Summer Time Rendering Episodes #08 & #09

Hey everyone, both Mio and Alain Kofune are inside the house as Shinpei Ajiro is acting normal today. Okay, what happened to Ushio Kofune?

Oh, she’s hiding in the kitchen table as Shinpei gave her a note to hide at his room.

Then again, Ushio is acting like a silly girl, almost as if she’s not aware of being a murderous shadow.

Anyways, looks like Shinpei Ajiro is about to kill Ushio’s shadow (or Shadow Ushio from now on) while eating curry, although he decides not to do it anyway since he has some regrets.

In fact, Shinpei remembered the time where he told Ushio to leave him alone. Would it be better for him to talk Ushio out rather than antagonize her?

Sadly, this will be the last time they have a conversation as Shinpei Ajiro left Hitogashima in order to study culinary arts in Tokyo, only to return to the island 2 years later upon hearing Ushio’s death.

But speaking of Ushio Kofune or rather her shadow, it appears that her swimsuit got a glitch that she went naked.

Also, she punched Shinpei for looking at her breasts. Honestly, Shadow Ushio should get some clothes real fast!

That’s because a malicious shadow just snuck inside the Kofune residence. Man, I’m scared that this shadow will transform into Mio Kofune.

And there she is as Mio’s shadow is about to murder Shinpei Ajiro. Looks like Shinpei needs to act quickly like stopping her-

Oh wait, turns out that Mio Kofune is just checking on Shinpei Ajiro as she’s curious on why he ate two plates of curry.

Anyways, she left the room, although I’m scared that Mio might get caught with the shadow.

Meanwhile, looks like Ushio is wearing Shinpei’s polo as she’s hiding under his bed sheet. Still, seems that Mio didn’t saw her dead sister as-

Wait, Mio’s back! Looks like Ushio has to hide under- Wait a minute, Mio is wearing her school uniform at night.

Turns out that it’s actually Mio’s shadow where she’s about to murder Shinpei Ajiro, only for Ushio to block the knife.

Of course, it gets worse for Ushio as Mio’s shadow sliced her right arm. At this point, both Ushio and Shinpei will be killed.

Fortunately, Ginjirou Nezu managed to shoot the shadow’s head in the nick of time. Also, it’s funny that the animators put some mosaic on Shadow Mio’s head after getting blown by a rifle bullet.

But thanks to Nezu-san, Shinpei Ajiro managed to stab the shadow’s weak-point with his trusty knife.

In any case, Mio’s shadow is defeated. Still, I’m worried that Mio got killed by a malicious shadow.

Meanwhile, Ryuunosuke Nagumo or Hizuru Minakata has arrived where she’s about to kill Shadow Ushio, only for Shinpei to stop Hizuru-san ’cause Ushio saved him a few times.

Of course, Hizuru Minakata won’t trust a shadow because they killed her twin brother and thus she must kill all of them. By the way, the real Mio Kofune is still alive as she’s taking a bath.

The next day, Shinpei Ajiro met Sou Hishigata where he explained everything regarding the shadows. Also, Shinpei received Ushio’s smartphone from Tetsu Totsumura, although he still can’t get it to open.

Fortunately, the owner of the smartphone has arrived as Ushio Kofune is here to open it, albeit she lost her right arm after Hizuru Minakata made it disappear by pouring her injured arm with water.

But speaking of Sou Hishigata, looks like he’s shocked to see Shadow Ushio, almost as if he saw a zombie.

Of course, Ushio proves that she’s not a bad girl by kicking Sou-kun to the gut. Um Ushio, your action proves that you’re dangerous!

Anyways, Ushio opened her own smartphone where she found a recorded video. Then again, I’m scared that it might be a jumpscare video made by someone else.

Turns out, it was actually a video made by the real Ushio Kofune as she brought her shadow. Yeah, you can’t tell on which one is the shadow, although the truth is that one from the left is the real deal.

Anyways, Ushio explained that the shadow menace began on July 17 when Shiori Kobayakawa told her that she’s being followed by someone else at Mt. Takanosu. What soon followed is how Ushio Kofune learned the shadow menace upon meeting her doppelganger on July 18.

Anyways, they went to the old Hishigata Clinic building at Mt. Takanosu where they encountered a shadow.

It’s surreal to see a murderous shadow dealing with a faulty one. Still, Ushio and her good shadow won’t let this one roam freely and kill everyone.

Now then, looks the the real Ushio tries to save her friendly shadow from this malicious impostor. Then again, hitting a piece of wood is ineffective against shadows.

That’s until Ushio discovered the shadows’ weak-point as they really got hurt and pissed at the same time.

But thanks to Ushio, looks like her friendly shadow managed to break free by using her long prehensile hair. Really surprised that Shadow Ushio can do that!

In any case, the malicious shadow is defeated at the old clinic building, although this is just the beginning of their ordeal as the shadows strikes back on July 21, the day where Ushio Kofune died.

Anyways, Shadow Ushio regained her memories upon watching the video as she took Shinpei Ajiro and Sou Hishigata back in time using her powers.

Of course, they can’t interact with the past as Shinpei and Sou-kun can only watch the events that unfold on July 21.

Anyways, the real Ushio Kofune got drowned while attempting to rescue Shiori Kobayakawa from a shadow.

While Shadow Ushio managed to rescue Shiori, it’s unfortunate that Ushio sacrificed her life to stop the shadow from erasing Shiori’s existence. However, it’s not over yet.

It turns out that the shadow transformed into Shiori. Not only that, but Shadow Shiori destroyed the defective shadow until there’s nothing left.

Of course, Shadow Ushio tries to stop Shadow Shiori with her remaining energy. It’s impressed that she shows her unwavering spirit when the odds are against her.

But alas, it’s too late as the real Shiori Kobayakawa disappears just like that. And that’s how the event that unfolds on July 21.

While it’s sucks that Ushio and her shadow failed to rescue the real Shiori, I found it confused on how Shadow Ushio resurfaced even after the malicious shadow reduced her into nothing.

Still, both Shinpei Ajiro and Sou Hishigata knows the truth of that fateful day.

But speaking of Sou Hishigata, he’s driven with anger as he wants to stop the shadows from taking more lives, including the one who replaced the real Shiori Kobayakawa.

Then again, it’s been taken care of by Hizuru Minakata and Ginjirou Nezu. The only thing they need to do now is to stop the leader of all shadows from consuming everyone in Hitogashima.

Meanwhile, it seems that Shinpei Ajiro got grabbed by Shadow Shiori. Wait a minute, that doesn’t seem right as Sou-kun and Shinpei can’t interact nor change this past memory.

On the other hand, it appears that Shadow Shiori has transformed into Haine. Could it be that the shadow who attacked Shiori on that day is none other than the mother of all shadows?

If this is true, then Haine is responsible for sending her children to consume everyone on the island in the first place. But then again, I’m still puzzled on who’s that large shadow with 4 arms.

Regardless, this is one hell of a revelation where it shows what actually happened on July 21. Also, it looks like Shinpei got a mark from Haine after returning to the present, meaning that he’s in danger of being killed by the mother of all shadows.

Anyways, they still have more time to stop the tragedy from happening in Hitogashima as I’ll see you next time!

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