Bocchi the Rock! Episode #05

Let’s begin with Seika Ijichi where she gave some envelopes worth 10,000 yen to part-time employees. For Hitori Gotou, it’s her first time getting a paycheck despite being an introvert.

And while she’s pretty excited to buy various items, Bocchi-chan will have to pay up the fee if Kessoku Band couldn’t muster a full house of attendees.

Speaking of their next gig at Starry Live House, Seika-san told them that Kessoku Band are barred from playing there as she couldn’t stand their terrible performance.

Remember the time Bocchi-chan performed with the band while hiding under the box? Well, Seika Ijichi saw how terrible their performance because of it.

With that said, looks like Nijika got a hissy fit towards her sister and walk away as she’s frustrated that her band got banned from playing at the live house. That’s pretty harsh from Seika-san.

Oh yeah, Nijika mocked her sister for cuddling her plush toys in her sleep. Wait, really?

Well, Ryo Yamada found a picture of Seika Ijichi holding a plush toy while sleeping on the couch. I smell some blackmail in the future where Ryo coerced the owner so that Kessoku Band will perform at the live house.

Now let’s move onto the next scene where Nijika is still sulking regarding Seika’s decision to ban Kessoku Band from playing at Starry Live House.

Poor Nijika, sure that her band is starting out but they’re improving bit by bit… except for Hitori Gotou and Ikuyo Kita where the former is still struggling to communicate while the latter is still learning to play the guitar.

Speaking of Hitori Gotou, there she is but Bocchi-chan is feeling blue today. Bocchi-chan, you almost look like a zombie!

Anyways, after taking a deep breath and drinking lots of water, Bocchi-chan told Nijika that her sister Seika wants Kessoku Band to undergo an audition first. Basically, Seika-san is not gonna ban them.

Oh yeah, and here’s Bocchi-chan where she’s acting like a puppy. Okay, is she trying to do an equivalent exchange to Seika Ijichi since Ryo Yamada got her compromising picture?

Speaking of Seika-san, looks like she took a picture of Bocchi-chan. God, she wants some payback for that compromising photo, huh?

Now then, here’s Ikuyo Kita where she’s still practicing her guitar skills. Of course, she wants to practice inside a crowded classroom, something that Bocchi-chan hates due to being socially-awkward.

C’mon, she’s about to break hives if they went inside the classroom for some guitar lessons. With that said, I’m hoping that Kita-san learned to play the guitar as the audition at Starry Live House is fast approaching.

On the other hand, it seems that Kessoku Band wants to change their appearance in order to look even more cooler than the rest. Even Nijika-chan is shocked by the sudden transformation.

Anyways, I present you the members of Kessoku Band… or should I say the Beatles as they have the same hairstyle and outfit. Seika-san would lash them out for imitating one of the legendary rock bands of all time.

Of course, they ditch their radical getup as they went serious in honing their skills. C’mon, everything is on the line as Nijika and the rest can’t afford to fail after all.

Well then, I don’t wanna wait for much longer as the day of auditions have arrived where Seika Ijichi and Starry Live House’s public announcer will be judging their performance. While PA-san is a bit lenient, Seika-san won’t give they any leeway for their mistakes.

Anyways, here’s Kessoku Band where they perform their original song. Unlike their previous performance in the first episode, they improved a lot.

Oh yeah, seems that Ikuyo Kita got the hang of being the frontwoman of the band as she sings and plays the guitar at the same time.

While Kita-san managed to learn the basics of playing the guitar, it appears that Kessoku Band is on the verge of failure where their performance is mediocre in Seika’s eyes.

That’s until Hitori Gotou step up her game as she shows her alternate persona, the Guitar Hero! Of course, she can’t tell everybody about her online identity ’cause it’s embarrassing.

Now then, looks like Kessoku Band has finished their performance as Seika Ijichi told them that they need more work on their skills, teamplay, everything about their flaws. Oh boy, I fear that she’s gonna reject them.

But, PA-san told Nijika and the rest that Kessoku Band got a pass. C’mon, Seika-san can’t seems to reject them for not being perfect, aside from being scared of losing her little sister.

Anyways, Kita-san and the rest are happy that their band got accepted to play at Starry Live House. Of course, the real challenge will be attracting newcomers and regulars with their music ’cause they don’t want to pay fees for not meeting the quota.

On the other hand, looks like Bocchi-chan hurled like a hurricane after pulling that nerve-wracking guitar solo. Glad that she survive the audition but Hitori Gotou has a long way to go.

But let’s talk briefly about Seika Ijichi where she’s interested towards Hitori Gotou. Wait, don’t tell me that Seika-san knows Bocchi’s internet persona? Oh please no!

Anyways, this episode is really fun as Kessoku Band pulled all the stops with their first “real” performance. Sure that it’s rough on the edges, but Bocchi-chan and the rest will gradually improve overtime.

And speaking of Bocchi-chan, she’s worried about not meeting the quota. Oh Hitori Gotou, don’t give up yet ’cause you’ll reach that quota if you muster up your courage to face the crowd. Well then, I’ll see you next time!

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