Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! Episode #05

Well everyone, the Midgar Kingdom is in total chaos as the capital is being destroyed a giant demon and none of the knights couldn’t handle it.

Well, except for Princess Iris where she’ll take care of the giant demon with her brutal swordsmanship skills.

With a swing of her broadsword, Princess Iris Midgar cut one arm of the giant demon effortlessly. Of course, fighting this demon is not easy…

You see, the doctor from the previous episode injected a formula where it combines Diablos’ essence with the blood of the Midgar royal family, thus it can regenerate its limbs. At this point, it’s a losing battle against the giant demon.

But, it looks like Alpha from Shadow Garden appeared to purify the giant demon with a swing of her sword. Looks like there’s no need for Cid “Shadow” Kagenou to do the purification as his subordinates will do the job.

Anyways, the purification is complete where the giant demon is transformed into a young girl. And here’s another discovery after Alpha purified the girl.

It turns out that she’s actually the daughter of Viscount Olba (or Viscount Grease) as Cid managed to keep his promise in saving the girl from becoming an immortal monster. Good job, Shadow Garden!

Now then, let’s return to Shadow where he’s fighting Zenon Griffey at the sewers. While Zenon is pretty confident that he’ll become a future Knights of the Round member, he couldn’t land a fatal blow against the leader of Shadow Garden.

And here’s Alexia Midgar where she couldn’t do anything but watch the duel between Shadow and Zenon.

Of course, Alexia noticed something about Shadow’s swordsmanship where he’s not making any flashy moves as Shadow sticks to the fundamentals.

With that said, looks like Shadow overwhelms Zenon Griffey by using basic sword attacks. Well, looks like this future Knights of the Round member got beaten badly by the most powerful chunnibyou!

And really, Shadow (or Cid) loves Alexia’s basic swordsmanship skills because simplicity is the most deadliest of all, aside from not being flashy given that he wants to keep himself low-profile from everybody.

Now that he got beaten by Shadow, Zenon is getting desperate as he drinks some pills to become powerful. Those who seek strength in exchange for their humanity is the death knell for all of them.

But yes, Zenon Griffey transforms into demon much like Viscount Olba. Honestly, the Cult of Diablos are really stupid to think that drinking pills will make them stronger.

And sadly for Zenon and the rest of the cult, their newfound strength is basically useless against a reincarnated person who used to fighting lots of ruffians and learned various martial arts in his previous life.

Seriously, Zenon Griffey shows how powerful he is by drinking those cursed pills, only to get kicked by Cid “Shadow” Kagenou. Of course, Shadow is not done yet ’cause he has one trick up his sleeve.

Turns out that Shadow unleashes his powerful magic, one where he strives and achieves to become a human nuclear bomb as Cid Kagenou utters “I am Atomic!”, thus destroying everything in sight.

This includes Zenon Griffey where he’s evaporated instantly. But wait, I’m worried about Alexia Midgar where she was caught in Shadow’s nuclear blast.

With that said, Shadow’s atomic blast create a large gaping hole at the capital. Many are horrified by this tremendous power, but Shadow Garden loved it as Alpha and the rest are awed by Shadow’s power.

While it’s impressive to see Cid Kagenou’s ultimate magic, I’m scared that Alexia Midgar didn’t survive the explosion.

Fortunately, she’s alive as Iris managed to rescue her little sister. Of course, I think Iris owed an apology for not being strong enough to save her sister in time.

Now that the dust has been settled, looks like Iris Midgar will form a new taskforce in investigating both the Shadow Garden and the Cult of Diablos, although I’m worried that some cult members will secretly join her taskforce and destroy them from the inside.

Meanwhile, Alpha and the rest of Shadow Garden are still investigating the Cult of Diablos as most of the members have infiltrated Midgar Kingdom and its surrounding countries.

Some of them have the guts to masquerade themselves as Shadow Garden as Alpha and the rest will find the perpetrators for impersonating their organization. So while Shadow Garden will deal the cult while their leader is busy, what about Cid Kagenou?

Well, he decides to reject Alexia Midgar for reals this time as he wants to keep his life as a minor character. I mean, he can’t show his true strength towards everyone at Midgar Academy.

As for Alexia, looks like she accepted Cid’s rejection… or is it? Something tells me that her smile hides her deep anger towards him.

In any case, Cid Kagenou got pummeled by Princess Alexia where lots of blood got sprayed at the backside.

While I don’t think Cid would die easily at the hands of the princess, it creates a spooky rumor within the school called the Bodiless Murder where students were puzzled about its origins.

One last thing, we have a new character introduced named Sherry Barnett where she bumped onto a certain character who managed to survive the princess’ wrath.

That’s right, it’s Cid Kagenou and I have to say that it was love at first sight for Sherry, even though Cid still has blood on his face which would scare everyone away.

But that’s about it for this episode where the Cult of Diablos sees Shadow Garden as a serious threat to their ambitions. Of course, Cid and his army will definitely crush them someday but for now, Cid wants to live his life as the most powerful minor character. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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