Akiba Maid War Episode #06

Well everyone, looks like a maid is returning to Akihabara as I introduce you to the notorious Crimson Supernova from Maidalien Group, Manami Supernova Yamagishi.

As you can see, Manami-san is in good spirits as she’s looking forward to bring the big bang in Akiba!

Armed with her trusty baseball bat where she smash the window, Manami Supernova Yamagishi is eager to settle the score against the Creatureland Group. But there’s one problem…

You see, there’s the current matriarch Kazue Ugaki where despite losing Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan to a low-tier maid café from the Creatureland Group, they don’t engage in an all-out war or the police might arrest both groups.

Of course, Manami Supernova Yamagishi doesn’t give a shit about some non-aggression pact as she wants to pay some bitches back in cold blood.

C’mon, she won’t let it slide in losing Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan to the enemy, although I have to say that Manami-san is a loose cannon who’ll chew anyone out who doesn’t agree with her.

Anyways, Yamagishi wants Ugaki to step down as the matriarch of the Maidalien Group as she’ll take over the entire operation just because one of her maid cafés got obliterated.

Well then, I have to say that Akihabara is about to explode soon with an all-out war between two groups.

However, Manami Supernova Yamagishi won’t start the fire right away as she wants to relax by going to Dorama Ramen Restaurant and eat some fine ramen noodles.

Oh by the way, looks like Manami encountered Ranko Mannen where she’s somewhat interested towards her, even though the truth is that Ranko-san is the one who wipe out the entire Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan crew. Oh the irony!

But speaking of Ranko Mannen, there’s one time where she had a sworn sister back when Ranko is working at Jijyou Sakan.

However, disagreements led to their break-off as Ranko Mannen doesn’t want to resolve everything through bloodshed, while her former sworn sister used violence to settle dispute.

Come to think of it, I wonder if Ranko’s former sworn sister is actually Manami Supernova Yamagishi? Nah, that’s impossible!

Anyways, the manager of Ton Tokoton Café told everyone that the head of Maidalien Group wants their heads for taking out the Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan Café.

While Zoya suggested to offer the rival group in cash (which came from Maid Sheep by the way), the Crimson Supernova wants them dead. Nothing else!

Now then, here’s Nagomi Wahira where she decided to make a pact towards Nerula from Shinryaku Café Destron, even though both maids came from two rival groups.

While I’m still skeptical that Nerula might do something bad to Nagomi, it seems that the naïve maid from Ton Tokoton Café wants to work earnestly without shedding blood.

In any case, both Nagomi and Nerula formed a pact as they become sworn sisters at Dorama Ramen Restaurant. It’s basically sakazuki, but they eat ramen noodles together rather than drinking sake.

Of course, both rival groups won’t allow this to happen. Heck, even I’m skeptical about this pact as maids in Akihabara can’t trust anybody by themselves and their co-workers at their own café.

Still, Nagomi Wahira is looking forward for a long-term relationship with Nerula.

But speaking of Nerula, it appears that the winds of war are blowing fiercely in Akiba as she wants to warn Nagomi about the impending danger.

Heck, she even sent a secret message to Nagomi about the Maidalien Group waging war against the Ton Tokoton Café.

Oh yeah, about the Maidalien Group? It looks like the police are investigating about their shady activities until they decided to bribe one of the cops to keep it under wraps. It’s better not to let the police involve with the maid wars.

But for Manami Supernova Yamagishi however, she’s really pissed that not only they wasted their money to bribe the cops, but she suspected that one of the maids within the group have double-cross them.

God, I have a feeling that Manami-san is gonna target Nerula for being a traitor… unless it’s just a ploy to crush the entire Ton Tokoton Café.

Now then, the owner of Dorama Ramen told Nagomi and Ranko that Nerula is still alive as he told her location.

But yes, Nagomi Wahira reunited with Nerula as they’re gonna escape Akihabara. Then again, I don’t think it’ll work out ’cause I expect Nerula to betray her sworn sister.

Oh, and escaping is futile anyway as Manami Supernova Yamagishi has arrived to take out the traitor.

Also, she can’t believe that Ranko Mannen is the enemy. So much for the treating her at the restaurant!

Anyways, I’m expected for Nerula to betray Nagomi in order to save her skin, but it turns out that she’ll protect her precious bond with Nagomi as Nerula is about to attack the matriarch of the Maidalien Group.

Not sure if she’s capable of taking down the Crimson Supernova, but Nerula won’t back down without a fight!

Sadly for Nerula, Manami Supernova Yamagishi used her handgun to shoot the traitor down. Looks like the matriarch of Maidalien Group is really ruthless than Nagi!

And so, Nerula got shot in the gut as she’ll die like a dog. While Nagomi tries to stop the tragedy, Ranko stop her co-worker as they can’t involve in Maidalien’s internal affairs.

With that said, a traitor bites the dust at the hands of the Crimson Supernoval as Manami is looking forward to wage war against the Creatureland Group.

I guess there’s no need to sacrifice a member of Ton Tokoton Café, nor give them the money as a peace offering as Yamagishi is really eager to settle things through copious amount of bloodshed in Akiba!

And speaking of Nerula, she wants Nagomi Wahira to live her life as a maid who doesn’t solve everything with violence, nor shed any blood.

While Nerula wished Nagomi to stick to her current beliefs, I think she can no longer maintain her innocence now that Nagomi Wahira witnessed a death of a loved one.

Oh, and it’ll gets even worse for Ton Tokoton Café as the Creatureland Group might consider dropping them, meaning that they’ll fight against the Maidalien Group by themselves.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as this episode of Akiba Maid War ended horribly where someone died in the most tragic way possible. Man, it’s raining today…

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