Luminous Witches Episode #02

On this episode, Commander Grace Maitland “Gracie” Steward is joined by both Aila Paivikki Linnamaa and Eleonore Giovanna “Ellie” Gassion as they interview various witches for a new joint fighter wing… or rather a music band as most of the are unfit to fight the Neuroi.

Oh yeah, here’s Inori Shibuya where she told the interviewers that there’s one girl who’s good at singing, although Inorin forgot the girl’s name.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that Inori Shibuya isn’t the only person who got interviewed as various witches have gathered at the air base.

In addition to Lyudmila “Milasha” Andreyevna Ruslanova, they interviewed Manaia Matawhaura “Mana” Hato from New Zeiland, Sylvie “Silvi” Cariello from Romagna, Maria Magadalene Dietrich from Karlsland, and Joanna Elizabeth “Jo” Stafford from Liberion.

So yeah, Commander Steward gathered a bunch of witches who have familiars, yet they’re not suitable for combat. Man, how will a commander make them useful?

Meanwhile, looks like Aila Paivikki Linnamaa received some milk from the local dairy farm as this girl asked Aila to sign the paper.

Speaking of this girl, isn’t that Virginia Robertson? Man, I wish Inorin will see Ginny right away, but she has to take care of the dairy farm along with her family.

For now, the recruits will have to stay at the air base for one night as it’s getting dark. Oh yeah, the recruits cooked some meals since they’re really hungry.

Still, it’s sucks that these recruits have no future unless Commander Steward do something about it. I mean, can a musical band work during wartime?

Meanwhile, let’s return to Virginia Robertson where she sings a lullaby to her siblings ’cause it’s bedtime. Wait, is Ginny singing “Amazing Grace”?

Anyways, looks like Inori Shibuya heard Ginny’s singing voice that she asked Milasha for help. Um, how will they find a farm girl in the middle of the night?

Simple, they use Striker Units as Inorin and the rest of the recruits are finding Virginia Robertson, all while singing “Amazing Grace” in unison.

Thanks to the witches, looks like Moffy pick up the signal that Ginny’s familiar owl wake her up, although it appears that Ginny got pretty hurt when being pecked like a woodpecker.

Now then, looks like Inori Shibuya found Virginia Robertson as the former tries to catch the latter. Okay Ginny, don’t trying to jump especially when you don’t have a Striker Unit.

And so, Virginia Robertson has been found by the witches where I have no idea on what will Commander Steward do when it comes to using Ginny’s singing talent.

Oh and it’s not just Ginny, but the rest of the recruits where even though they can fly, I’m not sure if they can keep up with Ginny’s vocal talent.

Seriously, I hope that it won’t end up a disaster for Virginia Robertson and her new friends!

With that said, I’ll see you next time as Commander Grace Maitland Steward will have to think of a way to make her musical band concept into a reality. But first, she needs to teach Virginia Robertson how to fly.

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