Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode #43

This is Kaiser Erwin Josef von Goldenbaum II who is staying at a fancy hotel, although it appears that the child emperor is dazed and confused as Erwin Josef II has no power to make his own decisions nor fight his way against his captors.

Even if he made a tantrum, Kaiser Erwin Josef II will be put to sleep in his glided case for all eternity. And should he manage to escape his cage, the child emperor will face the wrath of protesters who wanted him gone.

In any case, Kaiser Erwin Josef II and the Legitimate Galactic Empire Government are the major hot topics within the Free Planets Alliance. Some supported Count Jochen von Remscheid’s government-in-exile, believing that it’s the right thing to do to protect them from Duke Reinhard von Lohengramm’s regime. Then again, I think a few of them got coerced by Chairman Job Trunicht’s knight order.

On the other hand, there are some who opposes Kaiser Erwin Josef II and the Legitimate Galactic Empire Government as their presence endanger the Free Planets Alliance. Not even a peace negotiation would save the Alliance from being invaded by the Imperial Fleet.

Of course, some politicians don’t care to listen to the people as they’re worried about losing their government position including Chairman Trunicht and his council.

However, they’re really worried about the rise of Yang Wen-li in the world of politics as Financial Secretary João Lebello fears that a war hero like Admiral Yang would become the next Rudolf von Goldenbaum and take advantage of the growing discontent in the current government.

But, Huang Rui told João Lebello that there’s nothing to worry about as Yang Wen-li won’t become a dictator as he doesn’t have the ambition to reform the entire country, compared that to Reinhard von Lohengramm where he’s enacting reforms that would help all walks of life.

For the time being, both politicians are just taking advantage of the government’s corrupted machinations until it’s time for them to escape when the Galactic Empire, ruled by a benevolent dictator, knocks at their doorstep. Then again, I doubt that João Lebello would steal some of taxpayers’ money and save himself as he’s a righteous man.

Now then, it appears that the Free Planets Alliance is having a major shakeup in the military side as Admiral Dawson succeeded Admiral Cubersly as the chief of the Integrated Tactical Operations Center.

By the way, I forgot to mention this but Admiral Dawson is one of Chairman Trunicht’s allies, meaning that the corruption within the Alliance is starting to encroach everything including the military.

That worries Admiral Alexandre Bewcock where having Admiral Dawson as chief of the Integrated Tactical Operations Center might hinder Admiral Yang Wen-li and his allies in defending their own country from the Empire.

Meanwhile, Julian Mintz is enraged that he was transferred in the Dominion of Fezzan as a military attaché. Even though he was promoted from a warrant officer to an ensign, Julian doesn’t want to move away from Admiral Yang Wen-li as he would rather quit the military outright.

Of course, let’s not forget that Julian Mintz joined the military in the first place because he wants to be useful towards his step-father, so it’s not easy for him to leave the military when Admiral Dawson is in charge.

With that said, Ensign Julian Mintz has no other choice but to comply as he’s not doing it for the current command, but rather for his adopted father. Still, I’m hoping that Ensign Mintz won’t be captured by the Earth Cult and make it out of Fezzan alive.

But yes, it’s sad that Admiral Yang Wen-li doesn’t have his protégé at his side as he was sent on a mission to infiltrate the Dominion of Fezzan, worrying about the possibility of being captured under Landesherr Adrian Rubinsky’s thumb.

Fortunately, there’s Lieutenant Frederica Greenhill where she’ll support Admiral Yang wherever he goes. And really, I hope Yang Wen-li will have some support from his allies ’cause things would be chaotic in the next few episodes as the Galactic Empire are amassing their ships and personnel for a massive invasion.

Anyways, it’s amazing to see both sides within the Free Planets Alliance argue on whether to support the government-in-exile or throw them under the bus, yet the only thing that’s deeply frustrating to see is the child emperor as Kaiser Erwin Josef von Goldenbaum II is treated as a tool. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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