Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life Episodes #01 & #02

Well everyone, you know the drill. Here’s an anime adaptation of a light novel written and illustrated by the same duo as Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja: Shinkoshoto and Huuka Kazabana, respectively.

Anyways, this is Yuji where he’s a corporate slave who works overtime until he passes out, meaning that Yuji died on the job.

However, he was reincarnated into the fantasy world where he gained a slime as his ally just by touching it.

What, how come Yuji tames a monster by touching it? You know that it’s involves some violent persuasion!

Of course, it’s not just Yuji taming a single slime, he gained an army of them just by touching alone.

Also, Yuji gained spells by touching a book. Yes, he didn’t read the whole thing as Yuji just hold the book and then *boom* instant skill learned!

Oh yeah, and it’s further multiplied when his army of slimes took all the books and thanks to Yuji’s affinity with slimes, gained lots of skills instantly. How fuckin’ broken this guy is?

Aside from slimes, Yuji gained a canine named Proud Wolf and a forest spirit named Dryad where they assist him in his adventures.

Army of slimes as his allies? Good. Adding a wolf and a forest spirit? Yuji is pretty much overkill! Also, how did he tame them in the first place?

And speaking of Yuji, he’s about to prove his point that he’s the best monster tamer or should I say magician where Yuji will casts his powerful spell: Hellfire of Demise!

Of course, he protects the inhabitants inside Phastan by putting a protective barrier across the town. But yeah, let’s see how this monster tamer shows his stuff.

Turns out, Yuji obliterates a horde of goons outside Phastan, although he would pass out after using most of her MP to cast that spell.

But yeah, looks like the monster tamer saved a town from destruction. Of course, this is just the beginning…

Not long after, Yuji went to Kilia to subjugate a band of bandit by freezing them while inside this shed. That’s really brutal!

By the way, here’s Tina and Lisa where they recognize one of the bandits upon looking at their frozen corpses.

This is Gelios, an infamous bandit where it’s said to be part of a larger organization called the Blue Moon of Salvation.

For Tina and Lisa, they got lucky in taking down this bandit as they’ll get a reward later.

For now, the girls will have to sleep outdoors as Yuji set up camp. Of course, he’ll leave the party afterwards.

Anyways, while he’s okay having an adventurer or two as his allies, it seems that Yuji is really content with his slime friends where he can handle tough enemies on his own.

Of course, looks like Yuji is on a lifelong quest to stop the Blue Moon of Salvation where they’re terrorizing towns lately, including Phastan where they supposed to destroy that town but Yuji came along to ruin it.

And speaking of the Blue Moon of Salvation, I feel that this guy is actually the leader… or it could be a decoy as the head honcho is hiding somewhere.

Anyways, see you next time where I have to say that Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life will be a train wreck given that the main character is so overpowered and he’s quite a loner to be honest.

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