Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road Episode #10

Oh look, it’s Menou where she’s inside the castle to rescue Akari Tokito and stop Manon Libelle from doing something nasty in this port city.

Speaking of Akari, let’s not forget that she’s still using her Pure Concept of Time where she wants some answers from Manon.

But anyways, here’s Manon Libelle where she explains her reason to Akari on why she’s enacting her revenge against Flare and her successor Menou.

Well, turns out that only her mother was killed by Flare. As for her father? He was spared ’cause he doesn’t have any Pure Concept.

And speaking of Pure Concepts, Flare decided to spare Manon ’cause she believes that Manon doesn’t inherit her mother’s Pure Concept. Basically, those who transported from Japan can only possess Pure Concepts.

Thus, Manon Libelle felt frustrated that she was ridiculed by everyone for not possessing her mother’s Pure Concept. But in exchange for not having special powers, Manon manifests her deep insanity where she’ll do anything to become special, even as far as sacrificing people in order to create the illegal drug Monstrine.

But let’s return to Manon Libelle where she’s about to inherit a pure concept from one of the Four Major Human Errors: The Pure Concept of Chaos. Oh, and she’s gonna kill Akari Tokito too now that the Lost One knows her secret.

Honestly, Flare should have killed Manon in the first place ’cause she’ll become a major threat in the future. For one of the best executioners in the world, she made a grave mistake in hindsight.

Anyways, here’s Menou where she rescued Akari from being killed by Manon, meaning that she’ll be revived again using her Pure Concept of Time.

Of course, Akari is still under the influence of her own Pure Concept so it’ll take a while for her to return to normal.

Meanwhile, here’s Princess Ashuna Grisarika where she’s interrogating one of Manon Libelle’s minions, or rather one of the many sacrifices that she’ll made to enact her revenge.

And speaking of one of Manon’s minions, he claimed that they’re being forced to do her bidding but you know what, it’s your fault for mocking Manon in the first place just because she didn’t inherit her mother’s Pure Concept.

Anyways, let’s return to Menou where she managed to cut Manon’s left arm, but that doesn’t kill her easily.

In fact, she devised a nasty plan where she’ll sacrifice her body as well as her fellow subjects to summon one of the Human Errors.

Gotta say that her summoning ritual is really gruesome where an arm burst out from her chest. But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

You see, most of the inhabitants who took the illegal drug have turned into a pile of red goo. Even Princess Ashuna is horrified by this as Manon is about to summon a certain Human Error.

Of course, it comes with an army of evil monsters where this Human Error represents the Pure Concept of Chaos. Well, we have a tough battle ahead!

Anyways, here’s the Human Error called Pandemonium where she’s no longer trapped inside that large fog, although her summoning method is very disgusting.

By the way, Pandemonium told Menou that there’s a Human Error named Ivory where it defeated its fellow Human Errors for mankind’s safety. Then again, Ivory’s history is not recorded which is quite surprising for Menou to learn that there’s another Human Error.

With that said, I’ll see you next time where Menou will fight a powerful foe. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about Akari Tokito where she’ll do something to save Menou from being killed.

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