Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double Episode #01

Hey everyone, Hana Uzaki has returned as the “Sugoi Dekai” college student is here to play some bowling together with Shinichi Sakurai and Itsuhito Sakaki.

Of course, Uzaki-chan is confident that she’ll beat Sakurai-sempai and become the master for one day.

Except that she can only take down 1 or 2 pins near the gutter. Okay, I feel that Hana Uzaki will have to resort to dirty tactics ’cause she’s pretty lousy.

Of course, I’m curious if Shinichi Sakurai can beat his annoying junior… unless he sucks at bowling. But anyways, take it away Sakurai!

Oh wow, I guess he’s actually good at bowling as Shinichi Sakurai made a strike. Well then, looks like Uzaki-chan will have to distract Sakurai-sempai until she wins the challenge.

Except that Shinichi Sakurai prevails through sheer will, overcoming Hana Uzaki’s dirty tactics with the skin of his teeth.

Anyways, looks like Sakurai will be the master for the day as he’ll give an order to Uzaki-chan. However, she doesn’t recognize Sakurai’s victory as she wants to challenge him again. God, Uzaki-chan is persistent, huh?

Now then, here’s Ami Asai where she asked Hana Uzaki a special favor. Man, what could it be?

Oh, she wants Uzaki-chan to wear various costumes where it highlights her massive tits. What a great plan there, Ami Asai!

Even she’s thrilled that her dreams have finally realized. Of course, Asai-san wants it more as she wants Uzaki-chan to wear various costumes.

Sadly, her father shut it down ’cause it’s inconvenient for Hana Uzaki to wear sexy clothing during her part-time job. And besides, he doesn’t want some horny dudes hanging out at his café.

Of course, he wouldn’t mind if he’ll do it towards Ami Asai as she’s wearing a bunny suit as punishment. Well, she did this on herself for making Uzaki-chan into her personal dress-up doll!

One last thing, here’s Itsuhito Sakaki where he found something interesting at the university campus…

It’s Hana Uzaki and Shinichi Sakurai sleeping together at the bench. Looks like someone’s gonna take a picture and blackmail them in the future!

Just kidding, no scumbag person would do that but anyways, they looked so cute together. Too bad that neither of them couldn’t make their move. With that said, I’ll see you next time as I’m glad that this show has returned!

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