Shine Post Episode #08

You know where this is going, right? But anyways, Yukine’s mother told her to take the ticket and watch Hotaru’s final concert. C’mon, everyone is inspired to follow on Hotaru’s footsteps upon seeing her last live.

But there you have it as Yukine Gionji went to Hotaru’s concert where she’s inspired to become an idol rather than pursuing her career as a stage actress.

Of course, I’m curious if Momiji Itou went to see Hotaru’s final concert ’cause there’s no way she’ll take the idol route without any reason.

Anyways, Yukine Gionji joined Brightest Production together with 4 other idols to form TINGS where it’s a big learning process for Yukine and the rest.

Yet despite their struggles, they stick together through thick and thin as TINGS strive to become the best idols across Japan. Heck, even Gionji is doing a great job as the de-facto leader of TINGS.

Of course, Yukine Gionji is worried about Haru Nabatame where she’s holding herself back. C’mon, idols need to be at their top shape to bring excitement to the audience.

Unfortunately, those happy days won’t last long as Yukine and Momiji went to the rooftop to take a glimpse at something that they’re blown away.

That’s right, it’s Haru Nabatame where she’s being serious in her dances, something that Gionji felt betrayed as Nabatame is holding herself back during performances.

At this point, Yukine will call Haru out for holding herself back as she won’t forgive Nabatame for her betrayal of trust.

But, Yuuki Hinase came up with a plan where she told Yukine Gionji and Momiji Itou to leave TINGS and form a rival idol group within Brightest Production.

Heck, even the CEO brought Nanami Totsuka to train Yukimoji until they become a threat to TINGS, all for the sake of bringing Haru’s serious side. However, it didn’t work as Yukine and Momiji couldn’t bring Haru to perform in her top shape.

On the other hand, Yukimoji’s efforts pushed Kyouka Tamaki and Rio Seibu to overcome their weaknesses and give their all, yet they don’t harbor any negative feelings towards Gionji and Itou. Basically, their existence as TINGS’ rivals didn’t accomplish their sole objective!

But let’s move onto the present where it looks like Naoki Hinase exposed Haru Nabatame’s lies as the manager wants her to get serious in her idol performance. C’mon, Yukine Gionji and Momiji Itou want to see Haru’s true feelings!

Except that Haru can’t do it because she fears that she might hurt someone’s feelings when going all out on stage.

Okay Nabatame, you’re trying to put a sandbag on yourself so you don’t want hurt your teammates if you get serious? I have a feeling that she doesn’t want to stand out in front of the crowd.

And so, Haru Nabatame got chickened out and left as she can’t bring herself to show her true abilities. Now I’m really curious regarding her past as it’s not like Haru is a newbie in the idol industry.

That’s where the CEO arrives as Yuuki Hinase told everyone that Haru Nabatame used to be part of a famous idol group. Wait a minute, is Yuuki-san referring to HY-RAIN?

Well then, I’m really eager to find out Haru’s past on the next episode ’cause she’s more than meets the eye.

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