Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life Episodes #10 – #12

Well everyone, we’re onto the final stretch of this terrible isekai anime as Yuji has finally arrived in Ordarion, although he needs to keep his guard up as the entire town is under control by the nefarious Blue Moon of Salvation.

And here’s Yuji where he used his slimes to eavesdrop on one of the cult members and learned various things regarding the Blue Moon of Salvation.

For one, they suppose to use the weather machine in Boginia, but someone already destroy it along with the Fire Dragon. And the other one? The doomsday cult is being led by Walter, but we’ll get back to that leader in just a moment.

For the time being, Yuji will have to meet up with Father Steyl and his assistant Johann. Of course, they can’t talk about the doomsday cult out of the open since Ordarion is being controlled by the Blue Moon of Salvation.

So, they went inside the church where it’s safe to talk about the Blue Moon of Salvation and its leader Walter.

And speaking of Walter, Father Steyl told Yuji that he used to be one of his followers back when it was known as the Church of the Blue Moon.

In fact, before it became the nefarious doomsday cult, the Church of the Blue Moon is a simple order where Father Steyl pray his fallen comrades.

But then, one of his followers Walter changed all that where he became an ambitious man and ordered his radical followers to murder Steyl’s companions in cold blood.

In any case, Father Steyl felt so much regret that his companions have died thanks to Walter’s radical views, thus he change the entire church into the nefarious doomsday cult that we know today.

Of course, Father Steyl can’t just sit there and do nothing as he’ll end the Blue Moon of Salvation with his own two hands. I hope that he’ll succeed, but Steyl might fail in his mission.

But wait, there’s Yuji where he can help Father Steyl in his quest to punish Walter. All he need to do is to find Father Steyl, but this forest is too damn big.

Looks like Yuji will resort to his slimes in finding him ’cause Father Steyl might be killed by the nefarious doomsday cult!

However, Father Steyl can hold himself as despite his age, he can still kick ass. Looks like the Blue Moon of Salvation might get demolished at the hands of Father Steyl.

Except that someone betray Father Steyl by restraining him. Okay, who double-cross Father Steyl?

Oh shit, it’s Johann where he’s actually working with Walter just to capture Father Steyl. This is freakin’ unforgivable!

And here’s the cult leader himself as Walter mocks Steyl for being helpless. Now, he’s about to unleash his greatest plan like some any other villain.

Except that Yuji stop it as he nonchalantly went deeper into the cult’s lair, all while beating up those cult members without breaking a sweat. Of course, I’m curious on what Walter’s plan is?

Oh, he’s gonna transform into a monster by injecting himself with tainted water. Y’know, the one where it made every animal into frenzied beasts.

But anyways, looks like Yuji will have to deal with Walter as his monster form looked so menacing.

Just kidding, let’s just say that despite transforming into a monster, Walter is outmatched against Yuji’s monsters, Proud Wolf and his army of slimes.

I mean, Walter couldn’t even sense their presence despite becoming a brute!

And so, looks like Yuji will have an easy win against Walter as he ordered one of his slimes to cast Fireball against the cult leader. Then again, it doesn’t kill Walter outright.

Well then, how about Yuji’s Hellfire of Demise as Walter is finally obliterated. Look at the cult leader go as Walter is being burned away!

Anyways, Yuji has finally defeated the leader of the Blue Moon of Salvation, thus he restored peace in this fantasy world. Time for some rejoicing fellas!

Not quite because Walter’s death is just the beginning as he lend his energy along with his cult members to summon something dangerous.

Yes, this includes the traitorous assistant Johann where I hardly knew him. C’mon, does anyone remember this guy in the first place?

One more thing, let’s not forget the large explosion where it destroys the cult’s secret base in Ordarion. Hoping that Yuji and his monsters survive along with Father Steyl.

Good thing they survived the large explosion, but now they’re gonna deal with a powerful enemy where it turns out that Walter’s death triggers its summoning.

This is known as the Sage where it outclasses Yuji in every aspect, right down to its bottomless magic point capacity.

For Yuji, the odds are pretty much against him as he might not survive the battle against this sage. C’mon, compared to the protagonist, the sage can keep fighting whereas Yuji might pass out once his MP went into negative digits.

And speaking of the wicked sage, looks like it changed the sky’s color from blue to purple as the sage’s curse agitated all monsters across the continent.

At this point, it’s a zero-sum game where Yuji can’t handle both the frenzied monsters and the sage at the same time.

But wait a minute, seems that Yuji is not alone as some of his companions decided to take arms and defeat those monsters for his sake. That’s pretty nice of them despite Yuji being a loner!

With most of his allies now taking up arms to defend their beloved towns, looks like Yuji will now focus on bringing that false sage down.

But first, he needs to give them buffs so that they’ll take those monsters down.

And thankfully, Yuji gave them status buffs where the likes of Wodca have become stronger as they kill monsters in one hit.

Sure that it’s overkill, but it’s better than letting them struggle against a horde of cursed creatures!

Now, let’s return to Yuji where he’s about to use a new magic spell: Divine Strike. While it’s effective against the false sage, it’s not enough to kill it.

That’s until Yuji pull out his Dagger of Kethis and used Divine Strike to power his magic blade.

By the way, Father Steyl is in awe upon seeing Yuji’s magnificent magic, almost as if one of his prophecies has come to fruition.

While Steyl is impressed towards Yuji and his godlike magic, I think the priest should hide somewhere as he might get himself killed.

But now it’s time for the climax of this show as one of his slimes created Total Isolation Array to trap the sage until it can longer break free.

And seriously, the sage can’t believe that it’ll be defeated by an inferior being like Yuji. Despite having infinite energy, the sage can’t win as Yuji is full of determination to overcome impossible odds!

Anyways, Yuji has finally won over the false sage when he stabs the sage’s body with the Dagger of Kethis.

Honestly, with all the spectacle that happened in this final fight, I have to say that it wasn’t an easy victory for Yuji where he’s driven to a corner until the beast tamer found the opportunity to make a comeback.

Still, I hate him personally due to being an overpowered loner who’s pretty bored most of the time. Well, except for one time in Ricaardo where Yuji tries to be expressive when eating delicious meals.

So with Walter failed to cleanse the entire world by summoning a false sage, the nefarious cult known as the Blue Moon of Salvation has weakened significantly with the loss of their leader.

Still, the cult poses a threat where they’ll make another move. Even if their leader is gone, someone will take Walter’s place as they’ll plan to summon powerful monsters in order to continue their legacy in cleansing the tainted world. They never seem to quit, huh?

But hey, everyone is celebrating that they managed to defend their respective cities from monsters. Of course, Yuji doesn’t want to party as he heads to another town. I mean, he can’t celebrate at Ordarion when the cult still controls the city.

And speaking of Yuji, looks like everyone knows his accomplishments upon entering a new town. Despite being a loner, friends and enemies know that Yuji is the real deal as he’s the overpowered beast tamer!

But that concludes Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life as I finally survived the worst anime show in 2022. Seriously, it’s so boring that it makes Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja more enjoyable than Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life.

Honestly, I feel that there won’t be any anime adaptations from Shinkoshoto ’cause it’s a snore-fest from beginning till end. The story is uninspiring, the main character is the epitome of boredom despite commanding lots of slimes, and the nefarious Blue Moon of Salvation is just incompetent with the exception of Walter and Johann.

With that said, I’m pretty much finished with this awful show and while there will be more stinkers down the line, Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life is the worst anime show that I’ve watched in 2022 Anime Season!

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