Extreme Hearts Episode #01

Well everyone, I present you an original anime from the creator behind Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Masaki Tsuzuki. This is Extreme Hearts, an anime show combines sports with idol entertainment set in the future.

And here’s the main heroine named Hiyori Hayama where she works hard to become a successful musician, although she’s struggling to land a big hit.

Fortunately, Hiyori has a fan named Saki Kodaka, a former soccer player whose only solace is Hayama’s song.

Sadly, it’s not enough to move her career forward as Hiyori’s talent agency suggested to compete in Extreme Sports, a multi-sport competition using advanced equipment called Extreme Gears where girls use them to compete for fame and recognition.

Luckily, one of Saki’s childhood friends named Sumika Maehara where she lend some of her old equipment for Hiyori Hayama. Man, I have to say that Sumika’s fastball pitch is really nasty!

In any case, Hiyori Hayama trained hard to compete in various sports, from basketball to soccer. Considering that she’s athletic, Hiyori got that slight advantage thanks to running various errands before.

After a month of training, Hiyori participated in the Extreme Hearts preliminaries where she formed her own team named Rise.

Unfortunately, Hayama struggled a lot where she only has average humanoid robots as her teammates, all while competing against a strong team full of talented girls. At this point, she might not make it pass the preliminaries.

That’s until Sumika Maehara and Saki Kodaka joined in to aid Hiyori Hayama. I’m not sure if they can turn things around, but I’m seeing a trend of combining sports and idol anime tropes much like Pride of Orange or even Uma Musume.

Still, I want to see more of Extreme Hearts ’cause I believe that Masaki Tsuzuki and Junji Nishimura are creating an exciting show. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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  1. momomanamu says:

    Wow, extreme sports and idols, that’s quite different! I like it when genres blend parts of other genres in, it makes it more interesting. Sports anime is a good compliment to idol anime, and besides there isn’t nearly enough cute girls participating in sports anime. The girls are usually stuck on the sidelines being the team manager or something, so this is a nice change!

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