Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life Episodes #07 – #09

Let’s begin this episode with the arrival of Rudy the Twinblade (or Ninja as a certain tamer would supposedly call it) and Sonia the Assassin where they’re hunting for someone.

Someone like Yuji where the tamer and his monsters are heading to Boginia. And you want to know where they belong to?

Why it’s none other than the Blue Moon of Salvation where it appears that they’re interested in hunting down Yuji due to his magic, although let’s say that they’re being stomped by that sage/tamer on a daily basis.

Still, Yuji doesn’t want to deal with them in the future as he’ll cast ice magic, transfer it onto his army of slimes, and deliver the killing blow towards Sonia and Rudy.

And as you can see, they won’t be blasting off for another time as Sonia and Rudy are dead. Damn, they even made some goofy poses before embracing their cold demise!

Now then, it’s time for some serious business as Yuji went to Geigel where the tamer is asking the blacksmith to make some monster armor for both Proud Wolf and his slimes.

However, Geigel told Yuji to fetch some Fire Dragon Jewels in order to forge a set of monster armor for his familiars. Oh, and Yuji can’t just find some jewels and call it a day as the tamer should hunt down Blue Lesser Fire Dragons where it has blue jewels. Kind of a chore to hunt down rare monsters, huh?

Anyways, Yuji and his monsters went to the volcano to find a Blue Lesser Fire Dragon and hunt it down. But first, he encountered a Fire Slime where Yuji befriend it.

Now then, Yuji found a Blue Lesser Fire Dragon where it’s stronger than a Red Lesser Fire Dragon. Of course, Yuji will have it easy taking this dragon down!

So, he and his slimes used ice magic to destroy a Blue Lesser Fire Dragon. Usually, Yuji would use water magic to defeat a Fire Dragon, but that doesn’t matter since he’s so damn strong!

Anyways, this Blue Lesser Fire Dragon is dead thanks to Yuji and his slimes. C’mon, he’s the overpowered protagonist after all!

And now, it’s time to collect the spoils where he got a Blue Fire Dragon Jewel. Then again, Yuji won’t settle for one jewel as he’ll hunt more in Boginia.

In the end, he collected a few blue jewels and lots of red jewels for destroying fire dragons. Even Geigel’s assistant can’t believe it.

Anyways, Geigel and his assistant created some high-quality monster armor for Yuji’s monsters.

While Proud Wolf can keep his necklace armor since he’s the only canine monster around, Yuji will have to choose one slime to equip a slime hat.

Still, looks like Yuji’s job in Boginia is finished as it’s time to head to another town.

Well, that’s until a Large Fire Dragon appeared from a volcano. Man, looks like Yuji can’t take a break as he’ll have to deal with this boss monster before it destroys the entire town.

But first, he and his monsters will have to deal with two suspicious-looking people who might belong to the Blue Moon of Salvation.

Anyways, these two burly men are currently searching for a machine at the volcano because they received orders from the adventurer’s guild at Ordarion.

Also, unlike those cult members who are inept in dealing with an overpowered tamer, these two men are capable of holding their own as one of them took down a slime.

Then again, Yuji’s slimes are not easy to kill ’cause they’re tough and they can come back again!

In the end, Yuji and his monsters managed to capture both men with little effort. Now, the tamer will force these two hoodlums to spill the beans.

But, they decided to take the cyanide pill and kill themselves. Man, I thought that they’re gonna fight till the end, but these two burly men decides to commit suicide instead. What a disappointment!

On the other hand, looks like Dryad found out that these two men are carrying barrels filled with tainted water.

I wonder why these two guild members are carrying tainted water towards the volcano? It’s not like they’re gonna pour it towards the Fire Dragon unless it’s related to that machine they previously talked about.

For now, Yuji and his allies will have to dispel the tainted water until it’s no longer cursed. Well then, time for the tamer to stop the fire dragon!

Unfortunately, the entire town of Boginia is under the state of emergency as everyone evacuated due to heavy rain.

Speaking of heavy rain, it’s a bad omen according to the local folks as fire dragons get agitated whenever they got drenched. Not surprising since their weakness is water.

But here’s the Large Fire Dragon where it’s about to cross the river and wreck havoc towards Boginia. At this point, the entire town will be destroyed if this dragon continues its destructive path.

Fortunately, Yuji came up with a plan to bring the Large Fire Dragon down by drowning it with a large tidal wave, although the large dragon remained standing even after being drenched with water.

But if it wasn’t enough, Yuji will cast a powerful ice magic through one of his slimes called Permafrost Curse which instantly turn everything into ice.

However, much like Hellfire of Demise, using his ultimate spell drains his magic points until it went into negative digits, which is pretty bad as Yuji might die if he’s not careful.

Anyways, the Large Fire Dragon is dead as its body is reduced to large piles of ice. Looks like the town of Boginia is safe thanks to Yuji and his monster companions.

Not only that, but he got a large Fire Dragon Jewel as Yuji shows it to Geigel and ask the blacksmith to make another high-quality monster armor.

Now comes the interesting part which this machine that Yuji found at the volcano. According to one of the guild staff, it’s actually a weather machine that creates artificial rain in case of a drought.

Hmm, I have a feeing that those two thugs are carrying barrels of tainted water at the volcano is because they’re gonna use the weather machine to create a cursed rainfall that’ll agitate the monsters further.

For now, it’s time for Yuji to receive his custom-made legendary-level monster armor from Geigel where it looked like an earpiece.

And one last thing, Geigel told Yuji to be careful on his way to Ordarion where the town is acting weird lately.

Man, I have a feeling that Ordarion is under the cult’s control.

And speaking of the cult itself, looks like the leader of the Blue Moon of Salvation has finally appeared where he received a premonition from god, although I would say that the doomsday cult will continue their crusade in destroying the entire world.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where we’re onto the final stretch of this shitty show. Let’s hope that Yuji will destroy that cult once and for all!

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