Hataraku Maou-sama!! Episode #12

Well everyone, this is the final episode where Satan and his aide Alsiel are currently finding Raguel in Tokyo Tower… unless they found out that their target is at the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Seriously Satan or Sadao Maou, why can’t you transform into your demon lord form and fly! Oh wait, he can’t ’cause various people might see his hideous appearance.

Meanwhile, Emilia went to Tokyo Sky Tree to find Raguel, only to encounter Gabriel. I have a feeling that this archangel is aiding Raguel.

But anyways, he’s not gonna fight Emilia as Gabriel is gonna tell the harsh truth. One, her father Nord Justina is still alive and two, turns out that angels are actually humans and not celestial beings.

For Emilia or Emi Yusa, she can’t believe that after all this time being the hero, the person who swore revenge against the demon lord is alive. Then again, I wonder where is Nord Justina?

Anyways, I have to say that Gabriel gave some massive emotional damage to Emilia Justina. Seriously, it’s no wonder why Lucifer berated him for being second-rate angel ’cause he can’t read the fuckin’ mood!

Now let’s move onto the next scene where Crestia Bell and Lucifer are trying to locate Raguel using sonar pulse. However, they found something unusual…

Turns out that it’s actually Chiho Sasaki where she finally woke up. Then again, Chi-chan is not acting her usual self as her body is being controlled by someone else. Could it be Nurse Lailah from the previous episode?

Regardless, Chiho decided to help them by firing a divine arrow to the sky. Seriously Chi-chan, you’re lucky that the nurse gave you a weapon!

Oh yeah, looks like Gabriel’s legion have arrived to stop Crestia Bell and Lucifer from interfering. But seriously, they’re pretty annoying to see them again!

So, the only way to deal with these angelic goons is a nice smash from Crestia’s large mallet. You tell them Suzuno Kamizuki that you’re a person not to be messed with!

Meanwhile, let’s return to Satan and Alsiel where they went to Tokyo Tower to find Raguel, only to find out that he’s actually at the ground floor.

Oh and to give you an idea on who Raguel is? It’s actually that funny-looking foreigner with sunglasses and a blue afro.

Yes, I knew that this afro dude is Raguel but man, Sadao Maou and Shiro Ashiya is really angry that they searched high and low, until the demons finally found him. It’s kinda tiresome for them, y’know!

By the way, the entire Tokyo skyline has changed thanks to Chiho’s divine arrow, and Satan and his aide Alsiel transformed into their demon form. Sucks that their clothes got ripped but they’re really pissed towards Raguel.

Oh yeah, Gabriel has arrived where he’s gonna help Raguel in finding the Yesod shards since he doesn’t have authority anymore.

Still, Satan doesn’t like his presence as Gabriel almost took Alas Ramus away from him.

So, he decides to stop Gabriel once and for all but first, he stole Raguel’s cola bottle and crush it in front of Gabriel. While the archangel doesn’t like to show anger, he’s quite disappointed that his favorite shirt got sullied.

You know something Satan, you should put that cola bottle straight into Raguel’s nose. He’s the one who knock Chi-chan out with his sonar pulse and not to mention wrecking various TV sets across Tokyo!

Now let’s go back to Tokyo Sky Tree where Emi Yusa is still devastated about the horrible truth.

Fortunately, Alas Ramus is here to cheer her mommy up as she wants to grow up to be a reliable daughter… or the famous mascot character named Rilakkuma.

But thanks to Alas Ramus, Emi Yusa got back on her two feet as she’s gonna punish Gabriel for being insensitive. How will she deal against the archangel is up to her.

And speaking of Gabriel, let’s just say that he’s still strong as Satan couldn’t even land a blow against him. Okay Mr. Demon Lord, stop embarrassing yourself as you don’t want to get beaten again!

Now then, here’s Emilia Justina where she’s back in action. Oh yeah, she’s really angry towards Gabriel for being inconsiderate to her feelings.

Therefore, the hero struck the archangel with her sacred sword Better Half! While Gabriel has been taken care of, what about Raguel?

Well, looks like Raguel got shot in the back which he lost his divine powers. Oh boy, did Chiho Sasaki shoot him down?

Why yes it is as Chi-chan delivered some divine punishment towards Raguel as payback for knocking her unconscious at the end of Episode 10!

Gotta say that Raguel was just a weak pushover where he got defeated with only a single arrow.

But anyways, looks like Gabriel decided to retreat as he and Raguel can’t even win against the likes of Emilia Justina and Chiho Sasaki.

Sure that they can take out Satan on their own, but this is kinda disappointing as Gabriel would just flee because Emilia has Alas Ramus on her side.

Still, Gabriel will return for another time as he doesn’t want to lose horribly right now. Takehito Koyasu’s character will stick around in future installments, but it’s sucks that Satan couldn’t get even against an archangel like Gabriel!

And speaking of Satan, looks like he managed to catch Chiho Sasaki as she lost her divine powers. Sure that it’s temporary, but I still don’t get it why that nurse aided Chi-chan in this battle?

With that said, Chiho Sasaki is okay where she told Sadao Maou of a strange dream where she saw a tiny demon being helped by a guardian angel. Wait, is she referring to Satan Jacob back when he was just a weak demon in Ente Isla?

Even Sadao Maou is surprised regarding Chi-chan’s strange dream. Now I want to know why Lailah lend Chiho’s body and help Satan in stopping both Gabriel and Raguel.

Well, Lailah wanted Satan Jacob to restore Ente Isla by entrusting one of the Yesod jewel shards to him. Yes, the one where it became Alas Ramus.

Sadly, she can’t show her face to Satan or even Emilia for the time being as Lailah is secretly plotting something. Is she dealing with enemies far dangerous than Gabriel or even that priest Olba Mayer? Who knows…

But anyways, let’s end this second season of Hataraku Maou-sama! where Sadao Maou finally got his television, although I wish he’ll return to work at MgRonald. Still, Hanzo Urushihara is thrilled to watch TV, but they should never forget to pay the reception fee!

For my thoughts on Season 2? Sure that the story has gone serious where it revolves around Lailah and the Yesod shards. While I love the introduction of Alas Ramus, especially with her cute interactions towards her adopted parents, I dislike some of the characters like Gabriel who’s quite boring to me, and Lailah herself where she could have solve the issue in person instead of borrowing someone’s body.

Aside from characters, I feel that Season 2 is quite underwhelming, especially the battle on the last episode where the only one who carried the whole thing is Emilia and Lailah (while controlling Chiho’s body). It feels that the staff made Satan and his allies useless against those two rogue archangels, Gabriel and Raguel. Honestly, I feel that Hataraku Maou-sama! will not have another season for a very long time as even though I’m excited for its return at first, Hataraku Maou-sama! Season 2 is not as good as the first one. The story made it more interesting, but the execution is pretty terrible.

One last thing, looks like Kadokawa announced that the 3rd season of Hataraku Maou-sama! will be aired in 2023, although I’m skeptical on whether it’ll be better than Season 2 or made it worse.

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