Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double Episode #03

Hey everyone, it’s Itsuhito Sakaki where he’s inviting both Shinichi Sakurai and Hana Uzaki to join the school festival, although Sakurai doesn’t want to go as he’s busy with other things like finding a new job after graduation or earning some money to buy video games.

That’s until Sakaki showed him and Uzaki-chan a stamp rally card where he told them to attend the festival and collect stamps. Once they collect all stamps, they’ll received a prize.

While it’s pretty tempting for both of them, I have a feeling that Itsuhito is plotting something.

See, even his face says it as Itsuhito Sakaki wants to hook them up during the festival. Nice plan there, Sakaki-san!

Anyways, both Sakurai and Uzaki-chan went to the school festival to visit stalls and participate parlor games in order to collect stamps. So far, they’re getting some stamps without any problems.

That is until Sakurai and Uzaki-chan went to the fortune teller room hosted by the occult club. And here’s the real sticking point of this stall…

You see, this fortune teller named Itou told both of them that she’s actually reading romance fortunes, meaning that she’ll assess their relationship by reading the tarot cards.

So yeah, they’re not gonna learn about their future careers aside their relationship with the opposite sex as Shinichi Sakurai and Hana Uzaki will take their leave.

Unfortunately, they can’t leave right now as the occult club want to know their fortunes, especially if they’re compatible with each other.

You know something, I think Itsuhito Sakaki is behind all of this since he’s part of the festival committee.

With that said, looks like Sakurai and Uzaki-chan has no choice but to learn their romance fortune as Itou-san pulls some tarot cards from her deck and assess them to see if they’re compatible or not.

Surprisingly, Itou-san told both Sakurai and Uzaki-chan that they’re actually compatible with each other. Okay Itou-san, are you sure that you’re not making it up?

Never mind, turns out that she’s actually telling the truth as both of them have a nice compatibility, although she’s curious on why Shinichi Sakurai and Hana Uzaki are not dating.

With that said, looks like Shinichi Sakurai and Hana Uzaki are done with the fortune teller as they take their leave. C’mon, it’s not like they’re dating right away as Sakurai sees Uzaki-chan as an annoying junior.

Still, I wonder why the occult club tried to stop them from leaving? That is unless someone wants to hear if both Sakurai and Uzaki-chan are compatible.

Well, I have to say that a certain Ami Asai joined the occult club temporarily where she tries to stop both Shinichi Sakurai and Hana Uzaki from leaving until she hears the good news from the fortune teller.

Looks like Asai and Sakaki did a great job in convincing Sakurai and Uzaki to participate in the school festival in order to learn their compatibility. Sadly, their relationship will remain the same even after hearing Itou’s words.

On second though, seems that their visit to the fortune teller has affected them significantly. Of course, neither Sakurai nor Uzaki-chan won’t make their first move because they’re too shy to confess their feelings.

Well then, I have to say that it was an interesting episode where Itsuhito Sakaki and Ami Asai accomplished their mission to let them participate in the school festival. Sadly, Shinichi Sakurai and Hana Uzaki didn’t get any prizes after collecting the stamps.

What a shame that they didn’t get anything after Sakaki convince them to join the festivities. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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