Black ★★ Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Episode #10

Hey everyone, let’s begin with Smiley where he sworn himself to Lunatic that he’ll continue his crusade in abducting young girls and penetrate them with his retractable penis, although I feel that this sex doll won’t produce any offspring no matter how hard he tries.

And here’s the devil herself I bet that she’ll be the final boss at the end of this show as Lunatic proves that she’s the biggest threat towards humanity… unless the AI known as Artemis appears at the last minute.

Speaking of Lunatic, she did some nasty things in the previous war where Lunatic obliterated Black Rock Shooter, as well as brainwash both Dead Master and Strength where the Empress couldn’t save them in time.

While Black Rock Shooter managed to rescue her fellow Hemiteos Units as the cost of their memories, the damage that the Empress received is too much for her and thus she went inside the capsule until Norito and Miya open it up.

But let’s return to Lighthouse No. 8 where the Empress is gonna obliterate Charlotte with her laser cannon after gaining some upgrades. Not sure if she’ll stay dead though…

Oh wait, it appears that Charlotte lives where she’s placed inside the chamber for reconstructing her body.

Of course, the problem will be the brainwashing where it’ll take a long time to undo Smiley’s reconditioning of her mind. I hope nothing bad will happen ’cause if the reconstruction fails, Charlotte might kill the Colonel.

Meanwhile, it appears that both Dead Master and Strength have fallen to Lunatic and the remnants of the Educational Institute.

Geez, this is deja vu but unlike last time, Lunatic won’t sully her hands again.

Instead, she let Smiley do his nasty thing of penetrating both Hemiteos Units with his retractable penis. God, somebody save them!

Fortunately, the Empress has arrived just in time where she used Overdrive to run faster and grab her allies from Smiley’s grasp. She gotta go fast… for 10 seconds!

But you know what, I think Black Rock Shooter should use her last second to deal a glancing blow against Smiley, but that behemoth of a sex doll just smack the Empress towards the wall.

Let’s return to Lighthouse No. 8 where Charlotte just woke up from the reconstruction chamber, but she’s still under Smiley’s influence as Charlotte holds Monica Kaburagi as a hostage.

Luckily, Colonel David is at the scene where he tries to defuse the situation where he tries to convince Charlotte that Smiley is playing her mind.

Speaking of the Colonel, I’m worried about his safety where convincing her own daughter to lay down her arms is pretty tricky.

Unfortunately, there’s an avalanche where the Colonel tries to save both Monica and Charlotte. Oh I’m scared that he might die too.

Now we’re back to Black Rock Shooter where she’s about to get clobbered by Smiley, until Strength tries to hold that maniacal sex doll in his place.

I’m not sure if her gigantic arms can hold a maniac like Smiley, but I’m still scared that Strength might get overwhelmed by that goddamn sex doll.

Fortunately, Dead Master saves both Strength and Empress where she snipes Smiley from afar.

Of course, Dead Master wants Black Rock Shooter to kill it with fire as soon as possible. I guess she really hates Smiley for being a sexual deviant!

With that said, the Empress kills Smiley with fire thanks to her trusty laser cannon. Not sure if he still has another spare body but Smiley is feeling the heat!

Oh yeah, looks like that he’s reduced to a mere baby doll… until it turned into ashes. I really wish that he stays dead!

Now let’s return to the Colonel where he managed to save both Monica Kaburagi and Charlotte from being buried alive.

However, he got stabbed by his own daughter. No, I don’t want him to die like this after seeing Charlotte for a long time!

Still, the Colonel continues to snap Charlotte out from Smiley’s control as he hugged his daughter. Let’s hope that he saves Charlotte or it’ll be a pain later.

But speaking of the Colonel, I can’t believe that he survived getting stabbed by Charlotte, not to mention getting the receiving end of an avalanche. Even Monica Kaburagi is shocked by his tough body.

Anyways, Smiley is dead (I hope) while Charlotte is starting to recover her lost memories. At this point, the Hemiteos Units will deal with Lunatic as the drones are inching closer in completing the orbital elevator.

With that said, I’m really surprised that Black Rock Shooter can unleash her true power for just 10 second, but I kinda disappointed that she became the blue blur in order to rescue both Dead Master and Strenght.

Now then, looks like we’re inching closer to the finale, but I’m worried that their efforts of stopping Dawn Fall Day might be all for naught.

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