Bocchi the Rock! Episode #02

On this episode, the newly-formed Kessoku Band are having their first meeting at Starry Live House which was owned by the Ijichi family.

While they’re getting to know each other, Nijika Ijichi told everyone that they’ll take some part time jobs as maintaining their band is pretty expensive, especially when Starry is really strict when it comes to reaching a certain quota for every live performance. So if a band didn’t reach the quota of attendees, the band will have to pay up.

For Hitori “Bocchi-chan” Gotou, she doesn’t want to take part time jobs as she has social anxiety, much like a certain Shouko Komi.

In fact, she can’t even see the customer eye-to-eye while making a weird face like a creep.

Eventually, Hitori Gotou will face the death penalty for having the same weird face in addition to having social anxiety.

Honestly, I feel bad for Bocchi-chan as she’s having trouble communicating with other people.

However, rather than overcoming those obstacles on her own, Hitori Gotou decides to feign sickness in hopes that she won’t be called for work.

Sadly, Bocchi-chan’s methods didn’t work as she doesn’t get any cold or a fever just by taking a cold bath. And seriously, she can’t just remain an introvert forever.

Now then, let me introduce to you to Seika Ijichi, Nijika’s big sister where she’s the one managing the live house. By the way, Seika-san is not gonna hurt anybody!

Unfortunately, Bocchi-chan says otherwise where she’s really frightened when talking to a stranger. Somebody needs to save Hitori Gotou ’cause she’s breaking hives outside the live house!

Good thing Nijika Ijichi and Ryo Yamada have arrived to back her up, although the real challenge is about to begin once Starry Live House is open for business.

And seriously, it’s a full house where various bands are putting an amazing show. Gotta say that Kessoku Band will need to step up their game soon if they want to have a jam-packed concert!

But now, let’s return to Hitori Gotou where a customer asked her for a cup of orange juice. C’mon Bocchi-chan, now it’s your chance to show your stuff instead of cowering like an idiot.

Anyways, looks like Bocchi-chan managed to serve a drink to a customer, although I think she should act like a natural instead of showing her creepy face. But hey, it’s a start for this introvert!

Even Nijika and Ryo-chan are pretty impressed on Hitori’s first day at Starry Live House. Still, this is just the beginning for Bocchi-chan where she has to overcome her social anxiety until the guitarist can face the crowd without having to hide under a box.

Also, looks like Bocchi-chan got a fever after taking the part-time job for one day. Gotta say that she should never take a cold bath ever again!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where Kessoku Band will have to find a vocalist as soon as possible. But seriously, I really enjoyed seeing Hitori’s weird faces on this episode!

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