Kanojo, Okarishimasu Episode #22

Well, that was pretty awkward after Ruka Sarashina kissed Kazuya Kinoshita at the end of the previous episode.

Yes, Ruka-chan got a bit horny there but Kazuya showed some restraint as he can’t let anyone see getting that damn kiss from Sarashina, not even his grandma Nagomi.

And speaking of Nagomi Kinoshita, looks like she wants to give something to Chizuru Ichinose as a birthday present.

That’s right, her precious engagement ring that she kept it for years. Now, Nagomi-san wants Chizuru to inherit the ring so that she can marry Kazuya and start a family.

Man, Nagomi Kinoshita is really hopeful that she’ll have grandchildren before she pass away. But seriously, that’s too much for Chizuru to have something special from Kazuya’s grandmother.

With that said, looks like Kazuya Kinoshita doesn’t want to keep this farce anymore as he’s gonna tell everybody that he broke up with Chizuru Ichinose.

Unfortunately, Kazuya got interrupted when Chizuru received a call that her grandmother Sayuri’s health got worse that she collapsed.

This is sucks that Kazuya is about to come clean with his false relationship until Chizuru received bad news from the hospital.

Regardless, Chizuru and Kazuya went back to Itabashi Hospital where they’re worried that Sayuri-san died.

However, it appears that Sayuri Ichinose is still alive, although I have to say that it gave me a heart attack as I’m worried that she might die at any minute.

Speaking of Sayutaso, she almost saw the River Styx upon losing consciousness.

So even though she’s cracking a joke about her impending demise, I’m still worried that Sayuri-san might not live to see her granddaughter Chizuru becoming a successful actress.

Now then, here’s Kazuya Kinoshita where he wants to tell her grandmother Nagomi and Sayuri that he broke up with Chizuru. C’mon, he’s still guilty in continuing the farce.

However, Chizuru told Kazuya not to tell the truth. In fact, she doesn’t want her grandmother getting depressed over their break-up.

In any case, it appears that their Kazuya’s relationship with a rental girlfriend will continue, although Chizuru should be careful towards Ruka Sarashina and Mami Nanami with the former already kissed Kazuya Kinoshita.

Lastly, regarding Sayuri Ichinose’s health as despite acting strong, things are not looking good as Sayuri’s health is deteriorating. So yeah, Chizuru wants to continue her false relationship with Kazuya.

Now then, looks like Nagomi-san wants Chizuru to receive her engagement ring. Of course, Nagomi Kinoshita is okay with selling the ring in order to pay Sayuri’s medical fees, but that would be a waste if Chizuru did that.

One last thing, looks like Ruka Sarashina will call a truce towards Chizuru Mizuhara as it’s not a good time to go all-out when Chizuru’s grandmother is feeling under the weather.

Well, except for Mami Nanami when she doesn’t care if Chizuru’s grandmother Sayuri is about to die as long as she get even towards Chizuru.

Still, Ruka-chan won’t stop loving Kazuya ’cause her feelings for him is genuine. Man, this is getting complicated that KanoKari might go off the rails this time!

Anyways, tune in next time where Sumi Sakurasawa makes her return but you know what, Sumi-chan is treated as the oddball of this show as she doesn’t get any screen time compared to Chizuru or even Ruka.

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