Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo Episodes #05 – #08

Let’s begin this post when Michio Kaga and Roxanne bought some essential items when exploring labyrinths…

…like these magic crystals for example where it stores magic energy and changes color when defeating monsters.

Anyways, Michio and Roxanne will take a shortcut to Vale Labyrinth using Teleport magic. He’s the only one who can do that as Michio told Roxanne to keep this one a secret.

But as you can see, Michio and Roxanne have arrived where they’re grinding their way inside the Vale Labyrinth while conducting experiments on how to fight monsters effectively when going deeper.

Oh yeah, looks like the newly-bought magic crystals changed color from black to purple as they rack up their kills inside the labyrinth.

Aside from that, Michio and Roxanne experimented on choosing classes, weapons mastery, and gathering essential items for survival or selling them at a higher profit.

By the way, Roxanne is capable of fighting against monsters using her fists or holding a sword and shield. Gotta say that Michio went pretty lucky to have a valuable slave in his harem.

Meanwhile, looks like Michio got really aggressive as he wants to have sex with Roxanne in this dark alley.

Actually, they’re hiding from a Level 3 bandit where he’s surveying the slave house. I have a feeling that this guy is gonna steal a slave from Alan.

So, Michio offered his service to guard Alan’s slave house and stop the perpetrator, although he’s doing it on Roxanne’s behalf as she doesn’t want that bandit kidnapping her friends there.

And with that, Alan accepted the offer where he’ll pay Michio Kaga handsomely once the bandit has been apprehended.

Of course, the bandit himself (now named as Givan) might not be a bigger threat that I thought as one swing from Michio’s powerful sword would do the trick.

But speaking of Michio, it appears that he won’t use his sword to stop the bandit as he’ll doing something different…

…like using the Equivalent Exchange spell on the bandit. Of course, there’s a consequence where Michio Kaga might die if his HP or MP is lower than the target.

Anyways, looks like Givan the bandit is about to experience some sheer pain from Michio’s magic and I must say that the results might not look pretty despite being covered in darkness.

Unfortunately, Michio collapsed where he almost ran out of MP as Roxanne tries to wake him up. He’s still alive but man, Michio might have died there if he’s not careful!

Meanwhile, here’s Alan where he’s pretty shocked to see the bandit… or should I saw what remains of Givan.

Turns out that the bandit used a Self-Destruct orb to commit suicide in the most horrible way possible.

Well, that’s according to Alan but the truth is that Michio used Equivalent Exchange on Givan where he almost died upon using it towards the bandit.

Still, what’s important is that the bandit is killed as Alan gave Michio the reward for defending his slave house.

Well then, looks like Michio and Roxanne will spend the night having sex after a job well done, right?

Nope, they’re still exploring the Vale Labyrinth and learning various things like casting magic spells. For Michio Kaga, this is useful where he can get some drinking water or set those monsters ablaze for as long as he has MP.

Thus, Michio will have to invest in buying magic potions in the future. A better idea will be using those magic crystals to restore his MP unless they’re used to sell at a higher price once the crystals reached its final form.

Now then, looks like Michio Kaga wants to move out from Vale as he took a one-way trip to the Imperial City, but he’ll create a portal later upon arriving there.

In any case, Michio has finally arrived at the Imperial City where it’s quite grand in terms of scale.

Of course, he doesn’t want to stay at the Imperial City as he’s aiming to go to Quratar where Michio heard that there’s a labyrinth full of strong monsters there.

Also, Quratar has some nice houses in the city’s outskirts where he and Roxanne found out, although it’s quite expensive to buy one given that they’re just starting out.

Fortunately, Roxanne can haggle the price where she want it lower. As expected from Roxanne, she’s one reliable slave where she managed to buy the house at a cheaper price.

One last thing, here’s Michio Kaga where he finally arrived at the Quratar Labyrinth.

Sure that the walls are different, but Michio is excited to encounter strong monsters in the future. After all, he and Roxanne will need to get stronger in order to survive.

For now, it’s time for Michio to return to his home using his Teleport skill. Even Roxanne is surprised that her master has returned after a short trip at the labyrinth.

Anyways, looks like Michio Kaga can’t resist the sexual urge anymore now that he has a new place for him and his slave!

And now let’s end this post for Episodes 5 to 8 with a sex scene. Since they’re currently living in a medium-size house in the outskirts of Quratar, no one is gonna disturb their love-making betwee Michio and Roxanne.

With that said, looks like Michio Kaga learned new things thanks to Roxanne’s help, where he got an easy time using various weapons, magic, and tactics to kill monsters and criminals.

Still, the new world is a scary place where Michio and Roxanne need to keep their guard up when dealing dangerous situations. Anyways, I’ll see you next where I have a feeling that Michio might add another slave in the future!

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