Prima Doll Episode #02

Welcome to Kuroneko-tei Café where Nagi Touma used automata and mechanica as staff workers. Sure that they’re used for war, but these machines are used for serving cooked meals and hot beverages.

But speaking of Nagi Touma, it appears that Otome Okunomiya warned him that a radical group called the Imperial Line Faction is monitoring him as they want those machines to be put into combat, despite the fact that they’re no longer useable in warfare.

Of course, Nagi-san won’t let it happen because he’s a carefree boy who treats his mechanical staff as his own family. Besides, continuing a losing war is pretty much foolish at this point.

And one more thing, Kuroneko-tei is famous for making scrumptious meals such as omelets where Karasuba served a plate to Otome Okunomiya.

Sadly, their egg supply has ran out as they need to get some later. Oh yeah, egg powder won’t work when making omelets.

But first, let’s give Haizakura her own mechanica where Nagi Touma made one specifically for her…

…until it broke all of a sudden. I have a feeling that Haizakura’s logic system is having trouble controlling mechanica.

Now then, it’s time to get some eggs where Chiyo told Haizakura and Gekka that there’s a train that carries lots of it.

Unfortunately, it appears that reaching the train is impossible and on top of that, supplies are limited so Haizakura and Gekka won’t be making omelets should they fail getting some eggs.

That’s until Gekka decides to fly towards the train using her jetpack as she’s actually an automata who can fly across the sky. Really impressive there!

But anyways, Kuroneko-tei got a stock of eggs as they can finally make omelets on the next day.

Oh yeah, they made one for Chiyo as she helped both Haizakura and Gekka in finding the train that contains eggs.

Now then, I think it’s time to find out why Gekka can fly as she told Haizakura that she used to be a reconnaissance automata. Like any other military automata, Gekka’s job is really difficult and dangerous.

In fact, she was shot down by the enemy during a reconnaissance mission. Even worse is that her regiment was wiped out as Gekka failed to deliver the intel on time.

But yes, Gekka had a rough time that Haizakura couldn’t help but cry as she’s saddened on what Gekka went through during the war.

On the other hand, it appears that her tears have activated Inaba as Haizakura is happy to see her little mechanica activated.

Anyways, looks like Haizakura is celebrating Inaba’s activation as they dance through the nice.

Not only that, but I got a rare glimpse of Gekka’s smile. Despite having a rough time as a scout, I’m glad that Gekka becomes a waitress at Kuroneko-tei.

And now, let’s end this episode where Haizakura and Inaba are having a good night sleep after getting those eggs. Oh wait, there’s still more…

You see, some rouge mechanica tries to shoot down Nagi Touma. Could it be that it came from that radical group called the Imperial Line Faction?

Fortunately, Gekka and her mechanica have arrived to stop the rogue machine from sniping Nagi. Don’t want a radical group destroying a local maid café.

Oh yeah, the best part is that Gekka still has the skills to shoot down the enemy. So anyways, I have to say that while the automata at Kuroneko-tei won’t be sent to war thanks to Nagi Touma, there will be future trouble inside this country.

With that said, tune in next time where it’s not just Gekka who has a painful past, there are also a few automata who push themselves to turn a foolish war into their favor.

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