Summer Time Rendering Episodes #18 – #21

Let’s begin with the legend of Hiruko where it is said that a whale drifted ashore in Omoto Beach in 1732 during the Kyoho Famine. People took the whale and eat it, saying that it’s a blessing from God.

However, there was a shadow who proceeds to devour the fisherman’s daughter and took form. That gave birth to Haine, and thus it kick off the entire plot.

Now then, here’s Shinpei Ajiro where he went to local shrine to see Masahito Karikiri. And speaking of the local Shinto priest, he told Shinpei about his favorite game: Final Fantasy VII.

While I’m not gonna dwell into spoilers (unless you watch someone playing the game), Karikiri is really fond of the game’s post-apocalyptic setting that he’s looking forward for the remake.

In any case, I can’t believe that he’s into role-playing games but anyways, Shinpei Ajiro wants to show something important to Masahito Karikiri.

A really old photo of him from 70 years ago. Normally, Masahito Karikiri would be an old guy right now but wait, there’s more…

Turns out that Seido Hishigata showed a picture of his ancestor Shidehiko Hishigata who is actually Masahito Karikiri.

And the most disturbing part is that Shidehiko Hishigata was born from Haine, meaning that the first patriarch of the Hishigata family and the current Shinto priest is none other than Shide, the infamous four-armed shadow abomination.

And speaking of Masahito Karikiri, while he congratulates Shinpei for figuring out his true identity, Masahito or Shide doesn’t want to tell his true objective.

Instead, Shide urged Shinpei Ajiro to kill him if he dares. Okay Shinpei, don’t give into your emotions ’cause I’m pretty worried that it’ll spell doom for you and Ushio Kofune.

Still, that doesn’t stop Ushio from slicing his head with her sharp prehensile hair. Well then, I guess it’s over now that Shide is-

Oh wait, looks like he has a spare body where Shide kills Ushio with a spear. No, this can’t be!

And it gets even worse for Shinpei Ajiro as he’s pretty much defenseless without Ushio around. With that said, Shide successfully destroyed Ushio Kofune as there’s no one stopping him or Haine from accomplishing their mission.

Of course, Shinpei will move to another time loop, but without Ushio protecting him as he’ll bite the dust soon by Haine’s children.

And speaking of Haine, she’s gloating now that Shinpei Ajiro doesn’t have anyone saving him from his ultimate demise. God, I can’t bear to watch this!

Anyways, the shadows attack Shinpei and the three kids as they can’t do anything to defend themselves.

However, the shadows froze and went to a retreat. Wait, they wasted their opportunity to end Shinpei Ajiro, yet why Haine and her children fall back?

Well, Shinpei was protected by Ushio’s seashell in which it’ll become an important item later on. Despite losing Ushio thanks to Shide’s trickery, her spirit lives on.

But now, Shinpei will have to make haste for what comes next as he received a call from Hizuru Minakata, except that someone took Hizuru’s phone.

Someone like Haine where the mother of all shadows dared Shinpei Ajiro to rescue his friends quickly as she deceive them by impersonating as Shinpei.

Looks like the shadow are ahead of the curve but there’s one person who doesn’t buy Haine’s deception.

And that’s Hizuru Minakata where she told Haine that she’s the one being deceived by Shide as Hizuru knows that the four-armed shadow has a different agenda, although the mother of all shadows won’t believe Hizuru’s words.

But speaking of Hizuru, she’ll have to fight Shide where he’s armed with a spear. Of course, Shide can manifest a revolver and a shotgun if things got dicey for the four-armed shadow abomination.

Anyways, Hizuru proceeds to smack Shide’s head with a sledgehammer, although it’s ineffective as Masahito Karikiri is being protected by his shadow armor.

So, Hizuru took off her hair tie as the gloves are finally off. She doesn’t care about her body being turned into mush as Hizuru Minakata is planning to finish Shide off.

Oh by the way, it appears that her twin-brother Ryuunosuke has taken form as Hizuru told him about their plan against Haine’s four-armed monster.

Of course, it’s pretty risky to pull it off as Shide can intercept their attacks, not to mention that Hizuru doesn’t have superhuman strength anymore.

And so, the twins make their move as Hizuru distracts Shide while Ryuunosuke tries to hack his shadow armor. Will they pull it off?

Yes they can as Ryuunosuke took control of the shadow armor, meaning that Shide or Masahito Karikiri is exposed.

