Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu Episodes #11 & #12

Let’s begin this episode with a flashback as Fumba Soodu Rozombanya was rejected by his own tribe for being weak in addition to having a rude behavior.

Thus, Fumba lends his monster taming skills to the Holy Revlon Empire, although I have a feeling that Emperor Domitianus Revlon Valtiafelbe will cast Fumba out once he’s no longer being useful.

Anyways, let’s return to Arc where he finally arrives at the border town of Kaysehk together with Ariane, although the skeleton knight is feeing Ponta at the moment.

Speaking of Ariane, she’s currently finding some clues on where the elves are held captive, therefore she’ll be back later.

Now then, Arc’s justice senses are tingling where an innocent lady is being caught by a bunch of goons. Even in this border town, there are assholes who prey on the weak.

Anyways, time for Arc to subjugate this evildoer as he grabs one of the goons’ arms. I bet that he’s gonna break them with his own two hands.

As for the rest, he just flicks them in the head until those goons are sent flying towards the wall. And so, Arc saves a young lady from becoming someone’s sex slave.

Also, here’s Ariane Glenys Maple where she returned after finding some clues on her brethren’s whereabouts.

Unfortunately, she caught at the wrong time as the woman hugged Arc. While she’s thanking the knight for rescuing her, Ariane got a bit jealous upon seeing it.

But anyways, it’s time to rescue some elves as Arc and Ariane infiltrates a heavily-guarded compound.

Then again, the guards got overwhelmed by Arc’s presence where he just smacks the shit out of them. Now then, where’s Ariane?

Uh-oh, seems that Ariane is being controlled by some creature behind her. Man, somebody snap her out of it!

Fortunately, there’s Ponta where Arc’s pet ventu vulpis took out the monster that controls Ariane.

And for good measure, Arc destroys it with fire. As for Ponta, the ventu vulpis is fine as it got out safely.

Well then, looks like Arc rescues Ariane Glenys Maple from being controlled by someone else, although the dark elf is out of commission for the time being.

Meanwhile, here’s Fumba Soodu Rozombanya where he’s surprised that two intruders would wreck his hideout, although he wants to take Ariane as his slave because Fumba is fond of elves.

But speaking of elves, Fumba already turned them into monster food. Yeah, what a sick bastard!

Anyways, looks like Arc will have to kill Fumba once and for all now that he killed those elves.

But first, Arc will need to slay Fumba’s pet monsters as the tamer himself has lots of them to keep the knight at bay.

So while Arc is busy slaying monsters, Fumba will just capture Ariane while she’s unconscious.

Sadly, his plan failed because Chiyome and her ninja clan took down most of the creatures inside the compound. At this point, Fumba is about to lose.

Heck, even he’s aware that those intruders put him into a corner. However, Fumba won’t back down without summoning his secret weapon.

You see, Fumba Soodu Rozombanya is taking care of his giant monster by feeding it with human meat. Hence, you see Fumba pushing one of his bitches into the monster pit back in Episode 10.

But now, he doesn’t need to hide it anymore as Fumba unleashes the hydra. Good thing Arc uses his teleport magic to get him out of the compound together with Ariane, Chiyome, and Ponta.

Sadly, the hydra got the last laugh when it fires its laser breath, obliterating the skeleton knight and his party. Man, that really sucks!

Oh wait, looks like Arc managed to block the hydra’s attack by casting a barrier. While Arc, Chiyome, and Ponta are safe, where’s Ariane again?

Oh, she’s alive but Ariane is really angry that she failed to save her brethren from Fumba’s brutality. Yeah, I can feel her anger upon learning that she failed to save her fellow elves from that bastard.

Right now, they need to stop the hydra from destroying the border town of Kaysehk. Fortunately, Arc has a solution…

…by summoning a fire spirit named Ifrit to hold the hydra in place. You know what, I think Arc should use his hands to wrestle the fuck out of that giant monster.

Now let’s move onto Ariane where she and Chiyome found Fumba controlling the hydra from a distance.

And while he wants to convince the two to spare him, it was soon dropped when Ariane Glenys Maple calls him weak for using monsters to do his bidding.

That really pissed Fumba Soodu Rozombanya so much that he’s gonna summon a bunch of monsters to kill both Ariane and Chiyome.

