Prima Doll Episode #11

On this day, what was supposed to be a peaceful city full of festivities will be turned into a battlefield as Haikagura, or better known as Kikka, is about to commence the complete annihilation of humanity due to their foolishness in continuing the war, although the Imperial Line Faction kickstarted the whole ordeal due their foolish insistence in continuing the war effort.

For the the being, Nagi Touma will have to get out of harm’s way along with his employees from Kuroneko-tei and Chiyo. They can’t afford to get themselves killed by Kikka and her army of mechanica.

And speaking of Kikka, looks like Otome Okunomiya and her soldiers are trying to apprehend the automata, even if they resort to violence where they’ll shoot Kikka down until she’s no longer functioning.

Unfortunately for Otome-san and her soldiers, they’re no match against an army of machines as Kikka will do anything to punish humanity for their foolishness.

I have to admit that while the Imperial Line Faction are the ones at fault where Kikka will initiate the robot apocalypse, they haven’t shown themselves ever since they captured Nagi Touma in Altaria… unless the Imperial Line Faction have been wiped out after they transfer Kikka’s into a new body.

Now then, looks like Haizakura and the rest have managed to shake off from Haikagura’s control as they try to escape the onslaught.

Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done as the likes of Gekka barely resists Kikka’s control, therefore they crash into the ground.

Still, both Gekka and Haizakura are still okay but man, Haikagura (or Kikka) is so relentless in destroying everything just because a certain fanatical group wanted to wage war against Lobelia and other countries that oppose them.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang have arrived safe and sound, but they have to split up as Chiyo will take Haizakura while Nagi Touma will take the rest of the automata.

Of course, I’m worried about both groups as Kikka already have control over the city. I’m hoping that Nagi Touma will do something to resist Kikka’s forced link.

Now then, let’s focus on both Haizakura and Chiyo where they’re still hiding from Haikagura’s machine army… until Chiyo encountered a familiar doll hiding from the shadows.

It’s Yugiri where Chiyo is thrilled to see her beloved automata for a long time… except that Yugiri is under Kikka’s influence where she’s tasked with two things: Find Haizakura and kill all humans.

And sadly for Chiyo, she might get strangled to death by Yugiri. Looks like Haizakura will have to stop Yugiri by any means.

Of course, Haizakura is not designed to be a combat automata so she’ll have to resort to her singing voice to calm Yugiri down. After all, she has Ouka’s will inside of her.

Thanks to Haizakura’s song, looks like Yugiri regained her senses as she let Chiyo go. Seems that she’s horrified for attempting to strangle her friend to death.

So while Yugiri is free from Haikagura’s control, looks like the rest of her robot army are still out for blood against Haizakura, Yugiri, and Chiyo.

And speaking of Yugiri, one of the frenzied mechanica knock her out where Yugiri might not activate ever again. But the next one is quite worse…

…as they knock Chiyo out too. This is unforgivable from Haikagura (or Kikka) as her mechanica army attack a young child which Chiyo got a terrible head injury.

For Haizakura, she had enough as Ouka’s soul took over her body and cut Kikka’s link towards the mechanica, stopping them in its tracks.

At this point, looks like Ouka will have to confront her twin sister Kikka again as she doesn’t want turn the entire country in a wasteland, just because Kikka wants to teach humanity a brutal lesson.

But first, Ouka (or Haizakura) must save Chiyo’s life as soon as possible. C’mon, she doesn’t want Chiyo die horribly!

Now let’s return to Nagi Touma where he’s attempting to counter Kikka’s forced link by installing jamming devices onto his Kuroneko-tei staff. Let’s hope that his equipment can protect Karasuba and the rest of the automata.

Meanwhile, Otome Okunomiya encountered two mechanica marching towards them, thinking that they’re gonna destroy their outpost.

Except that these two mechanica are carrying Chiyo as she received some first-aid treatment, although Chiyo might die if she hasn’t receive any proper treatment.

So yeah, there’s no time to waste for Otome Okunomiya and her remaining staff as Chiyo will receive proper treatment, although I’m worried that she’ll suffer long-term brain damage given that Chiyo lost a lot of blood.

While Chiyo is recovering from her injuries, it’s time for Nagi Touma to tell the truth where his grandfather Kotaro created both Ouka and Kikka, although he didn’t intend to use his creations for war until the military brass told him to refit his automata for combat.

Now, you probably know that both Kikka and Ouka were destroyed during the war, but it appears that Ouka decides to channel her memories onto Inaba as she doesn’t want to lose her own identity and memories in case she and her sister went haywire.

Anyways, Kikka or Haikagura was revived thanks to the Imperial Line Faction, but what about Ouka?

Well, turns out that Nagi Touma managed to get an Inaba mechanica after the war in which he analyze its logic system until Nagi decides to make an automata out of it.

Said automata happened to be Haizakura where Nagi created the automata out of Inaba’s logic system, which contains Ouka’s memories by the way. In any case, that was Nagi’s story of how his grandfather’s creations Ouka and Kikka were built, destroyed due to conflicting ideals between sisters, and then revived once the war is over.

Still, I’m quite surprised that Nagi managed to create Haizakura using Ouka’s Inaba mechanica as a base rather than building out of scrapped parts from the Ouka-class automata.

Then again, it’s still a mystery on why did he create another rabbit-like mechanica to serve as Haizakura’s pet, which then serves as a trigger to Haikagura’s true awakening? Nah, I’m overthinking myself as Nagi wants to create Inaba so that Haizakura won’t get lonely.

Now let’s move onto the present where Otome Okunomiya and her soldiers will move to another area as they can stay in one place. You know, they don’t want to get caught by Kikka’s robot army.

As for Nagi Touma and his Kuroneko-tei employees, they’re gonna find Haizakura as they don’t want to lose their precious friend. Let’s hope that they arrive just in time…

That’s because Haizakura is about to stop Haikagura from repeating the same tragedy as she use her experience to stop her sister from wiping out all humans.

Unlike in the past where they’re lost in the battlefield, Haizakura (or Ouka) will convince her sister that not all of humanity are foolish. After all, there’s Nagi Touma, Chiyo, and various customers who are kind.

Unfortunately, Haikagura (or Kikka) still insist in punishing humanity for their horrible actions. Looks like Haizakura will have to use force to stop her sister by any means necessary.

And that’s by controlling her mechanica army where Haizakura took command of those machines and fire at them until they’re completely destroyed.

Of course, Haikagura will try to regain control of her mechanica army, but that would put a great toll on her logic system and then her own body if she continues like this.

So, the only way for Haizakura to stop her sister is to sing a melody until Haikagura stop her rampage. All I can say is that Haikagura is suffering due to multiple forced links towards her mechanica army.

Thanks to Haizakura, Haikagura calmed down as she’s no longer controlling an army of machines.

But without Haikagura commanding them, the robot rampage continues as Haizakura is too broken to stop the mechanica from murdering everybody, turning into a hopeless situation for the automata who carries Ouka’s will.

Regardless, Haizakura still believes that she can stop the machines from hurting everybody, although I wish Nagi Touma and his Kuroneko-tei staff should rescue her as soon as possible.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time for the final episode where I’m hoping that the Kuroneko-tei dolls will have a happy ending!

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