Summer Time Rendering Episodes #23 & #24

What a horrible sight to begin this climatic battle where Shide decides to dispose his own mother Haine as the four-armed shadow doesn’t have any use towards her.

In fact, Shide decides to target Ushio Kofune’s red eye instead where it has the ability to warp realities. Regardless, it appears that Shide shows his true colors where he doesn’t care about reviving Haine at all.

Also, Shide went to the other side as the four-armed shadow abomination will settle the score against Shinpei Ajiro and Ushio Kofune, although Sou Hishigata is scared that they might die inside the parallel world.

But there’s nothing to worry as Shinpei and Ushio will make it out alive after stopping Masahito Karikiri or Shidehiko Hishigata once and for all. Let’s hope that they went to the other side safely.

Except that Shinpei and Ushio got separate upon entering the parallel world. Yeah, this place is really eerie to look at as Shinpei is in danger of being killed by a stray shadow.

Luckily, Ryuunosuke Minakata is here to protect Shinpei as he lend his powers. Now the only thing left to do is to find Ushio before Shide gets his hands towards her eye.

Anyways, it appears that Shinpei and Ryuunosuke found Ushio but she’s surrounded by shadows. Speaking of Ushio, looks like she got something inside her body.

Turns out that it’s none other than Haine where Ushio took the little girl out from her body. And by the way, this is the good version of Haine who befriended Hizuru back then.

Anyways, Haine explains that they’re inside an alternate dimension called Tokoyo where shadows resides there. Also, the flow of time stop on this dimension.

With that said, it’s time to learn about Masahito Karikiri’s true goals where he aims to capture Ushio’s eye and control both time and space.

And here’s the worst part as Karikiri plans to end the entire world with a flip of the switch. Why does he wants to end the world? We’ll learn it later…

For now, here’s Shide where despite throwing his own mother away, he still needs Haine’s (or Hiruko’s) powers to complete his objective.

Anyways, he’s performing a carpet bombing run at Tokoyo where Hiruko is traumatized by it. Turns out that she’s scared of the air raids done by Americans back in the 2nd World War.

Thanks to Ushio Kofune’s prehensile hair, she protected both Haine and Shinpei Ajiro from being blasted away. Still, they need to stop Shide from achieving his goals as soon as possible.

So, Ushio went ahead as she tries to take down the four-armed shadow with her own two hands. Let’s not forget that Shide can create clones of himself, meaning that Ushio destroyed one of his copies.

And speaking of Ushio Kofune, she’s pretty much screwed where Shide is about to take her out. I can’t bear to watch this!

And so, Shide destroys Ushio’s body for another time. I guess she hasn’t learned from the previous loop when Shide (under Masahito Karikiri’s disguise) killed her with a spear.

With Ushio’s body disintegrated, the four-armed shadow can finally get the red eye that controls time and space. I guess this is the end for this show!

Except that Ushio managed to materialize into a young girl as she won’t let the four-armed shadow get her eye. Glad that she learned her lesson from the previous loops.

And now, it’s time for Ushio Kofune to hack Hiruko where she’ll remove the traumatic past from her mind, thus she’s no longer afraid of the bombings.

Sadly, Ushio is too tired to fight against the four-armed shadow as Shinpei catches her. I guess it’s up to him and Ryuunosuke in stopping Masahito Karikiri on their own.

And speaking of Masahito Karikiri, it’s revealed that the reason why he wants to end the entire world is because he wants a change of pace after using Haine to clone himself for hundreds of years, thus making him immortal.

While I have a feeling that he’s pretty much sick and tired of impregnating his own mother to create clones of himself, ending the entire world with his own two hands because of that is pretty terrifying.

Anyways, looks like Shinpei Ajiro will be fighting the toughest final boss that is Shide as he punches to four-armed shadow even if it breaks his own body. I have to say that this show it amazing!

Too bad that Shide is pretty much one step ahead towards Shinpei as the four-armed shadow monster is about to kill him in the back.

