Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu Episodes #07 – #09

Hey everyone, it’s Arc where the skeleton knight tries to dispel the curse on himself back in Episode 6. While he managed to regain his human form, but only for temporary.

Looks like Arc will have to visit the Lord Crown in order to regain his human form permanently.

But let’s begin where Ariane Glenys Maple and Arc are attacked by a pack of wolves, although it appears that some wolves are actually illusions. Hmm, now I’m curious who’s making those illusionary wolves.

On the other hand, looks like the leader is about to tackle Arc, but the skeleton knight has a trick up his sleeve…

You see, Arc creates a fireball that knocks out the leader of the pack, but that doesn’t stop the wolves from attacking him and Ariane.

That’s until Arc destroys this strange choker where it appears that someone is controlling this wolf. Hmm, I have a feeling that it’s the same choker that was present from the wild basilisk back in Episode 2.

Anyways, looks like the wolf pack is no longer aggressive towards Arc and Ariane as they ran away. Then again, the skeleton knight felt that something is a bit off that he step out a bit.

And it appears that his gut feeling came true when some bandits attack a caravan and kill Princess Yuriarna Merol Melissa Rhoden Olav. Oh boy, I have a feeling that one of her siblings ordered the attack.

Also, the bandits took Yuriarna’s necklace as proof that she’s killed by wolves. Then again, I think they shouldn’t be confident that the princess will remain dead.

Anyways, here’s Arc and Ponta where they won’t forgive those bandits for slaying an innocent lady and her entourage of guards. Looks like he’ll use his might to smite the evil bandits.

However, looks like those bandit are taken care of by the same pack of wolves. Glad that Arc rescued those wolves.

And seriously, Arc’s action have changed the course of this situation, but I think the skeleton knight should revive Princess Yuriarna and her guards.

Thus, the skeleton knight used Regeneration to heal Liliana’s wounds, as well as her entourage of guards and her trusty maid.

While he revives most of the guards, some are beyond saving as Arc’s Regeneration couldn’t restore a person who’s dead for a long time.

Now then, here’s Princess Yuriarna Merol Melissa Rhoden Olav where she saw a god that revived her, as well as her allies.

Of course, it’s just a knight who passes by at the right time. But hey, the princess is grateful that her life was saved as well as her entourage.

Now then, it’s time for Arc and Ariane to visit Olav in hopes of finding clues regarding the Lord Crown’s whereabouts. However, the skeleton knight will meet a familiar face.

That’s right, it’s the furry ninja but instead of wearing the usual garb, she’s wearing her usual clothes as the ninja introduce herself as Chiyome from the Jinshin Clan.

Oh yeah, the Jinshin Clan was founded by Hanzo. Hmm, could it be that she’s referring to the samurai from the Iga Clan who commanded an army of ninja?

If that’s true, then Arc had a gut feeling that he’s not the only person who transported to this fantasy world.

On second though, there’s no way that historical characters would end up transported to a fantasy world that was originally created from an online role-playing game.

Now then, Chiyome asked both Ariane and Arc for assistance in liberating the beast people where they’re being sold as slaves.

Of course, they’re gonna do it at night where they’ll attack the Etzat Market while Chiyome’s fellow ninjas will attack various slave markets across Olav. This is gonna be the biggest operation for the Jinshin Clan.

Speaking of Arc, he needs to dress up as a ninja as his shiny knight armor might attract the guards. C’mon, camouflage is required to sneak into the castle undetected.

By the way, looks like Chiyome brought her fellow ninja named Goemon where he wants to test Arc’s strength.

However, Goemon became friends with Arc once he confirmed that the skeleton knight can go toe-to-toe against him.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that both Goemon and Chiyome are based on famous ninjas during the warring states period.

Anyways, it’s time to begin their mission where Goemon and Arc will go to the front door and destroy everything with their combined powers.

As you can see, it’s a devastating combination where guards are pretty much overwhelmed. I guess both Arc and Goemon will handle those thugs easily.

Thanks to them, Ariane and Chiyome managed to set the beastpeople free from captivity. While most of them are happy that they can finally escape…

…a few of them couldn’t make it as Chiyome found out that some of her brethren are already dead.

For Chiyome, she felt sorry to herself that she vows to become stronger so that none of her people will die horribly.

And so, the surviving beastpeople are transported to a safe area thanks to Arc’s teleportation magic.

But for the skeleton knight himself, looks like he’s brimming with fury as Arc will punish those evildoers.

Damn, it’s really scary that Arc shows some anger after seeing those dead bodies.

But yeah, the Etzat Market is pretty much demolished thanks to Arc and Goemon, meaning that the slave business is shut down for good.

As for the beastpeople that perished inside Etzat Market, Ariane Glenys Maple will give them a proper sendoff by burning the corpses.

With that said, I’m hoping that these lost souls will attain happiness in the afterlife. Now all that’s left to do is to find the perpetrator behind this slavery business near Olav.

However, seems that there’s an answer as all fingers pointed towards Prince Dakares Ciciay Vetran where he’s really angry that his slavery business got ruined by a bunch of demi-humans. So, he decides to handle the situation himself.

Unfortunately, his trusted general Cetrion stabbed Prince Dakares in the back. Hmm, now I’m really curious on who’s the mastermind behind all of this.

It’s none other than Prince Sekt Rondahl Karlon Rhoden Sahdiay where he plans to assassinate both Dakares and Yuriarna to take the throne by himself. But since Prince Dakares is also plotting to assassinate Princess Yuriarna and the fact that he owns the slavery business, Prince Sekt conveniently puts the blame on his foolish brother.

Now that Prince Dakares is slain and received confirmation that Princess Yuriarna is dead, Prince Sekt will become the next king of the Rhoden Kingdom. Of course, his future policies will be up for debate once Sekt becomes the next ruler.

But speaking of Princess Yuriarna, she safely arrived in Limbult as Yuriarna’s sister felt a sigh of relief that she’s alive.

However, Princess Yuriarna will have to lay low for the time being as she needs to restore the relationship between humans and elves, while keeping an eye on Prince Sekt ’cause she suspected that her brother might be the mastermind behind everything that happened.

With that said, Princess Yuriarna will ruin Prince Sekt’s plans in the future thanks to her savior Arc. Then again, we’ll never know when will it happen.

But let’s return to Olav where Chiyome told Arc and Ariane that she got some information that the elves are being sold to the Holy Revlon Empire.

And speaking of Ariane Glenys Maple, she has some bad memories upon hearing that place. I have a feeling that the Holy Revlon Empire treats elves as slaves.

Anyways, let’s close this post out with Emperor Domitianus Revlon Valtiafelbe where he heard the news that both Prince Dakares and Princess Yuriarna are slain, while Prince Sekt is poised to become the next king.

By the way, there are rumors that Emperor Domitianus and his cronies developed those mind-control rings that are being used by bandits back in Episodes 2. If this is true, I have to say that the Holy Revlon Empire is the biggest threat in this fantasy world.

But you know what, Arc will throw a spanner to their machinations without anyone knowing that a mere skeleton knight did it. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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