Akiba Maid War Episode #07

Looks like the news about Nerula’s murder has hit the airwaves as one of the employees from Shinryaku Café Destron was arrested.

While she looked dumbfounded, I have a feeling that the Crimson Supernova mentally torture her until she becomes the fall girl for Nerula’s murder. God, Manami Yamagishi is really unforgiving towards traitors, huh?

Anyways, the maids from Ton Tokoton Café will have to stay vigilant against Manami Supernova Yamagishi and her goons from Maidalien Group, although they’re worried about Nagomi Wahira where she disappeared after witnessing the death of her sworn sister Nerula.

On the other hand, tension is rising up between Manami Yamagishi and Kazue Ugaki where the Crimson Supernova is still bitter that the Maidalien Group went soft under Ugaki’s rule.

You know something, I have a feeling that Ugaki-san is planning something to take Yamagishi out of the picture as she couldn’t stand the abuse from the Crimson Supernova.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Ranko Mannen went to a ninja café and hang out for a bit. Just kidding, Ranko saw someone familiar to her.

Oh yeah, said familiar face happened to be Nagomi Wahira where she left Ton Tokoton Café and became a ninja waitress in hopes to shake off the tragedy.

Then again, it’s not easy for Nagomi to bring closure after witnessing the death of Nerula. And besides, even though she changed one class to another, Wahira is technically a waitress as she’s still in danger of being killed by rival maids or ninjas. Fuck it, how about ninja maids then? They’re even more deadly!

Meanwhile, looks like a trio of otakus went to the ninja café where they revealed themselves to be fans of the late Nerula.

While they still lament the loss of their idol, they want to share something to Nagomi Wahira.

A picture of Nerula with her catchphrase “Dream big, go go!” written on it. Damn, I thought that Nerula is like any other maid who backstabs people, but she’s really kind who sticks to her own principle.

Even Nagomi Wahira is really sad as she really missed her sworn sister so much. With that said, looks like she wants to return to Ton Tokoton Café as Nagomi wants to fulfill Nerula’s last wish.

However, it looks like Ton Tokoton Café is under siege where Manami Supernova Yamagishi and her army of maids have arrived to settle the score against them.

While the manager tries to convince Manami and her goons to lay down their arms by taking one of them as a hostage, the Crimson Supernova doesn’t give a shit in surrendering to the enemy as she just straight up shoot her own maids like it was nothing.

Oh and it gets worse when Manami is armed with a machine pistol. Well then, looks like the Ton Tokoton Café crew is pretty much sitting ducks as the Crimson Supernova and her goons have too much firepower on their hands.

That’s until someone throws a bunch of smoke bombs to disorientate Manami Supernova Yamagishi and her goons. Okay, I wonder who came to the rescue? Is it Okachimachi?

Surprisingly, it’s none other than Nagomi Wahira where she decides to return to Ton Tokoton Cafe and rescue her friends from being killed by Manami’s maid army. Took you a long time to make your move, Nagomi-chan!

And here’s the thing as she learned how to fight against thugs using ninja techniques like throwing kunai at sensitive spots like the thigh.

While I’m impressed that Nagomi decided to fight back rather than running away, I think she should have used a shuriken ’cause it’s a better projectile weapon than a kunai. Then again, this is anime and not real life!

Oh yeah, looks like the Crimson Supernova got hit by Zoya where she slams Manami with a chair. That’s gotta hurt, although Yamagishi is still tough as nails!

But thanks to Zoya, Ranko pick up Manami’s machine pistol and starts spraying bullets on her goons. Those poor bitches couldn’t stand a chance against the Dragon of Ton Tokoton Café.

At this point, Manami and her goons got decimated by a small maid café as they make their retreat.

Now then, looks like Manami Yamagishi went to the payphone to call for backup, but Kazue Ugaki told the Crimson Supernova that she won’t be sending any reinforcements.

Why? Because Ugaki struck a deal with Nagi to merge both maid café groups into one. What a scumbag move from the former matriarch as she betrayed Yamagishi to save her own skin.

With that said, Manami Supernova Yamagishi is screwed where she has no place to return to, thus Manami told one of her underlings to leave and save herself.

Of course, while her underlings will return in the future, the Crimson Supernova is all alone as she’s gonna face her rival Ranko Mannen.

Well, Manami Yamagishi will face both Ranko Mannen and Nagomi Wahira as the latter will prove to the fallen head honcho of Maidalien that you don’t need senseless violence or shrewd business tactics to become a maid in Akihabara.

Even if the season changes overtime in Akiba, Nagomi will stick her own ways by remaining positive at all times rather than undergoing drastic changes to survive the electric town.

Anyways, here’s Nagomi showing off her ninja training where she delivered a nasty slap to Manami-san…

…followed by the famous “Moe moe kyun~!” pose to show her resolve that Wahira will keep Nerula’s promise.

Way to go Nagomi Wahira, you showed how tough you really are towards the Crimson Supernova! Looks like she’s no longer the weak maid waitress anymore.

As for the Crimson Supernova herself, looks like she gave up trying to prove her point towards Nagomi Wahira as the young maid’s resolve is stronger on this battle.

But yeah, Manami Yamagishi left the scene as she can’t win over Nagomi Wahira and Ranko Mannen. Unfortunately for the Crimson Supernova, her time in Akiba is about to ran out.

You see, Kazue Ugaki and her lieutenants delivered a bloody send-off to Manami Yamagishi as they pelted her body with bullets.

And speaking of Yamagishi, she still stand her ground despite getting gunned down by Ugaki’s minions. Sadly, she’s too tired and injured to fight back against the entire Maidalien Group.

And so, the Legend of the Crimson Supernova has turned into a stardust memory where Manami Yamagishi gunned down in a pool of her own blood, which shaped like a rose if you squint at it.

With that said, the turf wars between Creatureland and Maidalien Groups has officially ended where they finally merge into one.

Except that it wasn’t just a simple merger as Chairman Nagi take full control over Maidalien’s assets, turning into a peaceful takeover as Ugaki couldn’t believe that her once proud maid café group didn’t get the same equal treatment post-merger.

And speaking of Kazue Ugaki, rumor has it that she was stuffed inside an oil barrel and was thrown off the sea, thus Chairman Nagi became the uncontested matriarch in Akihabara.

Well, that was she get for shaking hands with Nagi-san as the matriarch of Creatureland Group is one cunning maid. Even though the merger has happened, some disgruntled Maidalien maids decided to form a splinter group and avenge Manami’s death.

One last thing, it appears that Chairman Nagi decides to throw Ton Tokoton Café into the trash can as she had enough of their mediocrity in addition to causing more trouble thanks to Ranko Mannen.

So yeah, looks like Ton Tokoton Café will be fighting both the remnants of Manami Supernova Yamagishi’s faction and the entire Creatureland Group in the future. While Ranko Mannen might survive the onslaught, I’m worried that Nagomi Wahira might die tragically as she can never live her dream as a peaceful maid in Akihabara.

Anyways, tune in next time as Ton Tokoton Café will face a bigger crisis, one where they can’t run away from it.

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