Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road Episode #12

Well everyone, here’s Akari Tokito where she’s here to save Menou from her demise against Pandemonium. And speaking of Pandemonium, she and the rest of the Human Error tried to destroy the fantasy world in order to return back home.

Of course, given that they used their Pure Concepts to the limit in exchange for their memories, I doubt on whether returning back to the real world was worth it given that their appearance have changed overtime.

Anyways, let’s return to Menou where she got slammed by Pandemonium. Man, I’m worried that the executioner might have a hard time defeating a Human Error like Pandemonium.

Oh wait, it turned from bad to worse as Menou’s scripture got swallowed by Pandemonium’s shadow.

And it’s not just her scripture, but Menou’s knife got caught by Pandemonium, meaning that there’s no hope for Menou to beat one of the Human Errors or even surviving the onslaught.

Then again, there’s Akari and her Pure Concept of Time as she can rewind the clock, but doing so will cost a part of her memory. It would be bad if Akari becomes the next Human Error.

That’s until someone throws a fire sword that destroys Pandemonium’s minions or should I say parts of her centipede-like body.

Anyways, turns out that Princess Ashuna Grisarika throws her fire sword to aid Menou in defeating Pandemonium. But as for the princess herself…

She resorts to using her fists to beat the shit out of those monsters. Gotta say that Princess Ashuna is pretty strong regardless of being equipped with a sword or using her two hands.

Meanwhile, here’s Akari Tokito where she’s here to save Menou from being killed, even as far as regressing the time in order to rescue her friend from her demise.

Of course, Pandemonium won’t let Akari do as she pleases as the Human Error will kill them both.

And sadly, looks like the Human Error succeeds in killing both Menou and Akari Tokito. Man, what a bad way to end this series!

Except that it was all just an illusion made by the executioner as she used one of Pandemonium’s minions to transform into a shadow copy of herself and Akari.

And it’s all thanks to Menou’s knife where she casts illusion magic after being dislodged to one of the minions.

Honestly, Pandemonium should have put the knife into the shadow realm along with Menou’s scriptures, but she ignore it.

Anyways, it’s time for the climax as Akari lend her ether to Menou in order to finish Pandemonium off using Princess Ashuna’s sword.

And as you can see, it’s a fitting ending to Pandemonium where her plans of being the victor in her own movie have fallen apart. Looks like the port city of Libelle is finally safe.

As for Akari Tokito, she’ll be returning to her innocent and oblivious self after saving Menou from certain death. All she needs to do is to shoot herself to flip the switch.

Now it’s time for Menou to see Pandemonium’s last moments. Having her body completely burned and cut in half is really terrifying to see.

But the most disturbing one will be Pandemonium’s parting words where she loves bringing chaos much like in the movies. And furthermore, there’s one Human Error named Ivory where it wields the Sword of Salt that can destroy any Pure Concept.

Come to think of it, Menou remembers the time her master Flare took her to an uninhabited archipelago where it has the Sword of Salt. I bet that she’ll get that sword and use it to kill Menou permanently.

Now then, it’s up to Ashuna Grisarika to organize a reconstruction of this port city. Gotta give props to the princess for helping Menou in stopping the Pandemonium.

Anyways, looks like one Human Error down and there’s three more to go. If Menou and Akari continue their hunt of the Human Errors, the world will become a better place.

Then again, it appears that Pandemonium survived. Not only that, but the Human Error revived Manon Libelle using the remains of her alleged older sister.

But speaking of Manon’s mysterious older sister, I don’t think she’s wearing a boys’ school uniform. In fact, this uniform belongs to a certain Mitsuki Mutou, also known as that guy who got killed on the first episode.

Wait a minute, don’t tell me that Manon possesses the Pure Concept of Null? This is really bad as Manon has the power to turn everything into nothing. Looks like Menou will have to kill both of them again at a later date!

In any case, here’s Momo where she’s finally recovered as she really missed Menou so much. Of course, Momo won’t be happy when she learned that Akari or even Princess Ashuna spends their time with her idol.

Meanwhile, here’s Pastor Sicilia where she thanked the executioner for stopping Pandemonium. But more importantly, she wants Menou to take her own path rather than following in Flare’s footsteps.

All I can say is that Pastor Sicilia is really a good servant to the Faustian Church as she’s doing what’s best for Menou. Of course, Flare won’t let one of her disciples going astray so easily.

But now, it’s time for Menou to reunite with Akari Tokito where she’s really worried about her, despite the fact that the klutzy version of Akari doesn’t remember anything after the evening party. C’mon, it’s for the best!

And that’s it for Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road where Menou and Akari continues their journey to find a way of sending the latter home, even though if it involves killing Akari with a special sword made of salt. Now then, I have to admit that the setting for this anime show is interesting where other-worldly beings have consequences when using their powers too much upon being transported into the fantasy world.

Also, the presence of Human Errors is fascinating where they’re treated as bosses that can cause major calamities. In the case of Pandemonium, she wants to create a movie-like scenario where everybody dies because her Pure Concept of Chaos dictates it, although I can’t believe that Pandemonium cheated death after Menou and Akari slice her body in half and burn it.

As for the characters, I would say that Menou looks okay as the protagonist while Akari Tokito found to be quite interesting, especially when her alter-ego knows everything from her own Pure Concept to various attempts in saving Menou’s life. Other characters like Princess Ashuna Grisarika and Manon Libelle are okay, others like Momo found to be annoying for my taste. The only thing I’m still scratching my head is Flare where Menou’s master is the most unstoppable being ever.

And speaking of Flare, she’s pretty aware of what happened in previous timelines that Flare is pretty much destined to kill Menou again. Geez, if only there’s a way to stop Flare in her tracks without resorting to Akari’s abuse of her Pure Concept of Time. Otherwise, the only viable strategy is to avoid fighting Flare.

Aside from the characters and the story, everything else looked average, although I have to admit that the CGI used on Pandemonium’s final form looked good to me as it highlights how terrifying the Human Error is.

Now, will Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road have another season despite having some good concepts? I doubt it! Anyways, looks like I’m finished watching this isekai yuri show.

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