RPG Fudousan Episode #10

Oh boy, we have an ominous scene where Fa went outside to see the dragon that’s destroying nearby towns lately.

And speaking of the dragon itself, I’m not sure if this is the one Selenia summoned in the previous episode.

By the way, here’s Kotone Kazairo where she noticed that Fa went missing. Of course, what worries her is that Fa might get branded as an enemy that must be defeated given that she’s a dragon girl taken under Lady Satona’s wing.

Speaking of Lady Satona, I haven’t seen her since Episode 2. I wonder if she’s still busy dealing with that dragon threat?

Now then, let’s introduce a new customer named Isana, an elf who lived almost a thousand year as she wants to find a suitable place.

And by the way, her house was blown away by a dwarf who sneezed very hard, you’d almost think that he’s similar to the Big Bad Wolf.

But let’s move onto Kotone where she’s still depressed ever since Fa has gone missing. Man, I think she needs a day-off to refresh her mind.

Still, Isana got a place to stay as the RPG Real Estate managed to reach the monthly sales quota. Now all that’s left is to find Fa-chan.

Fortunately, Kotone found Fa near the fountain where the dragon girl collapsed. Don’t tell me that Fa got injured?

Oh wait, Fa got really hungry after stepping outside for a very long time. Looks like Kotone will have to take her to the apartment and give her some food.

Sadly, it appears that Fa won’t have the time to eat Kotone’s cooked meals as Mona and Serah have arrived to arrest the dragon girl for having links with the dragon threat.

By the way, looks like Isana joined Mona and Serah in this crucial time as the elf revealed that she’s working with the Kingdom of Actus regarding the recent dragon threats.

Man, how could Isana do this to the RPG Real Estate after finding her a new home?

And so, Fa was arrested on suspicion that she’s related to the dragon threat, or that she can transform into a large dragon which is not proven to be true.

Still, Kotone won’t give up towards Fa as she’ll do anything to see her again. Of course, Kotone will have to make haste as soon as possible.

That’s because the convoy containing Fa got attacked by a giant red dragon. Come to think of it, I have a feeling that Selenia wants to capture Fa for her revenge.

But speaking of Fa, she’s about to fall to her death. While she can potentially transform into a dragon, Fa will be branded as an enemy if she does that.

Luckily, Kotone managed to rescue Fa-chan just in time as she’s joined by Toto and her pegasus Shiro. Then again, the situation got even worse now that Kotone and Toto have become accomplices to the dragon girl.

Anyways, tune in next time where Kotone and Fa will have to run away from the authorities as soon as they can, although they should either find Lady Satona for help or confront Selenia.

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