RPG Fudousan Episode #09

On this episode, Kotone Kazairo and her friends went to a hot springs for some needed rest and relaxation. Actually, they’re here to assess the inn and have someone to rent it as RPG Real Estate has one deal away from reaching their quota.

Still, it’s nice that they’re having a fun time at the hot springs, but something smells fishy…

Okay, I spoke too soon ’cause this hot springs literally smells fishy alright! Well then, looks like Kotone and the rest will have to investigate this property.

For now, they need to wear some skimpy swimsuits as someone stole their clothes. Okay, who’s that pervert who took their getup?

Meanwhile, looks like Rakira and Rufuria found some after-bath cream that’s actually edible.

You know something, I think this after-bath cream can be turned into ice cream if they can find a bucket of ice and an ice cream maker.

One last thing, here’s Kotone where she’s about to drink this bottle full of strange powder-like substance. Not sure it’s edible though.

Never mind, seems that Kotone got a whiff of catnip where she’s acting like a feisty cat today.

Also, she went through the curtain where I have a feeling that Kotone is in danger… or is it?

Oh, turns out that she’s getting a good massage by these cats using their soft paws. Okay, now I need to find the owner of this inn ’cause something’s not right!

Oh, there’s the owner where it’s actually a large cat who tries to attract more customers, but the only one that they’re attracting is his fellow felines and thus he tries to rent his inn to someone else.

By the way, I forgot to mention that the hot springs inn is located in the middle of a deep forest, meaning that some people would get lost in finding this inn.

Then again, Kotone complains on various issues within the inn as she returned to her usual self. I guess she snapped out of her catnip trance.

Let’s hope that Kotone’s advice would help the inn turn a profit.

And lo and behold, Kotone’s advice has turned this cat-owned hot springs inn into an attraction where cats are treating guests with care and respect, just by holding the guests’ hands with their soft paws.

Of course, I wish that there’s someone who can translate the cat language aside from Fa.

Aside from teaching some cats when it comes to hospitality, looks like the issue regarding the fishy smell in the hot springs have been resolved where they put flowers to give it a fragrant smell.

By the way, the cat owner has decided not to push through with the renting deal as his new business direction is raking in lots of money. Looks like RPG Real Estate are still one deal short of reaching their monthly quota.

Now then, it’s time for the girls to enjoy the Millennium Star Festival where they can write their own wishes and attach to a hot-air balloon, praying that their wish will come true.

While Fa wishes for unlimited supply of candy, Kotone wants to have a dream house where she and her friends can live together.

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce you to Mimo where she’s enjoying the festivities, but she got separated with her mother so it’s up to Kotone and the rest to bring Mimo back to her parent.

But speaking of Mimo, looks like Fa wants to take a bite on her yummy cheeks. Um Fa-chan, please don’t gobble her up!

Anyways, it’s time for the girls to search for Mimo’s mother.

On second thought, it appears that Mimo already found her mother where she currently stays at a castle in the sky. Come to think of it, is Mimo an angel or something?

But here’s Mimo’s mother where she’s glad to have her daughter back. And by the way, she’s actually a god where she told Kotone and the rest to keep it a secret.

Then again, they’re so shocked with the revelation that they’re speaking with a divine being. Looks like all’s well that ends well for the members of RPG Real Estate!

Not only that, but their wishes have come true as a reward for returning Mimo to the goddess. Heck, you can see Fa getting lots of candy to eat.

Anyways, looks like I’m done with this episode as nothing terrible happened!

Oh wait a minute, it looks like a certain summoner named Selenia is about to awake the red dragon.

And man, it seems that those peaceful days in Dali won’t last forever once the red dragon awakes. Come to think of it, is this the same dragon that terrorized the Kingdom of Actus in one of those previous episodes?

Anyways, tune in next time where this anime will get serious once the boss arrived in town!

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