Bocchi the Rock! Episode #09

It’s been a few days since that epic concert at Starry Live House and while I was thinking that Episode 8 would be the final episode, there’s still more for Bocchi the Rock! as Hitori Gotou spends her remaining days strumming her guitar. Just wake her up when August ends.

But speaking of Hitori Gotou, it appears that she’s wasting her time during those last few days of summer vacation, including this one where Bocchi-chan is putting gravestones on cicadas in front of Starry Live House.

At this point, I think Nijika Ijichi and the rest of Kessoku Band should invite Hitori Gotou to a trip ’cause Bocchi-chan needs help.

Anyways, they took Hitori to Enoshima where Nijika and the rest wanted to cheer her up, although I think Bocchi is dying as far as I see.

But it gets even worse where a bunch of party animals try to hit on Bocchi-chan.

I guess they don’t realize that they’re dealing a girl with communication disorder. Worst of all, she might break hives at any given moment!

Well then, looks like Nijika and the rest will have to take a deflated Bocchi-chan and run away from those party animals as far as they can.

You know something, I think Hitori Gotou need some energy ’cause I bet that she’s hungry.

Fortunately, Ikuyo Kita offered some tako senbei to Hitori Gotou. It’s basically takoyaki, except that it was flattened to a cracker-like sheet.

For Bocchi-chan, she was reinvigorated upon eating some tako senbei, claiming that it was the best thing ever happened in her life.

I’m hoping that she won’t die after this episode ’cause Hitori Gotou still has a goal in life.

On the other hand, I’m glad that Kita-san came along this trip as her blindingly-cheerful aura bring their entire mood up.

Still, everything seems to be fine in their trip as Kessoku Band are just relaxing and eating ice cream. I hope nothing bad will happen to-

Oh wait, never mind as someone took Bocchi’s soft-serve ice cream. Okay, now I’m pretty scared about what comes next.

Turns out that a group of hawks are flying over Hitori Gotou as if they found their prey. Oh please, spare the introvert!

Well then, it looks like Bocchi-chan is getting bullied by some birds of prey. Sure that they can’t eat her, but the hawks are really relentless towards Hitori Gotou.

Eventually, she becomes Yamcha after being pecked to death by those hawks. Dammit, I don’t want her to die like this!

Just kidding, she’s still alive at the end of this episode as their trip at Enoshima is pretty memorable to say the least.

Everyone from Kessoku Band are very happy to spend every minute of their trip, although Hitori Gotou doesn’t want her summer vacation to end abruptly.

Anyways, there’s still more to come on Bocchi the Rock as Hitori and her buddies will return to school.

Oh yeah, there’s also the school festival coming up where this poster is recruiting some entertainers. Could it be Bocchi’s time to shine? We’ll find out next time!

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