Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road Episode #09

Oh look, it’s Akari Tokito where she’s reminding to everyone at the party that she’s a pure, just, and strong priestess.

Then again, I think Akari shouldn’t bring nuisance to the party-goes as she might become a target by bad people. By the way, where’s Menou?

Oh, she’s at the garden when Menou will begin her investigation… until Princess Ashuna Grisarika arrived to spoil the party.

Well then, it seems that their battle is inevitable, but I’m hoping that Manon Libelle won’t see the commotion at the garden.

Speaking of Menou, looks like she puts a black mask on her face to hide her identity, although it won’t work either way since Princess Ashuna will eventually recognize the executioner.

Anyways, the battle between a skilled executioner and a battle-hardened princess begins. Of course, Princess Ashuna will just power her way to victory with her swordsmanship skills and her unadulterated fire magic.

Sadly, it looks like the princess fell to one of Menou’s cheap tricks where she sprayed some bubbles to distract Princess Ashuna until the executioner cuts her sides.

Even worse is that Menou casts a powerful gale to blow the princess away. Then again, it’s a bad idea for the executioner to make a blazing scene during Manon’s party.

But yeah, looks like Menou’s gale mixes Ashuna’s magic to create a giant fire pillar. That would alarm Manon Libelle that there’s an intruder inside her castle.

And here’s Akari Tokito where her Pure Concept of Time is acting up again, fearing that Menou is in danger of being killed.

Unfortunately for Akari, it appears that something feels off as the events that happened in this episode didn’t occur in one of the previous timelines. Oh boy, looks like Akari experienced some deviation in her plans.

Meanwhile, here’s Momo where she went deep inside Manon’s castle. There she found some evidence that Manon Libelle and her cronies are making and distributing Monstrine across the port city.

Not only that, but Momo found the girl that was put into the iron maiden by Manon back in Episode 7, although she’s still in a trance and she’s about to die soon due to her injuries.

Unfortunately for Momo, taking out the girl has triggered an explosive trap where not only the girl blew up, but Momo sustained some injuries.

Looks like Manon Libelle is fully-aware that someone is trying to destroy her Monstrine distribution business, therefore she made some precautions should it happen.

But let’s return to Momo where she survived. Sadly, she can’t continue her mission as Momo got poisoned where attempting to rescue the girl from the iron maiden.

Now then, it’s time to issue an arrest warrant to Manon Libelle and her Fourth cronies as Menou asked Pastor Sicilia to negotiate for the Order of Knights to cooperate in arresting them.

For Pastor Sicilia, she’s surprised that Menou seek assistance to other people rather than handling things on her own, a stark contrast to Menou’s mentor Flare.

Speaking of the pastor, it appears that she doesn’t have any ulterior motives as Sicilia is a trust-worthy member of Faust. Glad that there are some people who don’t have any personal agenda like the former archbishop Orwell.

Well then, looks like the Order of Knights have arrived to barricade the entire castle as they want Manon Libelle and her cronies to surrender, although they won’t go down without a fight.

Unfortunately, the Fourth got frozen in time except for Manon where she noticed that someone inside her castle is trying to stop her plans.

Turns out that it’s none other than Akari Tokito where she’ll confront Manon Libelle. Then again, I’m worried about Akari as if she got killed and used her Pure Concept of Time, she might lose her personality over if Akari use it repeatedly.

Anyways, I think we’re gonna have a nasty battle on the next episode! Let’s hope that Menou can rescue Akari from Manon’s grasp.

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