RPG Fudousan Episodes #11 & #12

Let’s begin with a story of a girl who lost everything, from her home to her loved ones. In fact, she blamed those humans for destroying everything that’s precious of her.

In any case, this girl named Selenia wants nothing more than to avenge those who got hurt by those humans. Thus, she’ll do anything to enact her vengeance towards humanity.

Now then, let’s move onto the present where Kotone Kazairo and Fa-chan are currently riding on Toto’s pegasus Shiro as they try to stop the red dragon from destroying towns.

Of course, Fa will try to convince the fire dragon to halt its rampage by talking to it. After all, she can talk to various monsters.

Speaking of the fire dragon, it’s revealed that the dragon is carrying a baby. Oh boy, looks like Selenia dragged an innocent mother dragon to do her bidding.

But speaking of Selenia, she doesn’t want anyone interfering her revenge as she regains control of the fire dragon, not knowing that the dragon is carrying a baby.

Meanwhile, here’s Lady Satona where she tries to protect her fellow soldiers from a devastating dragon breath.

Unfortunately, I’m worried that Satona and her allies might not survive the attack from the fire dragon.

Luckily, Satona’s barrier saved most of her soldiers, but a few of them got injured thanks to the dragon breath.

Now then, here’s Kotone and Fa where they convinced Lady Satona to halt their attack on the fire dragon as it’s carrying a baby. Of course, let’s not forget that Selenia is currently controlling the fire dragon as we speak.

Meanwhile, looks like Toto and Shiro decides to leave the battlefield, but not before meeting up with both Rufuria and Rakira where they’re worried about Kotone and Fa.

But speaking of those two, they’re trying to stop the fire dragon from Selenia’s control as Fa and Kotone are currently riding on a griffon.

But speaking of Fa, it seems that someone is trying to transform her into a dragon. I bet that Selenia took notice of Fa at one point.

In any case, looks like Fa-chan jumped from her griffon as she’s about to undergo a giant transformation.

Anyways, she transformed into a white dragon in which the fire dragon somewhat recognized it. Also, it’s revealed that her real name is actually Fafnir as Selenia recognized her.

But still, Fa (or Fafnir) wants the red dragon to calm down as she successfully stop her brethren from destroying everything.

Unfortunately, seems that Satona’s soldiers sees another dragon as a threat as they fired a laser towards Fa. Honestly, Satona should have stop her men from hurting Fa as she’s an ally.

But this made Selenia angry as she tries to take control over Fa and destroy all humans. Okay, why would you have to drag Fa-chan to your vengeful plan?

So with the fire dragon knocked out of commission, Selenia will use Fafnir to destroy humans as revenge for losing her friends. At this point, there’s no stopping the white dragon.

Well, that’s until Kotone Kazairo where she sings to calm Fa-chan. Together with Rufuria and Rakira, they’re trying to snap her friend back to reality.

But, Selenia sees Kotone as a nuisance that she forced Fa to smack her to the ground. This struck me a nerve on what Selenia did to Kotone.

And speaking of Selenia, looks like she has regrets on hitting someone who doesn’t have any intention in hurting the dragon.

This is why her plans for avenging her friends is very flawed because Selenia is blinded by her own rage.

With that said, Kotone Kazairo is about to die as Rufuria’s healing magic couldn’t even restore her wounds.

Even Lady Satona, despite being one of the best magicians in the kingdom, couldn’t save Kotone’s life from the brink of death.

Meanwhile, it appears that Rufuria blamed Fa for killing Kotone even though she’s trying to calm her down.

And speaking of Fa-chan, she was really sorry for murdering her best friend with her own hands.

While the dragon threat is already dealt with now that the fire dragon has calmed down, there are still casualties including Kotone Kazairo where she met her tragic end.

In any case, I really blame Selenia for being blinded by rage and causing this tragedy. Now, Kotone will be buried somewhere in Dali.

That’s until a peculiar doll appeared where it’s attracted to Fa-chan for some reason.

Also, here’s Lily where she explained that this doll is hanging out at the RPG Real Estate office at Dali. Wait a minute, don’t tell me that this doll houses Kotone’s soul?

In any case, Lily proceeds to transfer the soul to its original body as the necromancer attempts to resurrect Kotone Kazairo from the dead.

Fortunately, Lily’s resurrection magic is a success as everyone felt happy that Kotone is alive. But, their happy days won’t last forever…

Turns out that the King of Actus decides to lock Fa to a dungeon somewhere. However, his original intention of locking Fa-chan up was scrapped.

Instead, she’ll be transferred to a volcanic island alongside Kotone, Rufuria, and Rakira. This means that all 4 RPG Real Estate employees will conduct their business there.

Well, I’m surprised that the king is reasonable when it comes to Fa-chan as the dragon girl was a victim of someone else’s crusade.

Of course, the quartet isn’t the only one who will be transferred to a volcanic island as the fire dragon will have a home there.

Speaking of the fire dragon, seeing Fa reminds her of a certain white dragon named Rastire. Come to think of it, I wonder if Rastire is actually related to Fa-chan or should I say Fafnir?

Well, looks like Rufuria will answer that as she and Rakira heard the truth from Lady Satona regarding Fa’s origins.

Turns out that Satona was told by the demon lord to take care of her daughter. Said demon lord happened to be the white dragon Rastire in which she wants Fa (or Fafnir) to create a new world where humans and monsters coexist.

I have to say that Satona did a great job in nurturing Fa-chan into an honest and lovable dragon girl, thus she’s becoming a beacon of light between the two side.

Anyways, the Kingdom of Actus are celebrating the heroes who saved Dali from destruction, although there’s a certain summoner who’s not enjoying the festivities.

That’s right, it’s Selenia where she vows to return in avenging her fallen friends against humanity, not being aware that Lady Satona and the RPG Real Estate employees (or even Rastire) are restoring relationships between humans and monsters.

Also, she vows to take Fafnir to her side, but her crusade in destroying humans doesn’t realize that she’s bringing more misery and pain towards Fa-chan, especially when her ability to speak and understand demi-human language is a big asset in bringing peace between two sides. If only someone snap out of her anger…

Now then, looks like the girls at RPG Real Estate have finally arrived at the volcanic island where they got to see the fire dragon laid her first egg. I’m sure that her child will grow up strong.

Also, the girls will have their own mansion where Kotone and her friends can sleep luxuriously and peacefully. I guess her wish has come true after all!

But that’s the end of this show where I’m surprised that there’s some serious elements to this slice-of-life anime such as the consequences of human action towards monsters and demi-humans in the past. Remember Episode 5 where a love story between the last mermaid and a human male ended in tragedy? That was caused by barbaric humans who hunted down mermaids.

On the other hand, I appreciate Fa’s and Lady Satona’s efforts in restoring relationship between humans and monsters as they don’t want the world to be stuck in perpetual warfare. Then again, some would disagree as Selenia shows that her motivation to avenge her fallen friends, even if it means hurting innocent lives, is detrimental in attaining coexistence between the two sides. Heck, even the late Rastire wants humans and monsters to live peacefully.

In any case, RPG Fudousan or RPG Real Estate is a surprising show where it has some world-building despite being a light-hearted Manga Time Kirara show. If only there’s another season of this…

For now, the girls are getting accustomed to their new place as they’ll help various adventurers in finding their dream home.

And then, a new character shows up at the end of this series. Seriously, Dogakobo and Houbunsha should make another season of RPG Fudousan/RPG Real Estate!

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