The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode #11

Let’s begin with Kazuki where he can’t move because of Raphtalia’s sword skill. Should he move one bit, his body will be sliced in half.

For now, his companions are trying to remove the lingering effects of Raphtalia’s attack.

Also, here’s Kyo Ethnina where he’s mocking Kazuki for being incompetent, not to mention failing to get his own vassal weapon after Raphtalia took it away from him.

Um Kyo, are you supposed to help Kazuki since both of you are business partners, correct?

Sadly, Kazuki got really angry at Kyo that he moved an inch… and got his body sliced in half.

But hey, Kyo Ethnina will bring him back to life… as a mindless minion. Geez, Kazuki should have stayed put instead of letting his fuckin’ emotions cloud his judgement.

Now then, let’s return to Naofumi Iwatani where he’s not only reunited with Raphtalia, but the Shield Hero is surprised to learn Filo’s new form in Kizuna’s world where it resembles an actual bird.

And speaking of Kizuna Kazeyama, she’s finally reunited with Glass and her companions where they’re thrilled to see her again.

Of course, the only person who really missed Kizuna is Glass as she doesn’t want to get separated by her friend again.

Now that Kizuna got her friends back after getting out of the labyrinth, looks like they’ll help Naofumi out as they’ll stop Kyo Ethnina and save their respective worlds.

Still, they need some powerful equipment in order to beat that scumbag to a bloody pulp.

So, they went to Romina where Kizuna asked the blacksmith to make some new equipment for Naofumi and his party.

Oh yeah, L’arc Berg will foot the bill as it turns out that he’s actually the king of Sikul. Can’t believe that this guy came from a royal family.

By the way, Kizuna wanted Romina to finish the weapons and armor tomorrow as they gonna need it when stopping the Waves, as well as Kyo Ethnina.

Then again, I think Romina should make haste in forging new gear for Naofumi’s party as someone is trying to kill them.

This is Yomogi Emarl where she’s gonna beat Naofumi and his party for Kyo’s sake. Seriously, this girl doesn’t know Kyo’s shady experiments.

Anyways, L’arc Berg took Yomogi’s sword out with a swing of his scythe. Well, that was an easy fight where Yomogi couldn’t even put more pressure towards Kizuna or even Naofumi.

Oh wait, I spoke too soon where Yomogi’s sword took a life of its own, attempting to assimilate its owner.

I have a feeling that the sword was forged by Kyo Ethnina in case Yomogi Emarl was defeated. And given that Kyo doesn’t care about Yomogi’s life, I bet that he wants nothing more than her soul where Kyo will use it for grandest scheme.

Fortunately, there’s Kizuna Kazeyama where she’ll attempt to yank the cursed sword from Yomogi’s arm using her trusty fishing rod.

Then again, I bet that Yomogi’s sentient sword would notice Kizuna’s fish hook and tries to assimilate the Hunting Hero as well.

But nope, Kizuna managed to yank the sword out of Yomogi’s arm. Still, it’s not over yet as the sentient sword might attack everybody.

Oh wait, it explodes. That’s really anti-climatic there. Anyways, they’ll have to take Yomogi Emarl as a prisoner as she won’t stop on helping Kyo Ethnina’s goal.

And speaking of Kyo’s goal, Yomogi revealed to Kizuna that he’s trying to stop the Waves.

Pfft, I really doubt that he’ll save the world because for all I know, Kyo is a bonafide asshole who wants everything burn to the ground!

Honestly, I think Yomogi Emarl should reconsider helping Kyo Ethnina as this point as there’s no way a hero like him has noble goals.

Now then, looks like Romina managed to finish some new weapons and armor for one night, as Naofumi Iwatani received a brand new armor that was based on an Emperor Dragon.

Of course, it’s not just Naofumi who got some spankin’ new gear as Romina made various equipment such as a sheathe for Raphtalia’s katana…

…and a bird suit for Filo-chan. That looks so cute but I think Romina forgot to make some weapons for Rishia Ivyred.

Unfortunately, it appears that it’s too late to make Rishia’s sword or even a set of armor as the Waves have finally arrived.

And it gets even worse where Kizuna and her allies got transported somewhere. You know what, I bet that Kyo Ethnina artificially-created those Waves for his biggest experiment yet.

With that said, I’ll see you next time as Naofumi and his party will have to find Kyo’s hideout and kill that son of a bitch as soon as possible!

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