Extreme Hearts Episode #09

Well look what we have here, Hiyori Hayama encountered Michelle Jaeger at the river bank where it seems that the leader of Snow Wolf is planning to sell her guitar.

Why would she tries to sell her guitar? Turns out hat Michelle is out of money to buy food.

Of course, Hiyori convinces Michelle to keep her guitar as it’ll be a waste if she doesn’t have a musical instrument to play.

By the way, Michelle Jaeger is singing Hiyori Hayama’s first single in which it’s starting to get popular thanks to her participation in the Extreme Hearts tournament. Hiyori sure had come a long way where her music has reached everyone.

But speaking of Hayama, she brought a bag of rice, eggs, and meat for Michelle Jaeger and her buddy Ashley Vancroft.

Unfortunately for Michelle, she can’t carry a bag of rice on her own. I guess Michelle Jaeger will have to call Ashley Vancroft or one of her robots to carry it.

Anyways, turns out that Michelle Jaeger and Ashley Vancroft participated in the Extreme Hearts tournament is because they’re supporting their passion for music in addition to promote their robotics company.

Speaking of Michelle’s robotics company, it turns out that it’s actually a small one where it can only afford travel fees for both Michelle and Ashley.

But despite having little budget for food, they support each other through music as Michelle and Ashley keep each other’s back when it comes to tuning their robots and overcoming their weaknesses.

In any case, they’ll do their best during the semi-finals match against Rise. Unfortunately for both Michelle and Ashley, they won’t stay in Japan for much longer nor planning to return in the future as this will be their first and last Extreme Hearts tournament.

Now then, it’s time for the Kanagawa prefecture semi-finals match where two newcomers will have to fight for a spot in the finals.

As you can see, the stadium is jam-packed where in addition to the usual fans, members of Banshee and Smile Power are here to see which team reigns supreme.

With that said, time for both Rise and Snow Wolf to play some volleyball where Ashley Vancroft spikes the ball towards the opposing field.

As you can see, Snow Wolf is drawing first blood against Rise as they show no mercy. Of course, Hiyori Hayama and the rest won’t give up just yet!

In fact, Rise made a comeback to tie the score against Snow Wolf. Even though both Michelle and Ashley have powerful robots to accompany them during the match, Hiyori and the rest are capable of taking on strong foes.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Snow Wolf is about to lose as Michelle Jaeger and Ashley Vancroft still has some energy to keep the pressure against Rise.

At this point, it’s more about the human players than their respective robotic companions.

In any case, Rise came back from the brink of elimination as they defeated their fellow newcomers Snow Wolf with the score of 28 – 26.

I have to say that both teams showed their stuff in the semi-finals match. Unfortunately, both Michelle and Ashley will have to go home now that their journey is over.

However, I feel that they’ll return to Japan someday as both Michele and Ashley are talented in terms of their athletic skills, musical prowess, and technical knowledge in robotics. If only Snow Wolf got a sponsor in the future.

But that’s about it for this episode where Rise will move onto the Kanagawa prefectural finals match. As you can see, Snow Wolf doesn’t have any hard feelings upon taking their loss.

Of course, Hiyori Hayama and the rest will find out if May-Bee will defeat their rivals Link@doll. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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