Luckily, Ryuunosuke Minakata managed to move Shinpei’s body quickly in order to avoid Shide’s attack, although let’s just say that they barely escape death as Shinpei Ajiro lost his left arm.

And speaking of Shinpei, he’s gonna use the same tactic as Hizuru in the 8th loop where he let Ryuunosuke take over Shide’s shadow armor.

While Ryuunosuke is trying to take control of the shadow armor, Shide doesn’t want it to happen again.

Thus, the four-armed shadow abomination spits Ryuunosuke out from his body. Sure that his armor is no longer useable, but Shide managed to take Ryuunosuke out of the picture.

Hell, he even pin Hizuru’s brother to the ground as he can no longer move an inch. At this point, Shinpei will have to fight Shide on his own.

Except that he’s pretty much screwed as his body is starting to disintegrate, meaning that Shide will win this battle.

Of course, there’s one glimmer of hope that Ajiro can muster and that’s Ushio Kofune where she’ll make a hacking bullet that’ll beat Shide in this world, but also on the other side where his real body is controlling his clones.

Sadly, Shinpei Ajiro needed a few seconds to get his shotgun ready or it’ll be over for him.

Luckily, there’s Haine where she used her powers to barely stop Shide from killing Shinpei. I’m really glad that the mother of all shadows decides to lend a hand to stop her own prodigal son.

Thanks to Haine, Shinpei Ajiro grabs his shotgun, all primed and ready to take down the four-armed shadow menace. Of course, he doesn’t have his left arm to hold the shotgun properly.

Fortunately, Ushio Kofune aids Shinpei in taking a good aim at Shide as he got hit by Ushio’s hacking bullet. This would not only kill him in this parallel world…

…but also his real body as Shidehiko Hishigata disintegrates into nothing thanks to Ushio’s hacking skills. A fitting end to Shide’s reign of terror.

With Shide finally defeated, now comes the hardest part as Shinpei Ajiro and his friends will have to get out of Tokoyo and return to Hitogashima.

Fortunately, they finally returned to Hitogashima… except that they went 300 years into the past.

Also, Ushio Kofune is holding Hiruko at the moment but more importantly, looks like she saw something important at Omoto Beach.

That’s right, the legendary whale that started it all. I have a feeling that history would repeat itself if Shinpei, Ushio, or even Ryuunosuke can’t do something to prevent it.

It’s even worse is that the little girl who made contact with the whale has arrived. Sadly, neither Ushio nor Ryuunosuke couldn’t stop this girl from getting closer to the whale and get replaced with a shadow.

That’s until Shinpei managed to get a hold of the little girl, although she’s terrified that she saw a ghost who came from the future.

Thanks to Shinpei Ajiro, looks like the little girl is saved from her terrible fate. Now, it’s time to deal with the whale Hiruko as they can’t let anyone get near it.

Fortunately, Ushio Kofune will take care of it as she hacks Hiruko until the whale disappears. This means that she’s rewriting history where all the events involving the shadows will be erased forever.

In any case, looks like Hiruko will no longer suffer anymore as she’s returned to her original home. Unfortunately, this is farewell for Haine as her role is finished.

Even though she befriended the likes of Shinpei Ajiro, Ushio Kofune, and Ryuunosuke Minakata in a short amount of time, Haine wants to see them again in another era. Hmm, is she referring to reincarnation?

Of course, Ryuunosuke is eager to see Haine in the modern era even if she becomes a reincarnated person. I hope that wish will come true once they return to the present day.

And that’s the end of both Episodes 23 and 24 of Summer Time Rendering where the final battle against Shide was the best. After surviving 10 loops against the shadow menace, Shinpei Ajiro and his friends earned their happy ending as the Hiruko phenomenon is erased from history.

Now, I’m looking forward for the epilogue as Shinpei want to see Ushio again. Let’s hope that she’s alive and well in the last episode!

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