Hataraku Maou-sama!! Episode #02

Let’s begin this episode where Chiho Sasaki cuddles Alas Ramus. C’mon, she’s a cute baby after all!

Oh yeah, looks like Suzuno Kamazuki or Crestia Bell wants to cuddle the baby. Man, they can’t resist the cuteness.

Meanwhile, Emi Yusa got a nice conversation with Rika Suzuki where Emi’s co-worker told her to be careful because c’mon, a random baby named Alas Ramus calling Emi as her mama is out of the blue.

One more thing, Rika-san gave her co-worker some admission tickets to the local amusement park. After all, it’s better to have fun at other times than being an office lady for all eternity.

Now let’s return to Chi-chan and Suzuno where they brought Alas to MgRonald as Sadao is surprised that the baby has arrived at the store.

C’mon, everyone will be sparking some rumors that Chiho Sasaki and Sadao Maou are dating to the point that Chi-chan got pregnant.

Even the store manager Mayumi Kisaki called them out for bringing a baby to the store where various employees are assuming that they have an illicit relationship. Remember that Chiho Sasaki is still a high school student while Sadao Maou is a 20-something year old demon lord.

Of course, Kisaki-san believes that Alas Ramus is not Chi-chan nor Sadao’s child to begin with because it’s impossible to have a baby in a snap. C’mon, ask person who sent Alas Ramus out of Ente Isla in the first place.

Oh yeah, Mayumi Kisaki gave them tickets to the local amusement park. Okay, I feel that it’s merely a coincidence that the demon lord and the hero got tickets from their respective co-workers.

Let’s return to Emi Yusa or Emilia as she asked her friend to conduct some research on Alas Ramus regarding her origins.

Said friend happened to be Emeralda Etouver where she’ll help the hero out, but it won’t be guaranteed as it’ll take time for Emeralda to pinpoint Alas’ real parents.

Now then, looks like Sadao Maou is taking Alas Ramus to the amusement part. However, some mysterious silver-haired lady is stalking them from afar.

Hmm, is she really related to Alas Ramus? I mean, their hair color are slightly similar.

Also, Emi Yusa has arrived where she got a makeover for this occasion. Then again, she’s not here for a date because Emi is just accompany Alas Ramus and Sadao Maou.

Anyways, let’s end this episode where a new character introduced named Gabriel. Oh yeah, Gabriel is voiced by the most prolific voice actor Takehito Koyasu where he previously voiced Alsiel/Shiro Ashiya in the Drama CD version. God, he’s back in another form!

Oh well, tune in next time where Gabriel and his men are about the cause some disturbance in the modern world.

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