Akiba Maid War Episode #04

Well everyone, let’s begin with the Creatureland Group (or Kedamono Group in Japanese) where everyone is aware about Ranko Mannen’s reputation as a veteran maid. So yeah, they don’t consider Ranko as some nobody maid as she rack up kills in the past 3 episodes.

And speaking of the Creatureland Group, here’s Chairwoman Nagi where she gives 3 most-important aspects of an Akiba Maid: Strength, Money, and Loyalty!

Of course, the last part is very important as Chairwoman Nagi doesn’t want traitors within the organization as seen here where she pulls the plug on one of the maids.

In any case, maids must prove their loyalty within the Creatureland Group as their lives depends on it. Oh, and Chairman Nagi won’t tolerate slackers or employees who step out of line.

So, the chairwoman sends her army of drillmasters to train maids until they’re in top shape. One of these drillmasters is Sano-san where she’ll train the maids at Ton Tokoton ’cause they lack discipline recently.

Oh, and she doesn’t want the store manager and the panda Okachimachi to interfere as Drillmaster Sano sees them as bad influences towards the maids, therefore she told them to get out of the café as soon as possible.

So yeah, they’re gonna stay in the dumpsters for the time being until the training is over. On the other hand, I can’t believe that Okachimachi is not a panda, but rather a human dressed in a panda suit. P.A. Works and Cygames, you fuckin’ lied to me!

Anyways, the training session has begun where Drillmaster Sano will put them into a ringer for 5 days until they become prim and proper maids. This involves smack their butts with a paddle and build a wooden pillar at the rooftop of Ton Tokoton Café.

Of course, a few maids like Shiipon don’t like Sano’s harsh training regimen as she decides to boycott the entire thing. Then again, Sano-sensei won’t just give into some petty boycott.

So, the only way to convince those maids is to perform some scare tactics where Sano throws Nagomi Wahira from the rooftop. Geez, I’m scared that the main heroine of this show might die!

Just kidding, Sano-sensei won’t let Nagomi-chan die like that as she wants to gain some trust towards the maids, even if it means “accidentally” killing them.

But yes, it looks like Sano’s scare tactics worked like a charm as the likes of Nagomi Wahira gave up on rebelling the drillmaster.

Of course, there’s one maid who decided to call it quits as Shiipon attempts to get out of the café, although her co-workers will stop her from escaping.

Well, not all of them as a certain Ranko Mannen decides to help Shiipon out as she only cares about defending the Ton Tokoton Café rather than being at the mercy of Sano-sensei.

Besides, she doesn’t need any training from a drillmaster ’cause Ranko is one hell of a veteran maid! Anyways, the escape route is ready as Shiipon is about to take her leave.

But when Shiipon peek outside the building, only to find the store manager and Okachimachi finding food from a dumpster, she just changed her mind.

Yeah, Shiipon doesn’t want to be in the same predicament as those two. C’mon, finding food from a garbage bin is pretty disgusting and depressing.

And so, Shiipon took a new leaf where she ditch her kogal appearance. Man, I can’t seem to recognize Shiipon even after dyeing her hair black and wash her face to remove her heavy makeup.

Still, Shiipon doesn’t want to become a homeless person as she wants to follow the rightful path of a proper maid waitress, ranging from entertaining customers…

…to finishing the wooden pillar in dedication to the Creatureland Group. Yeah, this is pretty hardcore where maids carve a thick log of wood with a chisel and a chainsaw.

Now then, it’s time for Sano’s assessment towards Ton Tokoton Café where after subjecting the employees to 5 days of training, the drillmaster was impressed where all 5 maids passed the test.

Hell, even Sano is ecstatic that the wooden pillar that symbolizes their loyalty to the Creatureland Group is complete.

And everyone got pretty emotional that they survived and pass the training course with flying colors. Anyways, Drillmaster Sano succeeded in turning these fools into prim and proper maids in just 5 days!

But not for long though as Shiipon decides to bring a rocket launcher and fires at the wooden pillar ’cause she doesn’t want to become a prim and proper maid. Besides, Shiipon wants her gyaru look back!

So coupled with Shiipon reinstating both the store manager and Okachimachi, it looks like Ton Tokoton Café is back to their usual business of being rude, slightly lazy, and dangerous.

And when Sano-sensei learned that they’re back to their old ways thanks to Shiipon, she proceeds to reprimand the perpetrator for instigating bad behavior inside the café with some good old slap to the face.

However, Shiipon delivered a nasty clothesline as the drillmaster goes down. Um Sano-sensei, are you supposed to be the toughest drillmaster around where you won’t go down without a fight?

Well then, looks like Drillmaster Sano failed to get those maids in line as she runs away like a loser. I bet that she’ll get her finger cut off or get shot in the head by Chairman Nagi due to her epic failure.

Anyways, it’s back to their old ways at Ton Tokoton Café and it’s all thanks to Shiipon who rebelled against the conformities imposed by the Creatureland Group. Well, it wouldn’t be possible without Ranko Mannen helping her.

Still, I’m worried that the Creatureland Group might dispose them eventually, but they’ll stick around through thick and thin on the next episode ’cause they’re fuckin’ tough!

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