Luminous Witches Episode #08

On this episode, the Luminous Witches went to the Fuso Empire as part of their world tour, although it seems that the 72nd Aviation Magic Band are here for a vacation as this episode won’t show them performing in front of a large audience.

Now then, here’s Aila Paivikki Linnamaa where she got a “bad luck” charm. Okay, this is really bad as Aila might get cursed on this episode.

However, Lyudmila Andreyevna “Milasha” Ruslanova decides to take the “bad luck” charm from Aila Paivikki Linnamaa as she doesn’t want her idol getting lots of misfortune.

But you know what, I think Milasha shouldn’t take everything from Aila as she’ll suffer lots of misfortunes on this episode, some might even be fatal.

For now, the 72nd Aviation Magic Band will stay at Inori Shibuya’s place where it’s actually big and it can fit more than 9 people.

Oh yeah, looks like Sylvie Cariello and Joanna Elizabeth Stafford are pretty excited in seeing some exotic outfits such as kimonos. Yes, the Shibuya family has lots of them.

But let’s return to Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova where it appears that she’s having a rivalry with Eleonore Giovanna “Ellie” Gassion.

Sure that Milasha is an avid fan of Aila, but she can’t stand that Ellie is hogging all the attention from her idol.

On second thought, I think Milasha should work on her potato-peeling skills as Ellie is a veteran in menial tasks.

But speaking of Milasha, she won’t give up as she challenged Ellie to an air race, although I have to say that Ellie is destined to win the race.

However, it looks like Milasha took over Ellie on the first turn as she’s about to cross the finish line…

…until she got hit by a flock of seagulls where Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova crashed into the ocean. Poor Milasha, I guess her misfortune is kicking in!

Fortunately, Lyudmila is still alive where Inori Shibuya is currently healing her injuries. And by the way, looks like Inorin noticed something from Milasha’s pouch.

It’s a broken vinyl record where it contains Aila’s song. So whenever she’s feeling down or having some misfortune, Milasha listens to her idol’s music to cheer herself up.

Now then, looks like the Luminous Witches gave a vinyl record of their song to Inorin’s grandmother. Let’s hope that she’ll enjoy some idol music in late 1940’s.

But on another note, looks like Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova performed Aila’s signature song as she’s accompanied by a koto performance from Inori Shibuya.

So yes, it’s not like they’ll perform idol music most of the time as Virginia Robertson and the rest perform songs for this time period. Now then, where’s Commander Grace Maitland Steward?

Oh, Commander Gracie is having a drink with Lieutenant Ishida. I hope that she’s preparing for their next destination afterwards.

One last thing, looks like Virginia Robertson’s pet owl Moffy noticed something odd as they went to the shrine. Could it be that Moffy found its avian compatriots?

No, Ginny and Moffy encountered a weasel with an antenna named Maru-chan. Hmm, looks like there’s a night witch nearby.

Then again, it appears that this night witch named Tomomi Nishisugi got stuck in a tree as she’s asking for help.

Good thing Virginia Robertson managed to rescue Tomomi Nishisugi, as it turns out that she’s actually a fan of the Luminous Witches where Tomomi-san listens to their music all day.

I’m really surprised that there are some witches who are fans of the 72nd Aviation Magic Band. I guess their world tour is working for Ginny and the rest as they’re bringing hope across the world!

But that’s the end of this episode where Tomomi Nishisugi thanked Virginia Robertson for rescuing her life. Looks like Tomomi won’t forget the day she met Ginny up-close.

As for the Luminous Witches, they’ll leave Fuso the next day as the 72nd Aviation Magic Band continue their world tour. I wonder what country they’ll end up with as I’ll see you next time!

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