Except that Fumba failed to summon his pets as Chiyome scratches his back by throwing a trio of kunai. It would be better if Chiyome throws shurikens as it’s more effective.

But thanks to Chiyome, Fumba Soodu Rozombanya can no longer control monsters now that the magic inscription on his back came undone.

Then again, there’s a consequence as Fumba lost his control over hydra, but he doesn’t give a shit anyway as he wants his giant pet to raise hell without controlling it.

Sadly for Fumba, it looks like Ariane had enough of him as she sets him on fire. That’s what he get for killing those elves and turning them into monster food.

As for the hydra, it looks like Ifrit is doing a great job in tearing that monster apart with its arms.

Of course, Arc wants that hydra dead in its tracks as the skeleton knight grabs the hydra’s tail and throws it up in the air.

See, I told you that Arc should have wrestle the hydra ’cause he can lift giant monsters with ease.

And now, time for the for finishing touches as Arc commands Ifrit to use its ultimate magic: Flame Hellion.

But seriously, Arc made a flashy finish towards that giant monster that he was suppose to stay out of large conflicts due to being a skeleton knight.

In any case, the border town of Kaysehk is safe thanks to Arc and his party.

Oh and there’s some good news from Ariane as Danka’s pet bird told the news that Princess Yuriarna Merol Melissa Rhoden Olav has finally met one of the elven elders, Lord Fangas.

Well, you may thank Arc for saving Yuriarna’s life from those bandits as he resurrects her from certain death.

But seriously, Arc’s actions will affect the future of Rhoden Kingdom now that Princess Yuriarna has struck a deal with the elves.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Princess Yuriarna told about two nations from the Revlon region where they back her brothers. One is the western Great Revlon Empire where they back Prince Sekt, while the eastern Holy Revlon Empire backed the late Prince Dakares.

While it’s interesting that are two empires within Revlon that are fighting for supremacy, I have a feeling that they’re being controlled by a bigger force. Then again, we’ll never gonna see that unless this show got a sequel.

But let’s return to Rhoden Kingdom where one of Prince Sekt’s aide Cetrion told the unfortunate news that Princess Yuriarna as she successfully met the elves. Looks like he failed to kill his remaining sibling.

But that doesn’t matter anyway as Prince Sekt Rondahl Karlon Rhoden Sahdiay is still the heir to the throne, therefore Princess Yuriarna’s survival doesn’t concern him much.

Really Prince Sekt, what if Princess Yuriarna decides to expose you as the mastermind behind her supposed murder? That would be disastrous if she did that.

Meanwhile, Emperor Domitianus Revlon Valtiafelbe learned the news that Fumba Soodu Rozombanya and the hydra have fallen in battle.

While he doesn’t care about Fumba since his role is done, Emperor Domitianus is curious on who killed the hydra ’cause there’s no way a giant monster can be killed that easily.

Regardless, what’s important is that Emperor Domitianus got a hold of Fumba’s control rings which he’ll use them to control creatures for his bidding in the future.

But seriously though, I bet that Emperor Domitianus Revlon Valtiafelbe will become the next arc villain where his machinations will be a bane towards Arc and his party.

Speaking of Arc, looks like it’s time for his face reveal where he took out his helmet. Sadly, Chiyome got really scared that Arc is actually an undead.

Geez Chiyome, Arc was just put under a curse which is why he’s wearing full armor to conceal his skeletal body.

Still, I wonder when will Arc visit Lord Crown and remove his undead curse permanently? I mean, he can’t stick to being the skeleton knight forever ’cause people might antagonize him if Arc’s face is shown.

But that’s the end of Gaikotsu Kishi-sama where it’s enjoyable to watch, especially when Arc is quite a dork despite being the strongest character in the show. Of course, this anime series is dark and serious where demi-humans and innocent lives are being exploited by jerkasses all the time, although Arc and his friends saves the day where their actions made indirect effects across the world.

And speaking of the plot, it’s interesting that there are two empires in the Revlon region that are vying for supremacy, unaware that Arc’s actions have a knock-on effect regarding the power balance of both empires. But like I said before, I have a gut feeling that they’re being controlled by a bigger force. Should there will be a Season 2 of Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, they might give us a hint on who’s the real boss.

Anyways, let’s end this post where Arc and his buddies look at the mountain range as their adventure continues for another time. Sucks that this show is just promoting the light novels.

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