Dr. Stone: Ryuusui

Alright everyone, let’s begin this episode with a stage play reenacting Senku’s life as he transforms Ishigami Village into the Kingdom of Science. Even the people from Tsukasa Shishio’s Empire of Might are entertained with this stage play.

Anyways, this special premiered in Anime Expo 2022 where it serves as an interquel between Stone Wars and the upcoming 3rd season. And really, I’m curious on how Senku and his friends built a ship that will sail across the seven seas?

Now then, it’s time for Senku to show his build plan where the village chief wants to build a large ship. Even Yo Uei and Magma are surprised of the ship’s scale that it’ll take years to finish it.

But fret not as Senku Ishigami has the manpower to build a large ship that’ll sail the seven seas. Besides, the reason for hosting a stage play as Senku wants the people from the Empire of Might to join his side.

Even though he has the manpower to build a large ship, Senku needs someone who can navigate the seven seas. Well then, let’s ask Minami Hokutouzai where she knows a genius navigator.

But speaking of Minami-san, she can’t let Senku revive this person as he may have the talent, but the problem is his ego. In fact, this person is actually a heir to the largest conglomerate before the world was petrified.

Then again, Senku Ishigami doesn’t care about the person’s ego as he cares about his talent. I’m curious on who that person be…

Anyways, this is Ryuusui Nanami who is not only a talented navigator, but the heir of the largest conglomerate Nanami Company.

Unfortunately, Ryuusui realized that his family-owned business is gone thanks to that pesky petrification beam. Heck, he misses his trusty butler Francois.

Still, despite losing everything, Ryuusui Nanami will rebuild his company from scratch in this stone world. But first, he needs some clothes first and good thing Minami Hokutouzai gave him something to cover himself.

Anyways, Ryuusui Nanami went to the construction site where he assess the ship’s plan. While Senku Ishigami has the manpower, Ryuusui told the village chief that the ship needs fuel for propulsion.

Speaking of fuel, the stone world has lots of oil ever since modern civilization collapse 3,700 years ago. But there’s a caveat as Ryuusui Nanami will have complete control of the oil reserves once he discover it. Spoken like a true capitalist!

With that said, Ryuusui Nanami decides to kick-start the modern economy where he asked the manga artist to create a stamp where Ryuusui will create his own currency called Drago.

Um Ryuusui, I think you should ask Senku to build a money printing machine to speed up the currency circulation.

But anyways, a new currency is introduced in the stone world where everyone will have to use Drago to buy various commodities like food.

And seriously, Ryuusui’s new currency will have some value in the future… should Senku and his friends managed to find the oil reserve.

Unfortunately, it appears that 3,700 years of environmental changes made those maps from the old world obsolete.

In fact, the geography of Japan has changed drastically where it now has large waterfalls, roughly the size or even larger than Niagara Falls.

Looks like Chrome, Kohaku, and Ukyo Saionji will have to survey this area safely and quickly. Then again, it’s impossible to check for oil deposits at this large area.

That’s until Suika comes into play where she wanted to fly like those birds over there. Suika, you gave Senku a bright idea there!

Thanks to Suika’s brilliant idea, the village chief will create a flying vehicle. Is he talking about airplanes? Nah, that’s too advance!

He’ll start with creating a hot-air balloon where Senku shows a tiny blueprint to Kaseki.

Of course, Senku needs a large amount of hemp to create a large balloon but don’t worry, Gen Asagiri will “convince” them to harvest tons of hemp.

However, there are skeptics like Magma where he’s not convinced that Senku will make a flying machine using hemp.

Sure that making a hot-air balloon using raw hemp is impossible, but you have Yuzuriha Ogawa who can turn hemp into fabric sheets suitable for making a large balloon.

Oh yeah, here’s Yo Uei where he’s acting smug because Yo knows that humanity achieved flight before. But geez Yo Uei, you really want to mock Magma just because you came from modern civilization.

Anyways, I think Yo and Magma should stop arguing like children and help Yuzuriha in turning raw hemp into fabric. Of course, that would take lots of time and manpower to make fabrics on a large scale.

So, Senku made a loom to speed up the process as Yuzuriha can make hemp fabric faster than doing it by hand.

In any case, the Industrial Revolution has arrived in Ishigami Village where mass-production is possible thanks to Senku’s inventions.

So while Yuzuriha will create large amounts of fabric for the balloon, the rest will be used for modern clothing where she designed lots of it. Of course, let’s not forget that they need to use Drago to buy modern clothes.

But thanks to Yuzuriha’s modern clothes, Senku and Gen made a profit. Geez you two, you’re acting like Yoichi Hiruma where you should say his catchphrase “Yahha!” whenever you’re at it.

And now, they finally made a hot-air balloon where only 3 people can ride the flying machine. You got the usual suspects like Senku Ishigami and Ryuusui Nanami.

And then, there’s Chrome where he’s reduced to tears as he’s flying in the air. Now the only thing left to do is to survey the large waterfall that might have some oil deposits.

Except that they have to postpone it for now as the trio will need to survive against a demonic storm cloud called cumulonimbus, whose appearance is more of a dragon than a demon.

Of course, the only way to escape cumulonimbus is to add more fuel to fly above it. That’s where Senku decides to use his last bottle of de-petrification fluid as fuel.

Then again, there’s a chance that the boiler might explode as adding an explosive substance like nitroglycerin is a surefire way to get themselves killed.

Anyways, Senku throws a bottle of de-petrification fluid to the boiler where it made a large steam explosion that pushes him away from the hot-air balloon. Shit, I don’t want him to die like this!

But thanks to Senku’s risky move, Ryuusui Nanami found an escape route by throwing his pirate hat towards the updraft. Let’s hope that Ryuusui will get his hat back once they got out of the clouds.

And so, the trio got out of the cumulonimbus in one piece. Seriously, that was pretty scary experience since they didn’t expect to get caught in a storm cloud.

Oh yeah, the hot air balloon has arrived in Ishigami Village where Kohaku found it. Geez, it would be nice if Senku survived!

Wait a minute, looks like Senku is still alive where he’s still holding the basket. Man, someone should pull him out to safety.

But yes, Senku is saved by both Ryuusui and Chrome as they finally accomplished powered flight in the stone world. Now all they need to do is to repair the hot-air balloon and survey Japan until they find oil deposits for their ship.

And that’s the end of this special episode featuring Ryuusui Nanami. Sure that he’s a talented navigator with a greedy personality, but Ryuusui gets the job done from creating modern economics in Ishigami Village just to get his hands on fossil fuel, to navigating a storm cloud where the odds are against him and his two crewmates. Seriously, Senku got really fortunate in finding an oddball, yet competent individual in rebuilding modern civilization.

On the other hand, I think TMS Entertainment missed an opportunity of adding a montage where Senku and his allied successfully found oil, and completing the ship from the hull to the engine in time for the next story arc. C’mon, Senku Ishigami made a nice schematic for the ship so it’s sucks that I didn’t see how it’s made.

Speaking of the next story arc, it appears that TMS Entertainment and Shueisha already announced a 3rd season of Dr. Stone where it’ll make its premiere in April 2023. Anyways, I’ll see them again in the future!

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