which is the latter.

For now, it’s time to deal with another customer. This time, a fortune teller named Casa where she wants a place that might lead her to something greater.

Then again, I think Casa should choose a place that’s practical instead of being based on her predictions.

And man, I’m worried about Casa where staying at this dingy place might be problematic in the long run, like accidentally falling down to the lower floor thanks to its creaky floor.

Then again, it appears that Casa’s predictions are right on the money as she found a nice guy that’s destined for her.

I’m not sure if this person is okay since Casa fell down from the upper floor, but I have to say that the fortune-teller is really happy.

And so, romance blossomed as Casa found the right man for her, all because of her fortune-telling abilities.

Not only that, but she got married right away. Wow, that really escalated quickly after finding a place to stay!

It’s all’s well that ends well with this fortune-teller, but Casa wants to give something to Kotone before she goes to her merry ways.

Anyways, Casa gave a good luck charm where the fortune-teller told Kotone to use it at all times, especially when something is bothering her.

But yeah, we’re done with this episode and while life goes on in the royal capital of Dali, I’m still worried about the mysterious dragon. With that said, I hope that next week’s episode will be all fine.

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