Akiba Maid War Episode #05

Let’s begin in 80’s Akihabara where maids of this era tries to work earnestly and peacefully, even though the onset of war among maid cafés is growing at an alarming rate. One of them is Ranko Mannen where she begins her life as a maid.

By the way, this is the boss of Jijyou Sakan (or Maid Teahouse) where she’s impressed towards Ranko Mannen who doesn’t resort to violence. Sadly, Ranko’s boss got murdered as she took up arms and destroy the rival maid café with her own two hands.

It’s quite ironic and funny that Ranko Mannen, a young woman who doesn’t resolve to violence back in the day became the no-nonsense maid who use violence to solve any issue. Even today, Ranko’s life as a maid continues where she killed lots of people.

But let’s move onto the present where I introduce you to a character named Nerura who’s a friend to Nagomi Wahira, although I fear that she’s actually a bitch trying to destroy Ton Tokoton by any means. Don’t trust anyone at Akihabara but yourself.

With that said, Nerura suggested Nagomi to throw a birthday party at their maid café in order to boost their popularity. And speaking of birthday parties, Ranko Mannen will have her 36th birthday coming up in a few days, but there’s one problem…

No one, not even the crew from Ton Tokoton Café, would celebrate an old hag’s birthday. Ranko Mannen saved your asses many times and this is how you treat her? You bitches!

Well then, let’s move somewhere else ’cause I have no hope towards them for throwing a birthday party at Ranko Mannen.

So, Ranko and Nagomi went to various maid cafés in Akihabara and ask them for help in throwing a birthday party.

Unfortunately, one of Creatureland Group’s successful maid café named Maid Sheep couldn’t help them in throwing a birthday party for Ranko Mannen ’cause they’re busy throwing a party for the star maid Kaoruko.

With that said, looks like Ranko Mannen and Nagomi Wahira will take their leave as they apologize for the intrusion. It’s rare to see Ranko walking away peacefully rather than throwing a hissy fit and kill everybody.

Anyways, I’m glad that there’s no bloodshed on this episode as everyone from Maid Sheep let those two outsiders go without any incident.

Just kidding, the Maid Sheep crew decided to murder both of them as they don’t like anyone ruining Kaoruko’s birthday party.

Look girls, Ranko and Nagomi left the building peacefully, yet why would you attack them? Are you fuckin’ jealous that Kaoruko’s birthday has the same date as Ranko Mannen?

Well, turns out that Kaoruko is actually jealous where she couldn’t believe that there’s a maid who shares her birthday. Oh yeah, and it’s not the first time though as Kaoruko revealed to both Ranko and Nagomi that she eliminate maids who shares her birthday.

In any case, Kaoruko told Ranko and Nagomi to surrender as neither of them can’t win against the Maid Sheep Café. While Ranko can survive on her own, Nagomi can’t do it as she’s basically the load!

But anyways, the Maid Sheep Café took Ranko Mannen and Nagomi Wahira to a large container where Kaoruko and her crew poured a large amount of tomato juice until both maids got drowned.

At this point, their fate is inevitable as Nagomi couldn’t celebrate Ranko’s birthday at all. It’s sucks that they’ll die like this.

Just kidding, it appears that Yumechi, Shiipon, and Zoya arrived just in time to wreck the wooden container full of tomato juice. Can’t believe that they arrived just in time.

Thanks to them, Ranko Mannen and Nagomi Wahira survived from being drowned to death. By the way, I wonder if Yumechi and the rest went to Maid Sheep peacefully?

Oh, they just cleaned the entire house by themselves. Never underestimate the maids from Ton Tokoton Café as they’ll unleash hell towards everyone whenever one of their co-workers got kidnapped.

And here’s Kaoruko where even though the birthday girl got beaten up badly, she won’t forgive the maids of Ton Tokoton Café for trespassing their turf and ruin her birthday party as she’s gonna report to the chairman of Creatureland Group.

First of all Kaoruko, Ranko didn’t threaten you with violence as she and Nagomi left your maid café peacefully. Second, it’s your fault that you attack both maids from the Ton Tokoton Café, despite the fact that Ranko is the most dangerous maid alive!

In any case, this birthday girl goes down as Kaoruko got shot in the gut. Hmm, I wonder if Ranko Mannen ended her misery?

Oh, it’s none other than Yumechi where she pulled the trigger. I guess she actually cares for her co-workers’ well-being as Yumechi doesn’t want anyone pulling the plug on them.

With that said, Happy Birthday Kaoruko-san! Also, Rest in Peace Kaoruko-san ’cause there’s a heaven for a maid like you.

Heck, even Ranko Mannen celebrates Kaoruko’s birthday even though she just died. I guess it’s happy death day to the most popular maid in Maid Sheep.

One more thing, I forgot to tell you that Okachimachi is the MVP on this episode as the mascot panda “told” the rest of Ton Tokoton regarding Ranko and Nagomi’s whereabouts.

Oh yeah, Okachimachi is about to take Maid Sheep’s sweet revenue money from Kaoruko’s birthday party. I have a bad feeling that the Creatureland Group is gonna investigate the stolen money and the complete wipeout of their affiliated maid café.

Regardless, it’s sucks that nobody would celebrate Ranko Mannen’s birthday…or is it?

Actually, the rest of Ton Tokoton Café secretly throws a birthday party as the store manager brings the birthday cake. Come to think of it, did the manager took a slice?

But no matter then as everyone celebrates Ranko’s 36th birthday. Cheers for the best maid in Ton Tokoton Café! Now then, it’s time to eat the cake.

Unfortunately, looks like a certain manager can’t help it but take one slice of the birthday cake. You bitch, you should have waited for Ranko to arrive at the café first!

Anyways, Shiipon and the rest will have to clobber the manager much like how they massacred the entire Maid Sheep Café. C’mon, they’re dangerous despite not earning a single dime!

And so we end this episode with a bang as Ranko Mannen goes all out on her birthday. I’m hoping that she and the rest of Ton Tokoton survive in Akihabara as they do their best to serve customers with a smile.

However, let’s not forget that their latest trouble from the Maid Sheep Café might bite them in the ass later by the entire Creatureland Group.

Remember, they already made two strikes against Chairman Nagi’s precious group so it won’t be a matter of time before the chairman orders her subordinates to dismantle Ton Tokoton Café.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as Akiba Maid War is about to get serious in the 2nd half!

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