The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode #12

Let’s start with this nameless dude, a fat otaku who plays online games most of his life. Heck, there’s a possibility that he’s a NEET. Sadly, his life was cut short when someone hacked his IP address and received constant bullying to the point that he committed suicide.

But this is not Naofumi Iwatani by the way because c’mon, he got transported to another world where his appearance and memories are intact. As for this fat dude…

Well, there’s a possibility that he’s reincarnated into one of the most vile villains next to Myne/Malty Melromarc.

That’s right, it’s Kyo Ethnina where he could have turn himself to a new leaf much like Rudeus Greyrat, but he decides to become the most annoying asshole in the new world!

Anyways, time to stop Kyo Ethnina once and for all as Ethnobalt went back to Naofumi’s party to carry them towards Kyo’s hideout.

Oh yes, here’s Yomogi Emarl where she was shocked that her trusted companion will do a despicable act of summoning the Waves. Geez, she shouldn’t believe in Kyo Ethnina at all where he’s a bonafide dickhead!

Meanwhile, here’s Kizuna Kazeyama and her party as they’re dealing with Kyo’s minions. On second thought, I think they should focus on fighting instead of getting intimate in a middle of a fight.

Anyways, Naofumi Iwatani and his party went inside Kyo Ethnina’s hideout where they’re greeted by Kazuki’s soldiers who got a chimera makeover.

Honestly, they looked hideous and not only that, but they got fooled by Kyo into thinking that he’ll revive their master should they become test subjects.

But you know what, Raphtalia will end their misery as the Katana Hero will take them out in a single stroke of her sword.

And as you can see, they didn’t stand a chance against Raphtalia. Of course, it’s not yet over ’cause there’s one gotcha moment from Kyo Ethnina.

In fact, one of their weapons is sentient where it’s about to explode soon, rather than assimilating one of the soldiers and transform into an abomination.

Well then, looks like Naofumi Iwatani will have to use his trusty shield to protect his companions from a large explosion, but this is not the end of this fight.

Anyways, here’s Kyo Ethnina where he brought Kazuki back to life… except that he’s no longer the arrogant fool who tries to become the next Katana Hero.

In fact, Kyo forced Kazuki to become a Mirror Hero instead where this weapon begs everyone to end this misery once and for all.

Well then, it’s time for Yomogi Emarl to redeem herself as she strike down the mirror from Kazuki’s hand.

And speaking of Kazuki’s body, Raphtalia destroys the corpse with a flurry of slashes until this homunculus is gone for good.

Now it’s time for Naofumi Iwatani to beat the shit out of Kyo Ethnina where the Shield Hero will avenge Ost Hourai’s death.

Of course, Kyo doesn’t want to just create artificial waves using the Spirit Tortoise’s power as he wants to make Naofumi angry.

Yes, that’s what the Book Hero tries to aim as he wants to kill Naofumi while being enraged. Geez, this is really bad as the Shield Hero is using the Wrath Shield to its limits.

Unfortunately for Kyo Ethnina, he didn’t account for Rishia Ivyred yet again as she points her sword towards that asshole. Man, I wish Rishia should kill that son of a bitch right now!

But instead, she’s about to get pinned down with Kyo’s gravity magic. Oh, and he throwing magic knives at Rishia just to kill her ’cause he knows that she’s dangerous.

Now let’s return to Naofumi Iwatani where he’s about to succumb to his own anger until Ost Hourai came to calm him down. C’mon, he’s not the same guy as before as Naofumi has great allies to help him out.

In fact, both Raphtalia and Filo-chan have arrived after stopping Kazuki. Glad that they’re here to save Naofumi from the effects of the Wrath Shield.

Of course, Kyo won’t let Naofumi get the upper-hand as he’ll kill both the Shield Hero and his allies with his powerful magic beam Revelation. Geez, he’s getting a bit desperate now!

Fortunately, Naofumi Iwatani received some aid from the one of the Vassal Weapons as he possesses the mirror.

Not only that, but Ost Hourai is here to use her remaining spirit to aid the Shield Hero. We’re setting up a climatic finish against that bastard!

Anyways, time for Naofumi to shoot a large laser from his shield, destroying the ever-living crap out of that Book Hero.

But as for Kyo Ethnina, he’s still remained defiant as this asshole mocks them, thinking that they won the fight but he’ll have the last laugh at the end.

Geez, I wonder if Kyo still have any backup plan should he die right here? I wish doesn’t have one ’cause Kyo giving them a gotcha moment will drag this story even further!

In any case, the Book Hero is defeated and man, nobody cries over Kyo Ethnina’s death because of his heinous crimes, all just to spite on the Shield Hero.

Of course, what’s important is that Ost Hourai is finally avenged as they bid farewell to their ally. I really wish she would stick around as one of the most trusted companion if it wasn’t for the Spirit Tortoise disaster.

Meanwhile, looks like L’arc Berg and Therese Alexanderite will keep return both the book and the mirror to its rightful place until a worthy person can wield them. Let’s hope that we won’t get another Kyo Ethnina.

Speaking of L’arc, he doesn’t want to be called as a king yet as he wants to enjoy his time as an adventurer together with Therese, Glass, and Kizuna. C’mon, it’s embarrassing to call him as milord or anything regal.

Sadly, it’s time for Naofumi Iwatani to return to his world alongside Raphtalia and his friends. Looks like they’re finished dealing with that asshole, meaning that both his world and Kizuna’s world are safe for the time being.

But speaking of Kizuna Kazeyama, she and her party will appear someday. Man, I feel that this episode is basically the finale of Season 2, but there’s still one more episode to go before this show is over.

Anyways, I feel that the 2nd season is a step-down from the first one as while the Spirit Tortoise arc is somewhat amazing, not to mention having both Kizuna Kazeyama and Ost Hourai as decent characters, I’m really pissed towards Kyo Ethnina where he’s more than an annoying jerkass than Malty the Bitch! All that gloating makes me want to punch him in the face despite being a fat slob originally.

Now then, let’s end this episode where Naofumi Iwatani and his party returns home as heroes. Should there will be another season of The Rising of the Shield Hero, let’s hope that there’s a little bit of improvement than Season 2.

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