Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode #42

Let’s begin with Julian Mintz where he shows his athletic prowess in a futuristic version of basketball, throwing American footballs at a floating basket. Damn, he really made a buzzer beater move to win the game!

In any case, Julian Mintz is gaining popularity as he wasn’t some one-hit wonder who took out the enemy fighters, but Julian is competent enough to help his step-father Yang Wen-li when it comes to military affairs.

Still, everything is pretty calm inside the Iserlohn Fortress where most of the military personnel are having a leisurely time.

Of course, Admiral Yang Wen-li wants to continue this peaceful time as he just recovered from a nasty cold back in Ep. 38, although the magician still loses in a 3D chess game against Admiral Fyodor Patolichev.

Unfortunately, those peaceful days inside the fortress are over when Sub-lieutenant Julian Mintz told Admiral Yang Wen-li that Chairman Job Trunicht is about to make an important announcement. Oh boy, I have a bad feeling about this!

In any case, Chairman Job Trunicht made an important speech across the Free Planets Alliance that Kaiser Erwin Josef von Goldenbaum II has arrived safely at Heinnessen, as well as the establishment of the Legitimate Galactic Empire Government where Prime Minister Jochen von Remscheid announces his cabinet.

This includes Admiral Joachim von Merkatz where he becomes the Minister of Military, something Merkatz himself is unaware about Count Remscheid’s decision to put him in a government position.

But seriously, Count Remscheid shouldn’t drag Admiral Merkatz into his mess as the old military officer was informed beforehand. Heck, even Admiral Merkatz felt that Kaiser Erwin Josef II should have lived as an ordinary boy at Heinnessen rather than being used as a figurehead who couldn’t make decisions for himself.

In any case, half of the Free Planets Alliance are not happy with Chairman Job Trunicht’s decision where the likes of Olivier Poplin lambasted at the government for letting a remnant of the Goldenbaum Dynasty take refuge at Heinnessen. After all, they fought tooth and nail for centuries against the Galactic Empire’s oppression.

Meanwhile, it’s gonna be a lengthy discussion for Admiral Yang Wen-li and his fellow officers where Vice Admiral Alexander Cazelnes think that the supporters of the old regime went as far as kidnapping the child emperor to establish a government-in-exile.

As for Admiral Yang Wen-li, he thinks that it’s all part of Duke Reinhard von Lohengramm’s plan to consolidate political power within the Galactic Empire, although Admiral Yang is really concerned that Duke Lohengramm struck a deal with Landesherr Adrian Rubinsky where they join forces to unify the entire galaxy.

Of course in truth, Duke Reinhard von Lohengramm didn’t want to shake hands with the Black Fox of Fezzan as he knows that Adrian Rubinsky is a threat and the duke will do anything to stop him, even as far as conquering the Fezzan Corridor.

Still, they can’t get caught off-guard just because Chairman Trunicht let Kaiser Erwin Josef II take refuge at Heinnessen as they need to prepare themselves for the upcoming battle against the Imperial Fleet.

Now then, here’s Commodore Walter von Schönkopf where he told Admiral Yang Wen-li about how he escape the Galactic Empire when he was 6 years old.

Even to this day, Commodore Schönkopf remember it clearly where he survive the first few days at Heinnessen. While he’s in a better place now, Walter von Schönkopf can’t forget those days living as a refugee.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about Admiral Joachim von Merkatz where he wants to give some thought on whether to join Count Jochen von Remscheid’s cabinet or not.

Then again, there’s Lieutenant Commander Bernhard von Schneider told him not to join the government-in-exile as he has no input in saving his soldiers from being killed in meaningless battles when Admiral Merkatz becomes a minister.

Regardless, I believe that Admiral Merkatz would rather command his own fleet than staying indoors because it doesn’t suit him being part of Count Remscheid’s cabinet. Still, he needs to act quickly…

Turns out that Duke Reinhard von Lohengramm declared war against the Free Planets Alliance for letting the remnants of the Goldenbaum Dynasty take refuge and establish a government-in-exile.

Well everyone, looks like Admiral Yang Wen-li and his fleet will have to fight once again as the next battle will be more intense than the previous one. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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