Still, it’s not over yet as Masahito Karikiri or one of his clones will stop the twins from succeeding. It’s not like the battle against the shadows is over, right?

Speaking of Masahito’s clones, here’s one of them where he urged Shadow Mio to kill Shinpei Ajiro at once. Unfortunately for him, Shadow Mio is already reformed by Ushio Kofune.

Thus, Shadow Mio proceeds to cut Masahito Karikiri’s neck. C’mon, Shinpei Ajiro won’t fall for one of Masahito’s tricks again after that big reveal in the previous loop.

Now then, looks like Shinpei and Shadow Mio encountered Tokiko Hishigata and her pet shadow Guildenstern.

I have to say that they have a rough time fighting Shide as Tokiko told him that she and the rest failed to stop the four-armed shadow, even after Hizuru and Ryuunosuke managed to get the upper hand in the brief moment.

Sadly, Tokiko died due to her serious wounds as Shinpei has no choice but to go back to the last checkpoint.

Well then, it’s time for Shinpei Ajiro to shoot himself with a derringer, hoping that he can still make it to save Hizuru Minakata and the rest from the shadows.

So, we’re onto the next loop where Shinpei and Shadow Mio arrived at the beach. Let’s hope that they can help Hizuru in-

Oh wait, they’re too late as Shide stabbed Hizuru with a spear. It seems that Haine’s four-armed monster learned Hizuru’s plans from the previous loop, therefore Shide stop Hizuru and Ryuunosuke from hacking his shadow armor.

So with Hizuru Minakata out of commission, neither Ginjirou Nezu nor Tetsu Totsumura couldn’t stop Haine and Shide as it’s basically endgame at this point.

Well, that’s until Shinpei Ajiro and his buddies were saved by Ushio’s seashell where it shines brightly, thus the shadows couldn’t do anything to kill them.

So for the time being, the shadows let them live for the time being as despite erasing Ushio Kofune in the previous loop, her presence is still there.

In any case, I bet that Haine and Shide will have to find Ushio’s body and erase it forever, although Shinpei and his friends will stop their plans as they’re gonna rescue Ushio’s body whatever it takes.

Sadly, it’s the end of the road for Hizuru Minakata where she told her twin-brother Ryuunosuke to take care of Shinpei Ajiro and stop Shide’s ambition.

It’s really heart-breaking that despite all her efforts to get even against the four-armed shadow, Hizuru is still human who couldn’t push herself to her body’s limits.

Anyways, Hizuru-san put all of her faith to Shinpei as she dies in his arms. It’s too much to bear seeing two important characters die in front of his eyes.

Sure that Shinpei can still rescue Ushio but for Hizuru, it’s no longer possible as she can no longer appear in the next time loop.

So before commencing their rescue mission, the real Mio Kofune wants to tell something important to Shinpei Ajiro as she’s really in love with him.

I guess the reason why Mio rejected Sou’s confession is because she has feelings for Shinpei.

Sadly, Shinpei can’t reciprocate Mio’s feelings because I bet that he loves Ushio, which is why Shinpei has regrets in not patching things up with her before heading to Tokyo.

In any case, Mio Kofune was devastated about the rejection from Ushio Shinpei. So while Tokiko Hishigata comforts her friend, it’s time to get serious in saving Ushio’s body from erasure.

Of course, they need one of Tokiko’s giant shadows to dive deeper into the sea in order to locate Ushio Kofune.

Oh, and they can’t afford to let Shide get his hands on Ushio ’cause if that four-armed shadow abomination got ahead over Shinpei, it’s game over.

Speaking of Ushio Kofune, looks like she woke up after hearing a familiar voice. Still, it’s a race against time on who’s gonna capture her.

Luckily, Rosencrantz managed to capture Ushio as Shinpei succeeds in reuniting with his childhood friend in the 9th time loop. Now all he needs to do is to give the seashell to Ushio in order to regain her memories.

And sure enough, Ushio’s previous memories have returned as Shinpei gave the seashell to her. And with that, hope has restored where Ushio Kofune got her powers back.

Man, I can’t believe that Masahito Karikiri is Shide’s true identity, yet I’m still puzzled on what his true motives which are different from Haine. On the other hand, I was scared that Ushio would be gone forever but thanks to the seashell, Shinpei pulled a miraculous rescue.

With that said, we’re heading towards the endgame of Summer Time Rendering as the shadows are getting desperate in stopping Shinpei and his friends from achieving their goals. I’ll see you next time!

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