Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life Episodes #05 & #06

Let’s begin this episode with Yuji where the adventurer has arrived in Ricaardo. While this place said to have an amazing cuisine, there’s none of it as Ricaardo is hit by a snowstorm.

Heck, even the pub keeper of the Tiger’s Cave Pavilion told Yuji that they can’t serve meals as they ran out of firewood. Okay, that was pretty terrible!

Anyways, looks like Yuji will have to go to the adventurers’ guild to find job requests, although it’s mostly fetch quests where they want to have firewood.

Now then, here’s Wodca where he explained that they need lots of firewood is because they’re not fully-prepared with the sudden blizzard.

Oh yeah, the nearby villages couldn’t help them as they can’t produce large amounts of firewood. This includes the village of Messias where Wodca told Yuji that it’s abandoned for years.

By the way, Yuji briefly visited Messias where he recalled that there’s full of people acting weirdly. But we’ll get to that village later.

For now, Yuji will have to cut a lot of trees, although he’ll do it in a single swing of his magic axe ’cause he’s fuckin’ awesome. Just kidding, he’s still looks boring to me!

After cutting those trees and turn them into firewood, Yuji ordered his slimes to absorb the wood’s moisture. Heck, those slimes can also bring moisture a little bit to the wood in case someone wants to use it for cooking.

And while they’re at it, Yuji’s slimes can take out wild animals who chew on herbs during winter. I wonder if this Greedy Boar can be turned into a delicious meat?

Now let’s return to Yuji where he’s joined by Dyrad as they found a magic crystal. I wonder if these crystals are the main culprit behind the snowstorm in Ricaardo?

Still, Yuji decides to dispel this magic crystal just to be safe. Unfortunately, these crystals have scattered everywhere.

So the only logical conclusion is for Yuji to decimate an entire forest using his Hellfire of Demise.

While it’ll make those environmentalists angry, I think Yuji will plant new trees once he managed to stop this blizzard.

Thanks to Yuji’s ultimate magic that drains his MP into negative digits, he found a hidden door. Man, I wonder where it leads to?

Oh, it leads to a secret facility where it produces cursed stones. I have a feeling that this facility belonged to the infamous doomsday cult called the Blue Moon of Salvation.

Meanwhile, here’s Yuji where he’s still investigating the secret facility until he stumbled upon two people.

These two people are in a state of panic where someone attack their Curse Well with a meteor or a powerful magic.

Come to think of it, they’re wearing a familiar robe in which I have a strong feeling that they belong to the Blue Moon of Salvation. Also, they have a secret base somewhere as Yuji’s slimes tailed them.

And what Yuji found out is really surprising as it turns out that he and Proud Wolf stumbled upon Messias, a village where it said to be abandoned until the Blue Moon of Salvation occupy it.

Well then, looks like Yuji will have to stop the doomsday cult from doing nasty things.

But first, Yuji ordered his slimes to gather books related to the cult. I mean, he can use them to find the true mastermind behind the Blue Moon of Salvation.

Speaking of the Blue Moon of Salvation, the doomsday cult are losing their shit now that there’s an intruder inside their secret hideout, even thought the truth is that a bunch of slimes are infiltrating the village of Messias.

But anyways, they ask their leader for guidance in stopping this intruder.

Said leader (or should I say branch leader) named Javier where he and his disciples will strike back as their swords are ready to kill any infidels who defy their church.

However, they decided to kill themselves in order to activate their ultimate weapon: The Cleansing Flame. Even the slimes are shocked by their hastily sacrifice.

Oh yeah, this weapon can potentially obliterate an entire continent if it’s not contained properly, therefore Ricaardo and various cities will be destroyed thanks to this foolish cult.

But first, time for Yuji’s slimes to get out of Messias as he surround his pet monsters with a strong barrier, and some explosive magic to propel the slimes to safety.

Seriously, I thought that Javier will serve as a powerful foe against Yuji, but I was disappointed that he took his own long along with his disciples to activate their cult’s ultimate weapon.

Anyways, Messias is about to explode as the Blue Moon of Salvation releases the Cleansing Flame where it’ll destroy everything in its path.

But don’t worry though as Yuji will create powerful barrier that’ll contain the Cleansing Flame until it subsides.

Still, I’m disappointed that the animators decided to use stock footage of Yuji’s casting sequence, except replacing his Hellfire of Demise with Total Isolation Array.

Anyways, looks like Yuji reduced the Cleansing Flame into a giant pillar of light as he isolated this ultimate magic into a single target which is Messias.

Yes, the village is already abandoned but man, Yuji made it inhabitable now that everything is completely wipe out within Messias.

And now, it’s time for a celebration as the people of Ricaardo are happy that the town has gone livelier again thanks to Yuji’s efforts.

C’mon, he not only gave them lots of firewood, but he restored the climate from a frozen wasteland into a lush greenery full of trees, flowers, and herbs.

By the way, the chef from the Tiger’s Cave Pavilion is gonna cook a special meal for Yuji since he saved the entire town. Let’s hope that it’s worth the wait after gathering lots of firewood.

This is the Tiger’s Cave Pavilion’s signature dish which is Angus cattle and Rishia herb stew. Let’s see if Yuji’s expression will change once he took a bite out of it?

Well, here’s the result where Yuji has finally ascended after eating the Angus cattle and Rishia herb stew. Never knew that he’ll break out his monotonous expression upon eating delicious meals.

One last thing, it’s time for Yuji to check out the documents that the doomsday cult left behind.

Unfortunately, the Blue Moon of Salvation are very clever in erasing everything related to them, so all those documents that the slimes stole earlier are just a bunch of paperweight.

However, there’s one scroll where Yuji found the list of names that the doomsday cult wanted to recruit. This includes his name where the Blue Moon of Salvation wanted his powerful magic skills.

Of course, the irony of it is that the same adventurer they want to recruit is the one stomping their asses. Sadly, we’ll never know who’s running the entire doomsday cult given that they erased everything.

Anyways, I’m done with Episodes 5 and 6 as Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life has reached its halfway point, although I have to say that Yuji is still a boring character in my eyes as I’ll see you next time!

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