Akiba Maid War Episode #02

Oh look, it’s Ranko Mannen where she’s sewing up her gunshot wound after that intense battle against the Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan maid café, although I’m worried that it might get an infection even after putting some booze to disinfect it.

Regardless, Nagomi Wahira can’t get out of this maid waitress life as she’ll have to survive from various turf wars in Akihabara. Seriously, there’s more to just keeping the Ton Tokoton cafe from going out of business.

You see, there are two biggest maid café groups named the Maidalien Group and the Creatureland Group where they hate each other as they fight for supremacy in Akihabara.

Of course, Creatureland’s anger is more profound when the debt collector is really pissed that Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan got decimated by Ton Tokoton rather than letting the latter sacrifice one of its employees.

Fortunately, it’s all thanks to Ranko Mannen that the café is safe, but Ton Tokoton will get caught in another trouble.

In fact, the manager of Ton Tokoton is lending some money from a loan shark. While he’ll give her some money, you know that it’s a bad idea as the loan shark wanted to get his hands on Ton Tokoton and its employees.

So yeah, the nameless manager is pretty screwed anyway as she was forced to bet her employees and her store as collateral… at the Maid Casino. By the way, it’s “legal” according the loan shark.

Now then, it’s time to meet some other employees from Ton Tokoton such as Shiipon where this gyaru maid tries to win at poker, but failed as Shiipon’s luck has ran out.

Now it’s up to their ace Yumechi where she’s going all in, although I feared that she might get screwed by the Maid Casino staff due to their excessive cheating practices.

Even Yumechi called them out for their bullshit as she knows that the games are rigged from the start. Man, I wish they would run away but it’s all the manager’s fault!

But despite calling them frauds, Yumechi lost at poker as Ton Tokoton is under the possession of the Maid Casino. Fuckin’ brilliant!

Now that the maids from Ton Tokoton lost the bet, looks like the loan shark is gloating that he owns everything from them, including their lovely maid café!

Okay Mr. Loan Shark, what are you gonna do with them? Prostitution, or force them to work at catching crabs at the Bering Sea? The possibilities are endless! Then again, there’s one problem…

Maid Casino forgot about Ranko Mannen as she shoots the loan shark straight to the forehead. Looks like the Maid Casino forgot to confiscate their weapons before entering the establishment.

But in the end, it appears that Ranko will have to settle the dispute with violence as she’ll take on the employees of Maid Casino until they’re dead.

On the other hand, it’s not like Ranko Mannen is taking those maid goons by herself as Shiipon and Yumechi are going gung-ho against a rival maid café. I’m hoping that they don’t get themselves shot in the head!

While there’s a gunfight at the casino, someone pull the hose from the gas tank. Okay, who in the right mind would cause a potential-

Oh wait, it’s a fuckin’ panda named Okachimachi who’s actually the mascot of Ton Tokoton. Y’know, I have a bad feeling that it’ll lead to a large explosion should anyone start a fire.

But anyways, let’s end this episode where Ranko Mannen throws a grenade straight towards the Maid Casino. You know where this is going, right?

And as you can see, the entire establishment got massive damage thanks to Okachimachi’s sabotage. Now if only the panda survive the explosion or I’ll be pretty pissed if their mascot got killed.

But there you have it as Ton Tokoton took down an illegal gambling den disguised as a maid café. Sure that they managed to get their maid café, but Ton Tokoton is gaining some notoriety all thanks to Ranko Mannen’s no-nonsense violence towards any rival establishment.

With that said, I’ll see you next time where Nagomi Wahira’s maid waitress life is getting worse everyday. Let’s hope that she’ll remain pure after this!

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